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POE 3.22 Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build: Versatility, Speed, and Efficient Clearing

Today we're diving into the Lightning Arrow Deadeye build for the PoE 3.22 expansion. This build is an excellent league starter, offering a tri-elemental stacking setup that capitalizes on fire, lightning, and cold damage. With the Trinity gem, we can amplify and penetrate these elements, enhancing our damage output. Additionally, the new Mastery mechanic provides a 25% chance to treat monster resistances as averted, effectively boosting our damage against tough enemies. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about this build, from ascendancy choices and scaling mechanics to playstyle and leveling strategies.


POE 3.22 Lightning Arrow Deadeye Build: Versatility, Speed, and Efficient Clearing


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Ascendancy Choices

  • Gathering Winds (Normal Labyrinth): Grants Gale Force, which increases your action speed, providing a significant multiplier to your movement and attack speed. This allows faster progression through the campaign and maps.
  • Far Shot (Cruel Labyrinth): Enhances damage when you're further away from targets, providing up to 60% more damage. Position yourself and your ballistas at a distance for maximum damage output.
  • Endless Munition (Merciless Labyrinth): Adds two additional projectiles to both your Elemental Hit and Artillery Ballista, enhancing both single-target and clearing capabilities.
  • Focal Point (Uber Labyrinth): Provides 75% increased effect on Sniper's Mark, boosting damage and reducing damage taken from marked targets. This ascendancy significantly improves damage and survivability.


Offensive and Defensive Scaling

  • Stack flat elemental damage, attack speed, projectile damage, and attack damage.
  • Cap your accuracy rating to ensure a 100% chance to hit enemies.
  • Use gear, flasks, the skill tree, and Grace for evasion.
  • Seek gear with physical damage taken as extra damage on your helmet and Lethal Pride.
  • Maintain capped elemental resistances and aim for 100% elemental avoidance and spell suppression.
  • Leech and Life Gain on Hit will be your main recovery methods due to evasion.
  • Consider the Precise Technique Keystone early on for additional damage if your accuracy is higher than your maximum life.


Key Gems

  • Elemental Hit (6-link): Main skill for both single-target and clearing.
  • Artillery Ballista (4-link): Additional single-target damage.
  • Chain Support (Clearing) / Barrage Support (Bossing): Adjust based on the encounter.
  • Trinity Support: Alternate damage types within 2 seconds for more damage and elemental penetration.
  • Combustion Support: Apply to Artillery Ballista for additional fire damage and fire exposure.
  • Precision: Critical strike chance and accuracy rating.
  • Sniper's Mark: Essential curse for additional damage and marks.
  • Grace: Provides evasion and additional defense.



Use Elemental Hit for general clearing; deploy Artillery Ballista against tougher enemies. Position yourself and ballistas far from targets for Far Shot's damage bonus. Swap Chain Support for Barrage Support against bosses for single-target damage. Place Artillery Ballistas before attacking for maximum efficiency. Utilize Trinity Support to alternate between elemental damage types for increased damage and penetration. Prioritize evasion and keep moving to avoid incoming damage.

Farming Strategies

Focus on mapping and farming influenced Alters, Delirium rewards, Breach, Abyss, Legion, and Harvest encounters. Consider Heist, Expedition, and Beastiary encounters. Due to the build's focus on damage and evasion, avoid challenging bosses and prioritize content that emphasizes clear speed and efficiency.



