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Path of Exile 2 Weapon: Brand-new Types Crossbow, Spear and BuildCraft

In the realm of Path of Exile 2, an upcoming instalment of the popular action role-playing game, weapon types are poised to undergo significant changes and additions. While discussions often revolve around new ascendancy classes and the revamped gem socket system, introducing two brand-new weapon types, the crossbow and the spear, can revolutionize BuildCraft. This guide will delve into the implications of these new weapons, their associated skills, and the broader impact on character builds.

Path of Exile 2 Weapon: Brand-new Types Crossbow, Spear and BuildCraft


Crossbows: Unleashing Precision and Power

The crossbow, a long-range weapon, promises to bring a new dimension to combat. As demonstrated in the gameplay walkthrough of Act 2 in the Vistiri Desert, crossbows come with unique attack skills. The showcased skill, Powershell, was described by Chris Wilson as a high-damage single-target ability. However, it is reasonable to assume that different variations of crossbows will offer alternative skill options. Crossbows can be enhanced through bolt skill gems, with three known types: permafrost, incendiary, and armor-piercing. These bolt types augment the attack abilities of the crossbow, amplifying its versatility in battle.


Spears: Combining Mobility and Versatility

The spear, a hybrid weapon capable of both melee and ranged attacks, favors agility and mobility in combat. Each spear in Path of Exile 2 grants at least one mobility skill. In the gameplay walkthrough, we witnessed the spear's engage and disengage abilities. The engage ability enables the character to swiftly close the distance to enemies, granting a temporary melee damage bonus. Conversely, the disengage ability allows the character to move backward while launching spear projectiles in the direction they came from. This combination of melee and ranged options makes spears an enticing choice for players seeking a flexible playstyle.


Weapon Types Overhaul: Unleashing Uniqueness

Beyond the introduction of new weapon types, Path of Exile 2 aims to imbue each existing weapon class with unique mechanics. Chris Wilson emphasized that players can expect diverse gameplay experiences with every weapon type. This overhaul suggests that some of the more mundane implicit modifiers, such as chance to maim or generic stats, may be replaced with exciting new abilities. The possibilities are vast, ranging from shield-specific guard skill options to throwing knife abilities for daggers. Additionally, new weapon types may introduce exclusive stats, akin to the unique masteries, further enhancing their distinctiveness.


The Future of Weapon Types: Symbolic Hints

The Path of Exile 2 logo unveiled during the summer games fest presents intriguing symbols that may hint at additional weapon types. Speculation suggests that the three symbols at the top of the logo represent upcoming weapons. While the crossbow and spear symbols are readily identifiable, the third symbol sparks curiosity. Possibilities include a warblade reminiscent of those used by demon hunters, a moon glaive akin to Night elf weaponry from the Warcraft universe, or even a new offhand weapon type like a focus with unique mechanics. The symbol may also indicate a pole arm, expanding the existing spear archetype.


Impact on BuildCraft: The Weapon Choice Paradox

With the introduction of new weapon types and the potential overhaul of existing ones, the selection of weapons will assume greater importance in BuildCraft. Players will have to carefully consider the synergies between weapon types and their associated skills when constructing their characters. The expanded variety of weapon choices will demand more strategic decision-making, ensuring that each build feels unique and impactful.



Path of Exile 2 introduces the crossbow and spear as exciting new weapon types, each offering distinct gameplay mechanics and skills. These additions, along with the planned overhaul of existing weapontypes, signal a significant shift in BuildCraft strategies. The crossbow's precision and versatility and the spear's mobility and adaptability present enticing options for players. With the potential for augmented abilities and unique mechanics across all weapon types, the choices made in selecting weapons will play a pivotal role in character builds. The enigmatic symbols in the Path of Exile 2 logo hint at the possibility of even more new weapon types, further expanding the arsenal of options available to players. Brace yourself for a new era of BuildCraft in Path of Exile 2, where weapon types take center stage in shaping your character's power and playstyle.

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