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Path of Exile 3.22 Delve Atlas Mechanics Map Strategy

Welcome Back, Exiles! Today, we're diving into a crucial aspect of Path of Exile: Sustaining Delve exploration and maintaining your map Atlas. Fret not if you're struggling to keep your Delve adventures fueled and your Atlas filled. We've got some valuable insights to share.


Path of Exile 3.22 Delve Atlas Mechanics Map Strategy


Atlas Tree


Sustaining Delve Adventures: Masterful Atlas Strategy

You find yourself under siege by relentless Traders seeking fossils and resonators in the abyssal depths. Fear not, for we're here to reveal a strategy that will sustain your Delve expeditions and bolster your map completion efforts. 


Mastering the Atlas: Key Nodes and Strategies

  • All Hands Node: This is where the magic begins. If you're not rolling in Sulfite Scarabs, focus on this node. It gives your maps a whopping 40% chance of containing a random Master encounter. This means you'll have a near-constant presence of Masters, including the likes of Niko. Furthermore, any modifiers that increase your chance to gain additional Master missions upon map completion apply here, amplified to 150% of their original value. This single node can immensely impact your Delve sustainability.
  • Strategic Allocations: Traverse the Atlas with a specific plan in mind. Acquire nodes that enhance your Delve potential and map rewards. Prioritize points that improve Delve accessibility, such as Sulfite Infusion and Sulfite Nodes. Consider grabbing nodes that grant extra map tier chances, like Shaping of the World and Overloaded Circuits.
  • Maven's Presence: To maximize loot and challenge, activate the "Maven summoned one to three additional bosses when witnessing a map" node. This increases the chaos on your screens, resulting in more satisfying drops and experiences.
  • Delve-Centric Nodes: While your strategy evolves, never forget to bolster your Delve endeavours. Nodes like Extreme Archeology can transform your Delve runs by allowing a single dynamite to clear the entire screen. This speeds up your Delve progress significantly.
  • Survivability Matters: Wellspring of Creation enhances your Farming Poe Currency map-clearing efficiency and offers survivability. With a build focused on high DPS, this node's 50% increase in monster life and 25% reduction in monster damage have minimal impact, while greatly increasing your chances of survival.


Refining Your Strategy: Personalizing Your Atlas

Your Atlas will evolve. Remember, your strategy should align with your goals and playstyle. Some nodes, like those tied to Blight or Metamorph, might be omitted if they don't resonate with you.


In Conclusion: A Bright Future for Exiles

With this comprehensive strategy, you can sustain your Delve missions while conquering the vast expanse of your Atlas. Remember, the All Hands node is the cornerstone of this strategy, granting you consistent Master encounters and easing your Sulfite scarcity. So go forth, Exiles, and let your maps thrive!

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