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Last Epoch 0.9.2 Lightning Rune Master Build Guide

Welcome to the world of Last Epoch, where lightning crackles and runes hold immense power. In this guide, we will delve deep into the Lightning Rune Master build, specifically tailored for version 0.9.2. From gameplay mechanics to skill choices, passive trees, gear recommendations, and leveling strategies, we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to master this electrifying class. So, without further ado, let's embark on a journey through the stormy realms of Last Epoch and become true Lightning Rune Masters!


Last Epoch 0.9.2 Lightning Rune Master Build Guide


Gameplay Overview and Skills

Before diving into the build specifics, let's take a quick look at the gameplay and the key skills that make this Lightning Rune Master shine. This build relies on converting various skills into lightning damage to wreak havoc on your enemies. Here are the primary skills:

  • Flame Rush (Lightning Conversion): This skill serves as a core damage dealer and mobility tool.
  • Frost Wall (Lightning Conversion): It slows and shocks enemies while offering defensive utility.
  • Runic Invocation: When used in traversal mode, it activates three Rune effects, making it incredibly versatile.
  • Flame Ward (Lightning Conversion): Provides substantial lightning damage bonuses and damage reduction.
  • Lightning Blast: The primary damage-dealing skill that synergizes perfectly with Spark Charge, offering impressive damage output.


Skill Choices and Rationale

  • Lightning Blast is favored over other skills due to its ability to be used at negative Mana and its synergy with Spark Charge.
  • Runic Invocation's traversal mode allows you to activate three Rune effects, maximizing its utility.
  • Frost Wall, when converted to lightning, slows and shocks enemies and can trigger Flame Ward automatically when walked through.
  • Flame Rush and Flame Ward are optimized for lightning damage and damage reduction.
  • The Lightning Blast skill tree is meticulously chosen to enhance damage, crit chance, and versatility.


Passive Tree

Here's a breakdown of the passive tree for your Lightning Rune Master:

  • Base Tree: Allocate points according to your preference, focusing on intelligence, vitality, and movement speed.
  • Rune Master Tree: Prioritize Sphere Protection, Triumph, and Ward generation nodes. The Deception Orders and Doom nodes enhance damage over time against enemies.
  • Ocean and Ancient nodes provide essential Mana regeneration, and Nimbus Walk synergizes with Runic Invocation's traversal mode.
  • Additional points in Source grant increased intelligence and critical strike chance.


Gear and Idols

While no specific unique items are mandatory for this build, here are some recommended gear choices:

  • Weapon: Consider using a legendary item with increased lightning damage.
  • Amulet: Look for an amulet with lightning damage bonuses.
  • Armor, Rings, Belt, Gloves, and Boots: Prioritize items with Mana regeneration to sustain this Mana-hungry build.
  • Idols: Aim for Idols that grant increased lightning damage, particularly those that double the bonus if you have over 300 Mana.


Stats and Sustain

  • Focus on maintaining high Ward through various skills and passive nodes.
  • Leverage damage reduction from skills like Flame Ward and Flame Rush.
  • Prioritize resistances, critical strike avoidance, and endurance to improve survivability.
  • Consider investing in the Mental passive tree for additional intelligence and crit damage bonuses.


Leveling Guide

To level up this Lightning Rune Master build, follow these steps:

  • Acquire Elemental Nova, Teleport, and Frost Claw as your primary skills.
  • Allocate points in the respective skill trees to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Utilize Elemental Nova and Teleport to clear mobs efficiently while leveling.
  • Frost Claw can be a great addition for dealing with tougher enemies.



With this comprehensive guide, you should be well-equipped to conquer Last Epoch's endgame content with the Lightning Rune Master. Experiment, adapt, and optimize your gear and skills as you progress. Remember, practice makes perfect, and as you become more skilled with the build, you'll likely discover new ways to fine-tune it. Good luck and may your Lightning Rune Master shine brightly on your journey through Eterra!

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