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PoE 3.22 Most Enjoyable Ethereal Knives Abyssal Raider Build

Greetings, Exiles! Today, I'm excited to share with you one of the most enjoyable and unique Path of Exile builds I've ever experienced: the Ethereal Knives Abyssal Raider. This build incorporates various mechanics, offering a complex and engaging gameplay experience. I'll guide you through the build's key aspects, so you can maximize its potential and avoid common pitfalls.



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PoE 3.22 Most Enjoyable Ethereal Knives Abyssal Raider Build


Build Overview

The Ethereal Knives Abyssal Raider harnesses the power of Abyssal jewels to enable the Light Poacher helmet's unique mechanic. Light Poacher grants one Spirit charge per Abyssal Jewel affecting you, with each Spirit charge providing five percent of physical damage as extra elemental damage per Spirit charge. This means that with ten Spirit charges, you'll have a remarkable 50 percent of physical damage as extra elemental damage.

To further enhance our damage output, we utilize the Shroud of the Lightless chest armor. This chest piece offers significant benefits per Abyssal Jewel, including three percent maximum life and three percent maximum mana, but its primary feature is the four percent penetration of all elemental resistances per Abyssal Jewel.

Additionally, we equip the Nemesis ring, which enables our projectiles to hit enemies a second time. This allows us to cover more ground and deal more damage.


Ascendancy: Raider

We choose the Raider ascendancy class for several reasons:

  • Avatar of the Chase: Provides a significant movement speed boost and nine percent chance to evade attacks, which contributes to our overall survivability.
  • Avatar of the Veil: Grants immunity to elemental ailments, which we can achieve through a jewel. Also, it reduces all enemy resistances by 20, further increasing our damage output.
  • Avatar of the Slaughter: Full-time Onslaught is a nice quality-of-life improvement, and the Onslaught effect is further enhanced with a hundred percent increased effectiveness.



Let's delve into the essential gear pieces for this build:

  • Dust Dawn: While not a commonly used item, Dust Dawn is a wand and shield combination formed by merging the Shade of Solaris and the Light of Lunaris with an Orb of Fusing. It provides an array of beneficial modifiers, including crit chance, elemental as extra chaos damage, critical strike multiplier, and increased spell damage. It also grants 35 percent block chance.
  • Light Poacher: This unique helmet is central to our build. It grants Spirit charges for each Abyssal Jewel affecting you, which significantly boosts our damage.
  • Shroud of the Lightless: This chest armor synergizes perfectly with our build, providing life and penetration bonuses for each Abyssal Jewel. It's a key piece of our damage scaling.
  • Dragonfang's Flight: While optional, these boots offer a unique aesthetic with green ground effects. They add an interesting visual flair to the build.
  • Rare Items: Invest in rare rings, gloves, boots, and a belt to shore up your resistances and other necessary attributes.
  • Unique Accessories: Consider using items like The Red Nightmare, Star of Wraeclast, and other unique accessories that provide valuable bonuses to your build.
  • Flask Setup: Utilize flasks like Taste of Hate, Rummi's Concoction, and a well-rolled Chemist's Basalt Flask to enhance your defense and damage mitigation.



Here are some crucial gem setups for the build:

  • Ethereal Knives (6-link): Empower Support, Controlled Destruction, Inspiration, Awakened Added Fire Damage, and Awakened Spell Echo. This is your primary damage setup.
  • Haste and Vaal Haste (4-link): Enhance your movement speed and cast speed with these auras.
  • Sniper's Mark (3-link): Self-cast this curse to increase your critical strike chance and gain additional power charges.
  • Lightning Warp (2-link): Phantasmal Lightning Warp linked to Faster Casting for mobility.
  • Vitality and Herald of Ash (2-link): These auras help with life sustain and add fire damage to your attacks.
  • Determination and Molten Shell (2-link): Enhance your physical damage mitigation with these skills.



Jewels play a crucial role in optimizing your build. Look for Abyssal jewels with the following desirable modifiers:

  • Added Physical Spell Damage
  • Added Physical Spell Damage while wielding a two-handed weapon



  • Increased Critical Strike Multiplier or Cast Speed if you've crit recently
  • Additionally, aim to achieve Poison and Bleed immunity through jewel modifiers and passive nodes. 
  • The Red Nightmare jewel is particularly useful in this regard, granting significant block chance from its fire resistance modifiers.


Passive Tree

Here's a rough overview of the passive tree:

  • Prioritize obtaining the "Secrets of Suffering" cluster to inflict Scorch, Brittle, and Sapped on enemies. These ailments significantly enhance your damage output and survivability.
  • Invest in the "Avatar of the Chase" ascendancy to gain full-time Onslaught, enhanced evasion, and increased movement speed.
  • The "Eldritch Battery" and "Pain Attunement" nodes are vital to enable the low-life aspect of the build.
  • Focus on Chaos Resistance nodes to balance out your resistances effectively.
  • Obtain "Charge on Kill" nodes to generate Frenzy and Endurance charges during mapping.
  • Allocate Life Mastery nodes as needed to balance your life pool and reservation.
  • Utilize a mix of jewels to fine-tune your build's attributes and defenses.



The Ethereal Knives Abyssal Raider is a thrilling and powerful build that excels in mapping scenarios. While it may not be ideal for boss encounters, it is an excellent choice for clearing maps farming poe currency efficiently and enjoying a unique gameplay experience.

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