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[PoE 3.23] Top 7 Hottest and Friendly-Budget League Starter Builds

Hey there, Exiles! Now we bringing you my top 7 league starter builds for PoE 3.23 Affliction League. From tried-and-true favorites to intriguing new prospects, we've got a mix that's sure to spark your interest. And remember, the key to a great league start is choosing a build that resonates with you, both in style and fun! So, let's jump into the lineup, with a little wildcard section at the end for those feeling adventurous.



[PoE 3.23] Top 7 Hottest and Friendly-Budget League Starter Builds


Top 1. Lightning Arrow Deadeye

A softcore delight! Amazing scaling into endgame, combined with a thrilling playstyle.


PoE 3.23 Lightning Arrow Deadeye Skill Tree and Equipment


PoB Link:


Pros & Cons:

  • Swift clear, instant leech, solid single target. Transitioning to Tornado Shot just got easier.
  • A tad squishy, especially in hardcore. Mid-game can be a balancing act between damage and survival.


Core Concept:

  • Tri-Elemental Damage: Fire, lightning, and cold damage combined.
  • Trinity Gem: Boosts and penetrates elemental damage.
  • New Mastery: Every fourth shot can reverse enemy resistances.


Early Game:

  • Extra Arrows: Additional arrows from the skill tree and ascendancy.
  • Precise Technique Keystone: Huge early damage without relying on crits.


Budget and Playstyle:

  • Affordable Start, Pricier Endgame: Easy initial setup, costlier for advanced players.
  • Unique Items: Budget-friendly uniques available early.
  • Map-Focused: Ideal for clearing maps rather than boss fights.


Defense Strategy:

  • Evasion and Suppression: Primary defense mechanisms.
  • Life on Hit: Key survival tactic.


Ascendancy Highlights:

  • Gathering Winds: Increases speed.
  • Far Shot: Boosts damage from a distance.
  • Endless Munitions: Additional arrows.
  • Focal Point: Strengthens Sniper's Mark and reduces incoming damage.


Offense and Defense:

  • Maximize Elemental Damage: Focus on stacking elemental damage on your bow.
  • Trinity Gem Play: Alternate elemental attacks for maximum impact.
  • Leech and Life Gain: Essential for sustained combat.


Playstyle Tips:

  • Maintain Distance: Utilize Far Shot for optimal damage.
  • Use Ballistas: Helpful against tough enemies.
  • Avoid Damage: Dodge and recover, as the build isn't very tanky.


Farming Strategies:

  • Map-Centric: Excel at Legions, delirium, breach, harvest, and more.
  • Avoid Blocking Monsters: Mastery helps bypass block abilities.


Leveling Up:

  • Start with Caustic Arrow: Clears well in Act 1.
  • Switch to Lightning Arrow at Level 12: Becomes the main skill.
  • Val Lightning Arrow: Great for single targets.
  • Bandits: Kill them for extra skill points.
  • Pantheon Powers: Use Brine King for stun avoidance.



Early to Mid-Game: Switch to bows with high crit chance and speed.

Ascendancy Tweaks: Adapt as you progress.


Gear Progression

  • Early Game: Start with a solid bow and decent rares.
  • Mid Game: Upgrade to better gear and focus on crits.
  • End Game: Aim for high-end gear for ultimate power.


Top 2. Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist 

Relax and let the ballistas do the work. Superb for solo self-found with effortless early gearing.


PoE 3.23 Explosive Arrow Ballista Elementalist Skill Tree and Equipement


PoB Link:


Pros & Cons:

  • Excellent damage, ignites proliferate, totems aim for you.
  • Totem playstyle and a slight damage delay.


Core Mechanics:

  • Explosive Arrow: Sticks to targets and explodes, damage increases with more fuses.
  • Ballistas: Ideal for quick fuse stacking, target 2-2.5 attacks per second.
  • Elemental Equilibrium & Overload: Key for boosting damage; avoid gear with added fire damage, and trigger Overload with Ballista crits.


