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POE 3.22 Legion Currency: How to get 38 Divines in 50 Maps?

Welcome to the Path of Exile 3.22 Updated Buffed Legion Currency Strategy Guide! In this guide, we delve into a revamped approach to maximize currency gains by running Legion encounters in Dunes maps. Discover the changes, prioritize Atlas passive tree nodes, optimize your map choices, and learn efficient Legion map running techniques. Uncover the buffs and nerfs impacting this strategy and explore the impressive earnings achieved through our 50-map experiment. Get ready to elevate your currency farming game in the world of Wraeclast.



POE 3.22 Legion Currency:  How to get 38 Divines in 50 Maps?


Atlas Passive Tree

Let's start by taking a look at the Atlas passive tree setup for this strategy. In PoE 3.22, Legion mechanics have seen some changes, affecting our point allocation decisions. Here's a breakdown of the priorities:


  • Prioritize All Region nodes: These are essential for boosting your currency earnings.
  • Invest in All Map nodes: Maps are a significant source of your currency, so make sure to grab these nodes.
  • Consider Beyond nodes: Beyond can be rewarding when your maps are well-juiced. Prioritize Torn Veil and Swarming Hive for more divination cards.
  • Allocate some points to Delirium nodes: Increasing the chance of encountering the mirror in your maps can be beneficial.


You can find the exact Atlas passive tree for this strategy in the link provided below, along with a more budget-friendly variant for those with fewer points to spare.


Map Choice, Scarabs, and Compasses

When it comes to map choice, the Dunes map is the go-to option for this Legion currency strategy. You can also explore the Beach map if you prefer. For optimal results, chisel and alch your maps, but remember that using Vaal Orbs will increase the Threat Level and your chances of dying, so be cautious.


For scarabs, consider using Polished Cartographers, Gilded Divination, Rusted Sulphite, and more. Adjust the scarabs based on your budget and preference. In your map device, activate the Kakaru Legion on every map, and consider using Exar for even better results.


When setting up your compasses, prioritize Additional Legion and Beyond modifiers. You can add optional modifiers like Hunted Traitors and Additional Rare Monster Packs for more rewards. Make sure you have at least nine favourites, with one being Masa and the rest being Dunes maps. If you don't have Void Stones, it's recommended to acquire them before starting this strategy.


Running Legion Maps

Running Legion maps efficiently is key to maximizing your profits. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how to do it:


  • Before starting any map, equip 10 incubators on your gear. Opt for Diviners and Ornates, but Skittering and Curious can work too.
  • Ensure you have the Legion modifier activated in your map device and have Exar ready to go.
  • Look for a Delirium mirror on your map. Activate it and aim for a minimum of four rewards.
  • Start clearing out the map, focusing on activating the Legions in quick succession. Use your skills to chain Legions together efficiently.
  • Avoid looting during Legion encounters to maintain killstreak bonuses.
  • Look for Sulfite piles and click on them to benefit from the Stacked with Energy node on the passive tree.
  • Once you've cleared the Legions and the map, start looting the rewards and cleaning up any remaining enemies.


Buffs and Nerfs to Legion in 3.22

The latest update introduced some buffs and nerfs to Legion mechanics. Legion emblem 5-way boosting services received a significant nerf, impacting the price of Legion emblems. Some emblems' prices have decreased, but overall, Legion emblems remain valuable. Additionally, there were changes to the Atlas passive tree that slightly decreased the efficiency of Legion-related nodes. Despite these changes, Legion remains a powerful currency farming strategy.


POE 3.22 Currency Tests Stats Screenshot


Loot Results:

After running 50 maps using this strategy, let's take a look at the loot results:


Expenses Revenue Profit
Map materials: 2,659 chaos Raw currency: 4,896 chaos Total expenses: 2,659 chaos
Dunes maps, compasses, and scarabs: 11.6 divines Divination cards, emblems, and incubators: 3,148 chaos Total revenue: 9,401 chaos
  Beyond, invitations, and delirium: 949 chaos Profit: 6,742 chaos (38 divines)
  Raw currency: 4,896 chaos  
  Heist: 69 chaos  



There you have it, an in-depth guide to the updated Buffed Legion Currency Strategy in Path of Exile 3.22. With careful Atlas passive tree allocation, map choices, scarabs, and compasses, you can maximize your profits and make substantial gains by running Legion maps. Despite the changes in the update, Legion remains a strong and rewarding currency farming strategy. So gear up, follow the steps, and dive into the Legion to secure your path to riches in Wraeclast! Until next time, happy hunting, and stay Grim!

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