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Fallout 76 Nuke Locations: Top 4 Best You Need To Know, 2023

In Fallout 76, launching a nuke is an exciting and challenging endeavor that can yield valuable rewards and events. However, choosing the right target location is crucial to ensure the best outcomes. Many players have encountered issues when selecting the right spot to nuke, resulting in missed opportunities and frustration. In this guide, we'll explore the 4 best places to launch a nuke, covering the key areas that offer the most rewarding events and resource-rich environments.


Fallout 76 Nuke Locations: Top 4 Best You Need To Know, 2023


Nuking Monongah Mine: Unleashing the Wendigo Colossus

When you're eager to take on the colossal problem and challenge Earl Williams, Monongah Mine is the ideal target. But remember, you must aim right over the mine itself, ensuring the entire spot is covered by the nuke blast. Some players make the mistake of hitting nearby areas, causing the event not to trigger. For those without power armor, nuking The Overlook, still covering Monongah Mine, allows for a swift exit from the blast zone after the event.


Fissure Site Prime: Summoning the Scorchbeast Queen

Fissure Site Prime is a familiar location for veteran players, but even here, mistakes can happen. Aim directly for the site, ensuring that it's entirely within the blast zone. Some players have unintentionally missed the spot, and the queen event is still triggered, but it's best to take your time. Nuking the lower end of the site also allows players to fight the queen at Drop Site V9 without being in the blast zone, making it more convenient for non-power armor users.


Ultrasight Titan: Targeting the Abandoned Mine Shaft 2

To take on the formidable Ultracite Titan during the seismic activity event, it's crucial to have Abandoned Mine Shaft 2 completely covered by the blast zone. Avoid nuking Nuka World or having the target area partially covered, as it won't trigger the event correctly. Be sure to hit the right abandoned mine shaft to face the challenge.


White Springs North Entrance: Stabilizing Fluorescent Flux

While nuking WhiteSprings North Entrance might not trigger any extraordinary events, it's a fantastic spot for obtaining fluorescent flux and stabilization materials. If you're aiming to stabilize fluorescent flux, this location covers everything you need in one nuke. It's a great alternative to multiple nukes for different materials.


The Secret Middle of the Map Nuke

For those looking for a lesser-known, resource-rich spot, consider targeting the middle of the map. Nuking this area affects interiors such as The Burrows or The Capitol Building, spawning glowing ghouls and yielding high radiation fluids, glowing mass, and hardened mass. However, be aware that this might be patched in the future, so take advantage of it while you can.


Launch a Nuke Steps

Nukes are a powerful and challenging aspect of Fallout 76, requiring careful planning and execution. To successfully launch a nuke, follow these steps:


  • Join the Enclave and access the Whitespring Bunker: To begin your journey towards launching a nuke, you must join the Enclave faction and gain access to the Whitespring Bunker.
  • Complete the 'Back to Basic' and 'Officer on Deck' missions: These missions are necessary to unlock the Command Center in the Whitespring Bunker, which is essential for initiating the nuke launch process.
  • Obtain a Nuclear Keycard: Nuclear Keycards can be acquired by shooting down Cargobots protected by Vertibots. These can be found throughout the map, but the Whitespring Bunker will provide you with the location if you have access to it.
  • Gather Nuke Codes: Once you have a Nuclear Keycard, you need to collect eight-letter and number combinations, which are dropped by high-level enemies, particularly Scorched or Feral Ghoul officers. Use the surveillance terminal in the Enclave command center at Whitespring Bunker to track down officers carrying these combinations. Decrypt the codes using the messages on the bunker's wall.
  • Use a Community Decrypter (Optional): Instead of figuring out the codes yourself, you can use a community-created decrypter like NukaCrypt Code Decrypter. Input the letters or numbers you know, and it will provide you with a list of possible results. Remember, Nuclear Keycards are one-time-use only, so entering a wrong code will wipe it, requiring you to get another.
  • Clear the Silo Dungeon and Reach the Nuke Terminal: Each silo has its own set of codes. Clear out the silo dungeon associated with the nuke location you want to target and reach the Nuke terminal.
  • Choose the Nuke Location: Use the terminal to decide where you want to detonate the nuke. The blast radius will create a zone with more challenging enemies and valuable loot.
  • Explore the Blast Radius and Defeat Enemies: After launching the nuke, explore the blast radius and eliminate the enemies within. This step requires a well-prepared character to handle the tough foes.


Can You Launch a Nuke without Codes?

No, you cannot launch a nuke without obtaining the correct launch codes. Nukes are a significant event in the game, and using the codes is an essential part of the experience.


How to Find Your Nuke Code?

After obtaining a Nuclear Keycard, you need to find eight-letter and number combinations. High-level enemies like Scorched and Feral Ghoul officers drop these codes. To locate the officers carrying the combinations, use the surveillance terminal in the Enclave command center at Whitespring Bunker. Decrypt the codes using the messages on the bunker's wall.



Knowing the best nuke locations in Fallout 76 is essential to maximize your rewards and enjoyment in the game. Aim accurately to trigger the desired events and get the most out of your nuking experience. Whether you're after the colossal problem, the Scorchbeast Queen, or valuable resources, launching a well-placed nuke can make all the difference. So, get out there and start making the wasteland tremble! Happy nuking!

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