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FFXIV Patch 6.45 Blue Mage: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Missed Opportunities

In this article, we will revisit the discussion about the Blue Mage job in Final Fantasy XIV. With several updates since its release, including the latest Patch 6.45, it's time to evaluate whether the limited job concept has worked and explore what could be done to improve the Blue Mage experience. Let's take a look at the history of the job, its strengths, weaknesses, missed opportunities, and potential changes that could make it more appealing to players.


FFXIV Patch 6.45 Blue Mage: Strengths, Weaknesses, and Missed Opportunities


The Unveiling of Blue Mage

Blue Mage was introduced during the North American Fan Festival for Shadowbringers, and it became the game's first-ever limited job. This unique concept left players with mixed feelings, as they were unsure how the limited job would fit into the Final Fantasy XIV experience. The job's focus on non-traditional content and solo play raised questions about its viability and future potential.


Initial Impressions and First Updates

Upon release in Patch 4.55, Blue Mage received a polarizing reception. Some players enjoyed the job's unique spell-hunting mechanics and challenging content like the Masked Carnival, while others found it needing more traditional endgame activities. The first few updates added new spells and content, but players started to feel that the updates needed more significance and depth.


Did the Limited Job Concept Work?

The initial unveiling and the first update showed that the limited job idea had potential, but the subsequent updates failed to capitalize on it. Blue Mage needed more consistent updates and content that felt rewarding to players. The lack of proper incentives for group content, such as the Alexander raids, made players question the limited job approach.


Reevaluating Blue Mage's Future

Considering the lackluster updates, some players argue that Blue Mage would have been better as a traditional job, abandoning the limited job concept entirely. A full-fledged traditional job might have allowed for better integration into various game activities and provided more room for growth and development.


Potential Improvements and New Content

If Square Enix continues with the limited job concept, certain improvements could make Blue Mage more appealing. Increasing the frequency and significance of updates, expanding the Masked Carnival, and introducing unique content like a Blue Mage-focused deep dungeon could make the job more attractive to players.


The Battle Royale and Deep Dungeon Ideas

Yoshida, the game's producer, mentioned a Battle Royale mode for Blue Mage, where players would gather spells to fight others. While interesting, this concept might not resonate with the Final Fantasy XIV community, as PvP interest has historically been low. A Blue Mage deep dungeon, on the other hand, could offer a unique leveling experience where players learn spells from enemies as they progress.


Blue Mage: Get Spells 105-124

Let's go through the spells you can obtain from levels 105 to 124 and where to find them.


Spell Number Spell Name Type Potency Obtained from Indicator
105 Goblin Punch Instant ST Physical 120/220/320 Hobgoblins in Colusia Animation
106 Right Round Physical AoE 110 First boss of "Mini Leaks Well" Cast
107 Ishreotron Reflective Buff 50/100 Long-tailed Armadillo in Omarang Cast
108 Rehydration Healing 600 Slipper Armadillo (closed captioning N/A) Unknown
113 Ruby Dynamics Physical AoE 220 Ruby Weapon in Cinder's Drift Cast
114 Divination Rune Unexpected AoE 100 Titania in The Dancing Plague Cast
115 Dimensional Shift AoE Attack 30% of target's HP Eden Prime in Eden's Gate: Resurrection Cast
116 Conviction Marcato Unexpected Line AoE 220/440 Last boss of Mount Gulg "Forgiven Obscenity" Cast
117 Force Field Random Damage Buff 50% reduction Totem vendor after learning 120 spells Unknown
118 Winged Reprobation Physical Line AoE 300/400 Innocence in The Crown of the Immaculate Cast
119 Laser Eye Unexpected AoE 220 Eden's Promise in Eden's Promise: Eternal Cast
120 Candy Cane Unexpected AoE 250 First boss of "Dohn Mheg" Cast
121 Mortal Flame Damage over Time 40 The final boss of "The Grand Cosmos" Cast
122 Sea Shanty Water AoE 500/1000 Second boss of "The Twinning" (Nixie) Animation
123 Apocalypsis Channeled DoT 140 The final boss of "Amaurot" (Therion) Cast
124 Being Mortal Unexpected AoE 800 The Dancing Plague (Titania) Cast


Blue Mage: Leveling Method

To quickly level your Blue Mage from 70 to 80, head to the Tempest and fly to the north side of the map near the exit to Colussia. There, you'll find leeches and clianids. Pull the leeches and lure them into the clianids, allowing the clianids to eat the leeches. You will gain experience for the kills. Use your defensive skills like Real Mimicry: Tank and Mighty Guard to survive while the enemies kill each other. Keep moving to the next pack of leeches and clianids, and repeat this process until you reach level 80. You can use the EXP earring, food, and rest XP to speed up the leveling process. This method is highly effective, especially when soloing, but you can also find groups on different servers or data centers if needed.


Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, the fate of Blue Mage rests with Square Enix. If the job fails to garner enough support and interest, they may decide to focus on traditional jobs in future expansions. However, if they address the limitations of the limited job concept and offer more engaging content, Blue Mage could still find a place in the hearts of Final Fantasy XIV players.



Blue Mage's journey in Final Fantasy XIV has been a rollercoaster ride, with its limited job concept sparking both excitement and skepticism. As the updates continue, players eagerly await changes that could make the job more appealing and enjoyable. Whether Blue Mage remains a limited job or transitions into a traditional job, it's unique charm and iconic blue magic will always hold a special place in the hearts of Final Fantasy fans.

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