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Why is a dancer your next best Job choice in FFXIV?

Picking the right job in Final Fantasy XIV is crucial, and the dancer class is a compelling option. With stylish chakrams, dynamic rotations, high mobility, satisfying sound effects, and impressive AoE capabilities, it caters to both visual and strategic preferences. The dancer's utility-focused approach, easy-to-learn playstyle, and rewarding storyline make it a standout choice for players at all levels.


Why is a dancer your next best Job choice in FFXIV?


1. Job Specific Gear

Let's start with the most obvious reason – Glamours. Dancer outfits are undeniably captivating, and chances are you've been swayed by the allure of a stunning dancer glamour in one of the main cities. Admit it; you've been enticed by the visuals, and that's perfectly okay. Choosing a job based on aesthetics is a valid approach, and dancers' job-specific gear tends to be detailed, accessorized, and visually pleasing.


2. Chakrams

Dancer weapons, charmingly named chakrams, are a spectacle in themselves. Imagine wielding a forbidden frisbee that functions like a boomerang, adding a touch of danger to your circles of destruction. The visual appeal of the dancer's weaponry is a crucial part of their overall charm and adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay.


3. Fun Rotation

Unlike many other DPS jobs in FFXIV, the dancer's rotation relies heavily on RNG (Random Number Generation). It may sound complex, but at its core, it involves reacting to procs, managing feather resources, and timing special attacks with buffs. The gameplay feels akin to old-school dance games where you press buttons as they light up on the screen, adding an exciting and dynamic layer to the combat.


4. Much Utility

While the dancer might not top the charts in personal damage, it more than compensates with utility. Dancers bring a unique blend of support to the party, offering buffs and a dance partner system. By choosing a party member as your dance partner, you can share your buffs with them, emphasizing teamwork and synergy over individual damage output.


5. Sound Effects

The sound of bells accompanying your every move as a dancer is oddly satisfying. In a game filled with battle noises, the dancer's sound effects stand out as a source of joy. The gentle jingle of bells adds a musical element to the combat experience, making it aurally pleasing for players.


6. Mobility

Dancers are highly mobile ranged physical DPS, freeing you from the constraints of a casting bar. With no positionals to worry about, you can gracefully dance around the battlefield, avoiding AOEs and maintaining optimal damage output. The dancer's mobility makes it an excellent choice for players who enjoy a fluid and agile playstyle.


7. Dancer is Iatency Friendly

For those struggling with high ping, fear not – the dancer is here for you. While no job can completely negate latency issues, the dancer is notably forgiving. With its forgiving playstyle and lack of strict timing requirements, it offers a smoother experience for players dealing with latency.


8. Easy to Learn and Play

Despite its dynamic rotation, the dancer is surprisingly easy to learn and play. It serves as the White Mage of ranged physical DPS jobs, making it an ideal choice for casual players or those looking for a laid-back gaming session. It's the perfect job for when you want to enjoy the game without the stress of intense rotations.


9. Huge Area Damage

Dancer AOE attacks are a sight to behold. Whether it's regular AOE attacks or the massive AOE from their buffs, dancers excel in clearing out hordes of enemies in dungeons, maps, and fates. The visual spectacle combined with the satisfying damage output makes the dancer a standout choice for content involving multiple foes.


10. Greate Cutscenes

Completing the dancer quest line rewards players with a mesmerizing cutscene featuring their Warrior of Light dancing. The dancer's theme song, one of the best in Final Fantasy XIV, adds to the overall aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, the dancer's job-specific storyline introduces memorable characters and NPCs, making it a journey worth experiencing.



With its captivating visuals, engaging gameplay, and unique support role, the dancer in Final Fantasy XIV is a compelling choice for players seeking a blend of style and substance. Whether you're drawn to the glamour, the rhythmic combat style, or the satisfaction of supporting your party, the dancer job is worth considering for your next FFXIV adventure. So, slip into your favorite glamour, equip those chakrams, and dance your way through Eorzea!

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