Defense Strategy:

  • Use Grace, Determination, and Defiance Banner for robust armor and evasion.
  • Achieve 100% spell suppression for effective spell damage mitigation.
  • Utilize double life flasks, complemented by Profane Chemistry and Pantheon powers.



  • Increased damage from Shaper of Flames, Mastermind of Discord, and Heart of Destruction.
  • Enhanced AoE for better effect spread.
  • Bastion of Elements offers a protective shield against elemental damage.


Item Progression:

  • Leveling: Begin with Storm Cloud and Skirmish; prioritize life and resistances on gear.
  • Mid-Tier Upgrades: Seek a +2 bow, Daedon Dawn belt, complete spell suppression, and quality flasks.
  • Endgame Upgrades: Pursue a +3 bow, Unnatural Instinct jewel, and superior gear for stats and suppression.


Skill Gems:

  • Main: Explosive Arrow with Ballista Totem, Deadly Ailments, Life Tap, Ignite Proliferation.
  • Auxiliary: Frenzy for charges, Flame Surge, and Lightning Spire Trap for extra effects.


Passive Tree:

  • Focus on Elemental Overload, Ancestral Bond, and totem enhancements.
  • Prioritize spell suppression, life, and Elemental Equilibrium nodes.
  • Cluster jewels for significant endgame benefits.


Farming and Gameplay:

  • Excelling in mapping with smooth clears.
  • Adequate for bossing with strategic ballista placement and skill use.
  • Maintain mobility to dodge and recover.


Top 3. Bone Shatter Juggernaut/Slayer

The top pick for melee this league. Tanky, with good clear and recovery options.


PoE 3.23 Bone Shatter Juggernaut Skill Tree and Equipment

PoE 3.23 Bone Shatter Slayer Skill Tree and Equipment


PoB Link:

Pros & Cons: 

  • Excellent tankiness and recovery, particularly as a Slayer.
  • Lower boss damage and melee range limitations.


Main Skills & Playstyle:

  • Primary Attack: Bone Shatter for explosive melee strikes.
  • Style: Use Leap Slam for mobility and deliver high-damage hits amplified by stun duration.
  • Strengths: Exceptional tankiness, ideal for mapping.
  • Weaknesses: Challenging early bossing, but improves greatly with advanced gear.


Ascendancy Choices:

  • Undeniable: Increases accuracy and attack speed, enhancing trauma debuff stacking.
  • Unstoppable & Untiring: Grants immunity to stuns and slows; regenerates life from physical damage prevention.
  • Unbreakable: Part of armor also protects against elemental damage.


Leveling Strategy:

  • Begin with Splitting Steel and Helix, switch to Bone Shatter around Acts 3-4.
  • Follow the leveling tree and acquire Tawhoa's Chosen for boosts.
  • Early gear: focus on life and resistance, get Tanu Ahi for added benefits.


Gearing Up:

  • Early Game: Prioritize essential flasks and basic life/resistance gear.
  • Red Maps: Upgrade to high-tier mods, focus on physical damage reduction and armor. Add Eldritch implicits.
  • Endgame: Target a +3 bow, Unnatural Instinct jewel, and superior stat gear with spell suppression.


Skill Gems Setup:

  • Main Skill: Bone Shatter combined with Ancestral Totems.
  • Rage Skills: Include a Cast When Damage Taken setup with Warlord's Mark and Berserker.
  • Auras: Implement Pride, War Banner, and Precise Technique for accuracy exceeding life total


Passive Tree Focus:

  • Aim for a balance between damage and defense.
  • Emphasize on Elemental Overload, Ancestral Bond, and totem nodes.
  • Focus on spell suppression, life, elemental equilibrium nodes, and cluster jewels for endgame enhancements.


Mapping and Gameplay:

  • Excel in map clearing with smooth transitions.
  • Employ smart tactics and skillful play for boss fights.
  • Use ballistas effectively and stay mobile to minimize damage.


Top 4. Summon Raging Spirit (SRS) Guardian

A minion build that's both powerful and accessible. Guardian ascendancy makes leveling a breeze.


