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Poe 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League Starts Builds Planning

This article delves into the planning for the upcoming Path of Exile 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League Builds. As the release of the patch notes and the league's launch, we'll discuss build ideas, strategies, and considerations for character development.

Poe 3.22 Trial of the Ancestors League Starts Builds Planning


Combining Favorites: Mono Stacking and Ignite Builds

We are passionate about two distinct playstyles: mono stacking and ignite builds. Mono stacking offers layers of defence and power spikes, while ignites provide a favoured playstyle due to their damage over time mechanics. The challenge is to combine these aspects into a single, robust build.


Past Builds and Lessons Learned

We reflect on previous successful builds, such as an archmage Arc/Stormbrand build, and various ignite builds. However, the goal now is to merge these concepts into one character, capitalizing on the strengths of both playstyles. We highlight that technology and tools have evolved since their last attempts, allowing for a potentially more successful hybrid build.


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Choosing the Right Ascendancy

We deliberate between two ascendancies: Hierophant and Scion. Hierophant offers pure Mind of Matter and agnostic scaling, while Scion provides added Mana, Mind of Matter, and excellent flask uptime through the Pathfinder ascendancy's bonuses. The decision hinges on balancing damage and defence, favouring Scion for its superior tankiness.


League Mechanics and Synergies

The article discusses the potential impact of the League's mechanics on the chosen build. Adding Legion encounters and new keystones adds layers of complexity and opportunities for synergies. We suggest that Legion encounters could enhance the chosen playstyle, particularly for a build focused on ignite mechanics.


New Support Gems and Their Implications

We explore the possibilities brought by new support gems like Sadism Support and Devour Support. These gems could affect how damage builds, especially ignites, are played over time. The article ponders their potential impact and discusses their viability based on the current information.


Spellblade Support and its Role

The article speculates on the potential impact of Spellblade Support, which offers additional spell damage based on the equipped weapon's damage. We draw parallels with the Battle Mage notable from the Inquisitor's ascendancy and suggest that this gem could circumvent the limitations of archmage scaling.



The goal is to create a hybrid build that combines the strengths of mono stacking and ignite playstyles. With considerations about ascendancies, league mechanics, new support gems, and potential interactions, We's journey promises to be an engaging and strategic endeavour. Stay tuned for updates and insights as the league launch approaches.

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