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PoE 3.22 Poison Seismic Trap SSF HC Boss Race Assassin Build

While the rest of the Path of Exile community dives into popular builds like Denny's Dead Cold Dot and BoneShatter, we're setting our sights on a unique and off-meta approach for the upcoming Solo Self-Found Hardcore (SSF HC) boss race. Say hello to the Poison Seismic Trap Assassin! In this guide, we'll explore the intricacies of this build, its strengths, and how it can offer a refreshing alternative to the mainstream options.



PoE 3.22 Poison Seismic Trap SSF HC Boss Race Assassin Build


Core Mechanics and Playstyle

The heart of the Poison Seismic Trap Assassin lies in its ability to capitalize on poison damage over time (DoT) and efficient trap placement. By utilizing poison mechanics, you'll steadily erode your enemies' health while maintaining a safe distance. The core clear skill in this build is Exsanguinate, linked with Chain, Unleash, and Faster Casting. This combination ensures efficient AoE damage output without sacrificing casting speed. Blade Vortex with Unleash can also be used for clearing, though it may not be as optimal as Exsanguinate.


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Ascendancy Choice

The Assassin ascendancy stands out as the clear choice for this build due to its incredible damage potential. Compared to other options, especially Pathfinder, Assassin brings about double the damage output, making it an ideal pick for the early game. Noxious Strike, an Assassin ascendancy node, is the linchpin for early game poison scaling and power.


Clear Skill Options

The primary clear skill for this build is Exsanguinate. When paired with chain, unleash, and faster casting support gems, Exsanguinate offers efficient and satisfying clear potential. While there's another option in the form of Blade Vortex linked with unleash, Exsanguinate takes the crown for its superior early-game poison damage scaling.


Skill Gem Setup

Here's the suggested skill gem setup for Exsanguinate:

Exsanguinate (main skill) + Chain + Unleash + Faster Casting


Build Progression

The leveling process for this build involves transitioning from Spectral Throw to Poisonous Concoction to Exsanguinate, gradually picking up key nodes and damage-boosting skills along the way. Leveling is relatively smooth, with Blade Vortex being an alternate choice for AoE damage as you progress.


Passive Tree

The passive tree centers around key nodes for poison damage, trap scaling, and survivability. The choice between damage and utility nodes depends on personal preference and the type of content you're tackling. With the addition of "Battle Rouse" notable this patch, make sure to balance mana cost with Energy Shield (ES) reserves, especially if using Eldritch Battery.


Gear and Gear Choices

Obliteration or Cold Iron Point: Optimal weapon choices for converting physical damage to chaos and enhancing poison scaling.

  • Evasion-based Shield: Offers evasion, movement speed, and suppression, augmenting your overall survivability.
  • Helmet with "Physical Damage Taken as Chaos" mod: Provides invaluable damage mitigation.
  • Body Armor: Look for evasion-based armor with suitable mods for your needs.
  • Amulet: Prioritize +1 to physical gems, trap throw speed, and damage over time multiplier.
  • Rings: Seek out rings with trap throw speed, chaos damage over time multiplier, and poison chance.
  • Belt: For early game, a heavy belt with strength can be useful. Later, transition to a crystal belt for flexibility and increased survivability.
  • Boots: Flexibility in mod choices; consider evasion and movement speed.
  • Gloves: Look for useful affixes like chaos damage over time multiplier or attack speed.
  • Jewels: Prioritize damage over time, chaos damage, life, and other relevant affixes.
  • Flasks: Standard utility flasks; tailor your choice based on specific needs.
  • Movement Skill: Use Flame Dash or Whirling Blades, with Flame Dash being preferred due to current game mechanics.


Flasks and Gem Setups

Map and bossing setups differ in gem configurations. Despair and Plague Bearer are crucial single-target damage enhancers. For mobility, use Shield Charge with Faster Attacks and Flame Dash. Skills like Withering Step and Skitterbots further complement your playstyle.


Mapping and Bossing

Switch between different gem setups for mapping and bossing. For mapping, focus on Hoag support for smoother clearing. For bossing, use gems like Despair and Plague Bearer for enhanced single-target damage.



Begin your journey with Spectral Throw and transition into Exsanguinate with supporting gems like Volley, LMP, and Faster Casting as you progress. Prioritize Poison Concoction and other damage nodes before acquiring key skills like Exsanguinate and Blade Vortex.


Lab Enchants and End-Game

Lab enchants, such as Increased Blade Vortex Damage or Reduced Exsanguinate Cooldown, can significantly enhance your build's performance. As you progress, experiment with Herald of Agony for mapping and focus on Divine Blessing with Haste or Malevolence for bossing.



The Poison Seismic Trap Assassin build presents a refreshing and engaging alternative in Path of Exile's competitive landscape. While unconventional, this build excels in poison damage mechanics and provides an exciting gameplay experience. With careful gear choices, gem setups, and adept leveling strategies, you can navigate both mapping and boss encounters with confidence. As you fine-tune your build and explore its potential, you'll discover the thrill of conquering challenges that others might overlook. Embrace the Poison Seismic Trap Assassin and carve your path to victory in the upcoming SSF Hardcore boss race!

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