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PoE 3.22 Krangled Passives Upcoming Event Starter Guides

In the upcoming Path of Exile event, players will experience a unique challenge where the passive skill tree is completely randomized. This means that every small node, notable, and even the ascendancy classes are all shuffled. In this guide, we'll discuss the different approaches you can take to succeed in this event, whether you aim for a quick level 50 or plan to push further into higher levels.


PoE 3.22 Krangled Passives Upcoming Event Starter Guides


Understanding the Krangled Passives Event

Before diving into class and skill choices, it's important to understand the Krangled Passives event mechanics. 


Here's a quick overview:

  • The entire passive tree is scrambled, so all small nodes and notables are randomized.
  • Mastery points and ascendancy classes are also shuffled.
  • You can't see the tree until you allocate a specific node or mastery.
  • Skill gems and support gems remain the same for each class, so you can plan accordingly.


Event Details
Start Date November 3rd, 2023, 2:00 PM (PDT)
End Date November 10th, 2023, 2:00 PM (PST)
League Name Ancestor League
Voided Characters/Items No (Characters and items will migrate to the Ancestor League)
Passive Tree Respec Yes (Passive tree will be respecced upon migrating)
Experience Penalty 5x experience loss upon death
Supported Platforms PC and Console



Selecting Your Class

When choosing your starting class, you should consider your goals for the event and your preferred playstyle.

Here are some class options to consider:

  • Templar: A solid choice for those aiming to reach level 50 quickly. Templar has access to Rolling Magma and can transition into Armageddon Brand and Cremation without needing many skill gems. It's versatile and doesn't rely heavily on specific keystones or notables.
  • Witch: Ideal for players who plan to push beyond level 50. Starting as a Witch and aiming for Detonate Dead Ignite is a powerful strategy. You can mule a Templar to obtain Rolling Magma and Elemental Proliferation. The Witch's access to the skill gems you need is a significant advantage.
  • Duelist: If you prefer melee playstyles, Duelist can work well. It offers access to valuable notables and masteries, making it an option for those who want to utilize steel skills or other melee abilities.
  • Ranger/Shadow: Both classes have similar starting positions and can be excellent choices for players who want to focus on notables and masteries. Rangers have better access to notables, while Shadow is more focused on masteries. Depending on your goals, you can make a choice between these two.



Strategies for Different Goals

Here are some strategies based on your goals:

  • Quick Level 50: For players who only aim to reach level 50, Templar or Witch with Rolling Magma is a straightforward choice. You don't need to ascend or access the entire passive tree. Just focus on leveling.
  • Level 95+: If you want to reach higher levels, starting as a Witch aiming for Detonate Dead Ignite can be powerful. Look for fire masteries and skill gems on the tree. With proper planning, you can go a long way without the need for specific keystones or notables.
  • Exploration and Adaptation: If you prefer experimenting and adapting to the random tree, you can start as a Ranger or Shadow, focusing on exploring notables and masteries. Look for Damage over Time multipliers, fire masteries, and skills like Poisonous Concoction.
  • Hybrid Approach: You can also start as a Templar, play until you reach Brutus, and then decide based on the available masteries. If you find the necessary fire masteries, stick with Templar. If not, switch to a Ranger or Shadow and mule the relevant skill gems.


Notable Masteries and Keystones

Keep an eye out for the following masteries and keystones while exploring the random tree:

  • Fire Mastery: Any mastery that increases damage against ignited enemies is valuable.
  • Dual Wielding Mastery: Ideal if you plan to use two different weapon types for additional damage.
  • Elemental Mastery: Look for exposure or elemental-related masteries.
  • Runebinder: Useful if you're using Armageddon Brand.
  • Elemental Overload: Great for added damage.
  • Alacrity: If you aim to reserve all your mana for auras, consider this keystone.

Remember that adaptability and improvisation are key in this event. Be prepared to shift your strategy based on what you find in the random tree.



The Path of Exile event with a randomized passive tree offers a unique and exciting challenge. Choose your class and strategy wisely based on your goals, and stay adaptable as you explore the unknown. With the right approach, you can conquer the event and reap the rewards. Enjoy the event and good luck!

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