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Path of Exile 3.22 Block Maxing and Riposte Gladiator Build

In this Path of Exile guide, we'll explore a unique build that focuses on maximizing your block rate and utilizing the Riposte skill. We'll dive into the details of how to achieve a high block rate, the gear and skills required, and the strengths and weaknesses of this build.


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Path of Exile 3.22 Block Maxing and Riposte Gladiator Build


Maximizing Block Rate

Before we delve into the Riposte Gladiator build, let's discuss how to maximize your block rate, which is essential for this build's survivability. The key components to achieve a high block rate include using the Red Nightmare and Blue Nightmare jewels, along with specific passive nodes.


Red Nightmare Jewel

  • The Red Nightmare jewel allows you to gain block based on the presence of Fire Resistance or Elemental Resistance within its allocated radius.
  • To maximize this effect, place the jewel near areas with high Fire Resistance on the passive tree.
  • This approach works well with Glancing Blows, but even with a shield, you can achieve a high true block rate.


Blue Nightmare Jewel

  • The Blue Nightmare jewel provides a means to convert attributes into block and lightning damage, which also grants block.
  • Locate the optimal spot on the passive tree, possibly closer to the Beach area, to place this jewel. You may need to invest in some intelligence nodes to reach it.
  • Additionally, consider taking nodes that grant block nearby to further boost your defenses.


Building Block Chance

With these jewels and passive nodes, you can achieve a high block chance, both for attacks and spells, even without Glancing Blows. This setup will make you exceptionally resilient against incoming damage.


The Riposte Build

Now that you have a solid block foundation, let's focus on the Riposte build, a strike skill with unique mechanics. Unlike Vengeance, Riposte cannot self-proc, but it offers exciting possibilities.


Riposte Mechanics

  • Riposte is a strike skill that hits enemies with Splash, resulting in a visually stunning display.
  • You can enhance its range with passive nodes and support gems.
  • Consider using Melee Strike Range modifiers on tattoos to extend your reach.


Skill Gem Setup

  • Main Riposte Setup: Riposte, Brutality, Melee Physical Damage, Awakened Brutality, and Cast on Critical Strike Support (for additional attack damage).
  • Vengeance Support Setup: Fantasmal Vengeance, Faster Attacks, Leap Slam (for mobility), and Increased Critical Strike Support (to trigger Riposte).


Defensive Mechanisms

  • Utilize Flesh and Stone with Maim in Blood Stance, War Banner, and Pride Aura for extra damage.
  • Employ Val Ancestral Warchief and Vulnerability for added utility and damage.
  • Enhance Val Ancestral Warchief with the "Dancer of the Dark Arts" boots for prolonged buff duration.


Gear and Unique Items

  • The build relies on The Saviour axe, which enhances the support gems inside it. It offers increased weapon range and synergizes with Riposte.
  • Consider using "Cast and Crit" for more attack damage.
  • Pay attention to attribute requirements when selecting gear.
  • Leverage unique items like The Impresence amulet for added utility.



The Block Maxing and Riposte Gladiator build in Path of Exile combines high block chance with the unique mechanics of the Riposte skill. While it may not be the fastest or most PoE Currency budget-friendly build, it offers a unique and satisfying gameplay experience. 

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