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[PoE 3.23] HoA Blade Vortex Chieftain League Starter Build: Fiery Bomber

If an explosive map experience is your choice, then the Chieftain Herald of Ash Blade Vortex Bomber build will be the best choice in 3.23 Affliction. Leveraging Lone Messenger, Supreme Ostentation, and a host of tattoos to create a whirlwind of fiery destruction. Robust tankiness and sensational map clearing capabilities, Ideal for dense maps and delving. 



[PoE 3.23] HoA Blade Vortex Chieftain League Starter Build: Fiery Bomber


PoB Link:


What's This Build All About?

  • Mapping Specialist: Excelling in clearing densely packed maps with ease.
  • Hardcore Ready: Built tough to survive the roughest encounters.
  • Delving and Heisting: A great choice if you fancy a break from standard mapping.
  • Not a Boss Farmer: While it handles map bosses and conquerors, it's not cut out for Pinnacle bosses. Leave Uber bosses to other builds.


Key Mechanics and Playstyle

  • Herald of Ash: The heart of the build, used for its Overkill burn effect.
  • Blade Vortex (BV): Your primary damage dealer. Keep those stacks high and watch enemies melt.
  • Lone Messenger & Supreme Ostentation: These key nodes boost your Herald of Ash to absurd levels.
  • Tattoos Galore: Utilizing tattoos for maximum effect, especially with Lone Messenger.


Leveling Up

  • Not a League Starter: While it's not recommended as a starter, if you do, consider leveling with Righteous Fire or Blade Vortex for minimal respec later.
  • Ascendancy Order: Tasalio for comfort in gearing, Hinekora for damage, and Arohongui for extra tankiness.


Gear Up

  • Cloak of Flame vs. Lightning Coil: We're choosing Cloak of Flame for its synergy with Chieftain, shifting physical damage into fire, which we're heavily resistant to.
  • Dawnbreaker: Essential for further shifting physical damage and mitigating bleed or corrupted blood.
  • Rare Gear Pieces: Focus on life, chaos, and fire resistances. Eldritch implicits for added oomph.
  • Voidforge: Ideal for converting flat physical damage into massive elemental hits.


Skill Gems and Links

  • Main 6-Link: Val Blade Vortex, Unleash, Combustion, Inspiration, and both Awakened Fire Penetration & Added Fire Damage.
  • Herald of Ash Link: Maximizing the Herald of Ash buff effect for unparalleled map clearing.


Tree, Ascendancy & Pantheon

  • A Tattoo Lover's Dream: Supreme Ostentation lets you ignore attribute requirements, perfect for tattoo maximization.
  • Skill Tree Artistry: Focus on maximizing life, damage, and buff effects. Don't forget the skill effect duration wheel!
  • Chieftain Ascendancy: Embrace Hora, Tasalio, and Vako for maximum fire resistance and juicy damage pops.
  • Pantheon Power: Ralakesh for bleeding resistance and Lunaris for that sweet movement speed.


Mapping and Bossing

  • Mapping: Your forte! Dive into dense maps for the best experience. The more monsters, the merrier.
  • Bossing: Capable against map bosses and guardians but struggles with Pinnacle content. Uber bosses are a no-go.


Endgame Potential

  • Weapon: A wand or scepter with gem levels and fire damage is key.
  • Flasks: Taste of Hate for physical damage shift and extra damage.
  • Eldritch Implicits: Aim for maximum fire resistance and additional area of effect.
  • Endgame Upgrades: Look for double corrupted Cloak of Flame, better rare items, and perhaps a higher-tier weapon for that extra kick.


Budget and Upgrades

  • Investment Insight: Hardcore trade economy might set you back around 85 divine orbs, but you can get started with less.
  • The Upgrade Path: Looking for more boom? Aim for double-corrupted Cloak of Flame and spell suppression crafts on gear.


This build is a dream for hardcore mappers. While it might not be the king of boss fights, its map clearing speed and survivability make it a top choice for those who love to blaze through content. Give it a try and watch as your enemies turn to ash!

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