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FFXIV Dawntrail Expansion Guide: Exciting Adventures, New Locations, Characters and Gameplay

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy 14 expansion, DAWNTRAIL, was recently announced at The Fan Fest keynote. This new expansion promises to bring exciting adventures, new locations, characters, and gameplay elements to the beloved MMORPG. In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive right into everything you need to know about DAWNTRAIL, the story, themes, new areas, jobs, graphical upgrades, and much more.


FFXIV Dawntrail Expansion Guide: Exciting Adventures, New Locations, Characters and Gameplay


Story and Themes of Dawntrail

DAWNTRAIL promises a unique and refreshing experience with a different vibe compared to the previous Shadowbringers expansion. It embraces a holiday-like atmosphere, as hinted by the soundtrack and the Warriors of Light finally taking a break after the Hydaelyn Zodiark adventure. The expansion takes us to a brand new continent known as Tural, also referred to as the New World. Our journey involves helping to determine the new ruler of Tural, engaging in a contest for the successor's title and exploring the Gates of a mysterious City of Gold. The theme of Discovery plays a central role, promising surprises and plot twists to keep players engaged.


Where We Are Headed - New World, Tural?

Tural, the New World, is a brand new continent located towards the South West of the known Eorzea map. The new hub city, Tuliolau, is situated in the region of Yok Tural. The city is depicted with a backward development in technology and is governed by a two-headed mamuja ruler named Gulu Jaja. The Scions will be split into opposing groups, and players will have to decide who their allies and rivals are in this competition. There are hints of more cities to explore on this new continent, promising a vast and immersive world to experience.


New Areas and Screenshots

DAWNTRAIL brings players to various new zones with stunning landscapes and environments. One such zone is Yuko Pacha, which was once the heart of a giant Empire but now lies in ruins. The graphical upgrade showcases vibrant and detailed scenery, with improved lighting, vegetation, and textures that enhance the overall visual experience. Another zone, Yaktel, is a thick forest with two distinct levels, making it a unique area to explore.


New Allied Tribe - Pelupelu

Players will encounter new Allied Tribes, including the Pelupelu, who wear unique masks and are natural entrepreneurs. Their presence adds more depth and intrigue to the story as we delve into Tural's diverse inhabitants.


2 New Jobs and Key Features

The expansion introduces two new jobs: one melee DPS and one caster range DPS. Details on these jobs will likely be unveiled in subsequent Fan Fest events. The level cap will increase to 100, and players can look forward to new dungeons, enemies, gears, and recipes to collect and craft. PvP enthusiasts will also receive new maps and updates to keep the experience fresh.


First-Ever Graphical Upgrade

One of the most exciting announcements is the graphical upgrade, which significantly improves the game's visuals. Higher-resolution textures, shadows, and material qualities contribute to a more immersive gaming experience. Characters, vegetation, and environments now boast more realistic and vibrant details, making Eorzea come alive like never before.


System Updates: Glamour, Furnishing & Strategy Board

Players will enjoy more customization with two dye slots per gear piece, allowing for greater personalization. Glamour eyeglasses and increased furnishing limits in housing add more options for players to express their unique styles. Additionally, a new strategy board system will aid raiders in planning and organizing their encounters, improving the overall gameplay experience.


Fall Guys Coming to Gold Saucer

As part of a crossover collaboration, Fall Guys-themed content will be introduced to Final Fantasy 14, adding a fun and quirky twist to the Gold Saucer. Players can expect exciting obstacle courses and challenges to conquer.



DAWNTRAIL, the upcoming Final Fantasy 14 expansion, promises a wealth of new content, adventures, and graphical enhancements that will captivate both new and veteran players alike. With the revelation of new areas, jobs, graphical upgrades, and system updates, the future of Eorzea looks brighter than ever. Keep an eye out for further announcements and be ready to embark on an epic journey in the land of Tural!

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