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Patch 3.22 Changes for Melee Ignite: New Support Gems and Playstyle Shifts

In Path of Exile's latest patch, 3.22, a plethora of exciting changes and additions have been introduced, particularly affecting the melee ignite playstyle. In this guide, we'll delve into the key takeaways from the patch notes, highlighting the alterations to mechanics, new support gems, and potential playstyle shifts.

Patch 3.22 Changes for Melee Ignite: New Support Gems and Playstyle Shifts



Patch 3.22 brings several intriguing changes that promise to reshape the landscape for melee to ignite enthusiasts. This article will provide an overview of these changes and how they impact the melee ignite playstyle. We'll explore the new Strength support gem Controlled Blaze, delve into shifts in passive tree nodes and discuss the potential synergies with other support gems.


Controlled Blaze: The New Ignition Support

One of the standout additions in this patch is the Strength support gem Controlled Blaze." This gem is tailor-made for melee attack skills, granting a chance to ignite for each ignite inflicted recently with the skill. Although specific numbers have yet to be disclosed, this gem incentivizes a new approach to gameplay. Players will need to balance attack speed and the ability to apply multiple ignites within four seconds, amplifying the damage of the largest ignite.


Synergies and Playstyle Implications

Controlled Blaze fosters an intriguing playstyle, encouraging investment in attack speed and ignite application. For instance, Chieftain's tower node and the possibility of triggering multiple earthquakes, each igniting enemies, showcase the potential of this gem. Furthermore, it seems that Controlled Blaze might not synergize with Fist of War, but it's important to await further gem information for clarity.


Chieftain Changes: Ignite Potential

Chieftain has undergone notable changes, some of which affect its suitability for melee ignite. While the shift from granting 100% physical damage as extra fire damage to a periodic 30% for 4 seconds offers a nod towards ignites, it raises concerns due to the rotating buff mechanic. Nevertheless, this alteration introduces new potential for ignite-based Chieftain builds.


Passive Tree Adjustments

The passive tree for fire melee ignite builds received substantial changes. Notably, a new wheel adjacent to Blood Magic introduces the Lava Lash node, which retains its fire penetration and fire damage increase. The introduction of Settling Ash and Concussive Force nodes offers interesting ignite-related options, although clarity is needed on the mechanics of Settling Ash.


Ruthless and Scaling Ignite Damage

Ruthless support undergoes a transformation in this patch, affecting not only bleeding damage but also other ailments like ignite. This presents an intriguing synergy with the Concussive Force node, which bolsters stunning melee hits' ignite damage. This synergy, while relatively unexplored, introduces an additional layer of potential damage output.


Duration vs. Speed: A New Balance

Patch 3.22 introduces a dynamic balance between ailment duration and damage speed. The Sadism support gem, which accelerates ailment damage at the cost of reduced duration, and the adjusted Dirty Techniques node, accentuate this dynamic. Striking a balance between extending ailment duration and accelerating their damage becomes crucial for optimal performance.


Trauma Support: A Ramping Damage Mechanic

The Trauma support gem presents a unique mechanic by introducing flat added physical damage per trauma. This damage ramps up over time, making it particularly compelling for certain builds. For instance, Champion builds utilizing Trauma in combination with skills like Glacial Hammer or Smite can capitalize on the scaling damage mechanic.


FlameWood Support and Totems

Flame Wood support gem introduces avenging flame-triggered mortars from totems. This skill can be enhanced by stacking damage-oriented support gems, creating a potentially potent combo. Consideration should be given to Elementalists using golems to maintain permanent auras, amplifying the benefits of this new support gem.


Guardian's Blessing and Minion Auras

The Guardian's Blessing support gem opens up intriguing possibilities for minion-based playstyles. Minions equipped with this gem emit a blessing aura, offering unique benefits to allies while incurring physical damage over time. Elementalists with Golems might find this gem especially appealing, given the consistent aura application.



Patch 3.22's changes usher in a new era for melee ignite enthusiasts. With the introduction of "Controlled Blaze" and other support gems, coupled with adjustments to passive tree nodes, the melee ignite playstyle receives fresh avenues for exploration. Embrace these changes, experiment with various synergies, and prepare to ignite a trail of destruction like never before!

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