  • Bandit Clearing and Skill Points: Start by focusing on clearing all Bandits. This will grant you two skill point passives that will be crucial for your character's growth.
  • Early Pantheon Choice: For the Pantheon, prioritize the Soul of Solaris for early game content. This pantheon will grant you additional flash charges, enhancing your survival in labyrinth and challenging encounters.
  • Gem Selection: Use skills that synergize well with your playstyle and progression. In Act 1, utilize Caustic Arrow for clearing purposes—transition to Burning Arrow for single target damage against bosses and tougher enemies. Employ Sniper's Mark for increased DPS against rare or boss enemies.
  • Level 12 Skill Choice: At level 12, acquire Lightning Arrow for clearing purposes. This skill is effective against groups of enemies.
  • Ballista Support: Combine Lightning Arrow with Ballista Support for single target damage. Swap to Artillery Ballista at level 28 for even more damage and smoother progression.
  • Val Skill Gem Enhancement: Use Vaal Orb on the Lightning Arrow gem to upgrade it to Vaal Lightning Arrow potentially. This will significantly boost your single target damage against rare enemies and bosses.
  • Pantheon Progression: Upgrade your Pantheon as you progress. Start with Soul of Solaris and then transition to Soul of Lunaris for freeze immunity, aiding your survival in more challenging content.
  • Minor Pantheon Options: Choose between Soul of Tukohama for physical damage reduction and life regeneration, Soul of Arakaali for corrupted blood immunity, or Soul of Abberath to counteract burning ground effects.
  • Transitioning to Critical Strikes: Shift your playstyle from non-crit to critical strikes as you obtain a bow with a critical strike chance. Adjust your passive tree accordingly by referring to the provided max roll guide. This will significantly enhance your damage output.
  • Respeccing Passives: Adapt your passive tree based on your current progression. Swap between leveling, early, mid, and late-game trees as your character evolves. Use the guide's milestones to guide your choices.
  • Following the Skill Tree Progression: Use the provided arrows to follow the progression of your skill tree. This will help you determine the order in which to allocate passives and maximize your character's potential.


Early Gear Progression

  • Prioritize a 400+ Elemental DPS bow with high attack speed.
  • Aim for open slots to craft flat damage or attack speed modifiers.
  • Craft double damage using Essences of Anger, Wrath, or Hatred.
  • Choose evasion-based armor such as Assassin's Garb, Lion Pelt Helmet, Slink Boots, and Slink Gloves.
  • Evasion converts to chance to evade attacks and can roll spell suppression.
  • Use a Divine Life Flask with instant recovery and protection from bleeds.
  • Silver Flask for better onslaught uptime on single targets.
  • Quicksilver Flask for increased mobility.
  • Granite Flask for early physical damage mitigation.
  • Jade Flask for increased evasion, craft with relevant modifiers.
6-Link Items
  • Look for 6-link body armor, or consider Tabula Rasa.
  • Use the Cuirass Mastery for 15% increased maximum life without live modifiers on equipped body armor.
Unique Gear Options
  • Prism Weave: Offers flat damage, Elemental resistance, and Elemental damage with attacks.
  • Yoke of Suffering: Increases damage taken by enemies, making Elemental damage shock.
  • Three-step Assault: Provides increased evasion rating and the chance to avoid ailments.
  • Bisco's Leash: Grants Rampage for damage and speed bonuses.
  • Poise Prism (Quiver): Offers significant early damage boost.
  • Aim for rings and amulets with flat life, Elemental damage, accuracy, and resistances.
  • Look for elemental-themed rings such as Vermillion, Amethyst, Opal, or Topaz.


Mid Gear Progression

Weapon Upgrade
  • Swap to a bow with the highest Critical Strike chance and attack speed.
  • Prioritize Critical Strike chance, Elemental damage, and attack speed modifiers.
  • Consider 5-linking a bow for Artillery Ballista support for single target damage.
Critical Strike Amulet Obtain a High-Irish Truth amulet for Precision and Critical Strike Multiplier.
Anointing Anoint Assassination for increased Critical Strike chance and Critical Strike Multiplier.
Gems and Skills Adjust gem links to support Critical Strike-based playstyle.


End Gear Progression

Full Gear Upgrade Upgrade all gear pieces to have maximum life, resistances, and relevant damage modifiers.
High-Irish Truth and Calling Strike Continue using High-Irish Truth and benefit from Calling Strike's damage bonus.
Specialized Jewelry Prioritize rings and amulets with life regeneration, life, resistances, and Elemental damage.
Vol's Vision Equip Vol's Vision for increased life and life regeneration.
Final Quiver Consider Feathered Arrow quiver for the dual benefit of increased projectile damage and speed.
Dying Sun Upgrade to Dying Sun for additional projectiles, enhancing both clear and single-target damage.



Remember that Path of Exile is a dynamic game, and gear availability can change over time. Adapt your gear progression plan based on the current league mechanics, patch updates, and economic conditions within the game. Good luck on your journey through Wraeclast!

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