PoE 2.23 Summon Raging Spirit (SRS) Guardian Skill Tree and Equipment


PoB Link:


Pros & Cons:

  • Cozy playstyle, easy early itemization, balanced offense and defense.
  • Not the fastest; minion speed caps your clearing pace.


Core Concept:

  • Main Skill: Summon Raging Spirit (SRS) creates fire-damage skulls.
  • Guardian's Unwavering Crusade: Boosts minions with high-level Anger, Hatred, and Wrath auras.
  • Defense: Features spell suppression, block mechanics, physical damage shifting, and significant life regeneration.
  • Playstyle: Control minions like a puppet master; use Shield Charge and Frost Blink for mobility.


Leveling Strategy:

  • Early Game: Start with Splitting Steel and Helix, switch to SRS around Acts 3-4.
  • Key Items: Tawhoa's Chosen for Adrenaline and Onslaught, and Tanu Ahi for bonuses.
  • Ascendancy: Utilize Guardian's Unwavering Crusade for minion aura enhancements.


Gearing Up:

  • Early Gear: Focus on life, resistances, and essential flasks.
  • Red Maps Gear: Upgrade to higher-tier mods, physical damage reduction, armor, and Eldritch implicits.
  • Endgame Gear: Aim for +3 bow, Unnatural Instinct jewel, and enhanced stat gear.


Skill Gems Setup:

  • Main Setup: SRS with Unleash Support.
  • Auxiliary Skills: Use Haste Divine Blessing for speed. Alternate between Melee Splash and Multistrike for different scenarios.


Passive Tree:

  • Focus: Balance damage and defense.
  • Prioritize: Nodes like Elemental Overload, Ancestral Bond, and totem-focused ones.
  • Endgame: Utilize cluster jewels.


Mapping and Gameplay:

  • Mapping: Efficient map clearing with minions.
  • Boss Fights: Use skills strategically and maintain mobility.


Quick Tips:

  • SSF and Hardcore Viable: Suitable for all game modes.
  • Not Boss-Centric: More focused on mapping than bossing.


Top 5. Detonate Dead Elementalist

An all-rounder favorite for solo self-found, racing, and hardcore. Ridiculously powerful early game.


PoE 3.23 Detonate Dead Elementalist Skill Tree and Equipment


PoB Link:

Pros & Cons: 

  • Easy to gear, great for all content.
  • Two-button playstyle (summoning and exploding corpses) can be a turn-off for some.


Core Concept:

  • Build Type: Detonate Dead Elementalist, perfect for 3.23 league.
  • Strengths: Low gear need, scales with map level, high evasion (95%) and armor (40,000).
  • Playstyle: Use Desecrate for corpse creation, then Detonate Dead for fiery explosions.
  • Ideal For: League starters due to simple scaling and ignite-focused map clearing.


Early Game:

  • Skills: Start with Splitting Steel and Helix, switch to SRS in Acts 3-4.
  • Essential Items: Tawhoa's Chosen, Tanu Ahi.
  • Ascendancy: Focus on Guardian's Unwavering Crusade.



  • Initial: Basic flasks, plus life and resistance gear.
  • Mid-Game: Higher-tier mods, physical damage reduction, Eldritch implicits.
  • Endgame: Target a +3 bow, Unnatural Instinct jewel.


Skill Gems:

  • Main: SRS with Unleash Support.
  • Auxiliary: Haste Divine Blessing, switch Melee Splash and Multistrike as needed.


Passive Tree:

  • Focus: Balance offense and defense.
  • Key Nodes: Elemental Overload, Ancestral Bond, totem nodes.
  • Cluster Jewels: For endgame power boost.



  • Mapping: Efficient with a minion army.
  • Bosses: Requires smart play and mobility.


Top 6. Corrupting Fever Champion 

Fast-paced and sturdy, this build lets you mark enemies with debuffs for consistent damage.


PoE 3.23 Corrupting Fever Champion Skill Tree and Equipment


PoB Link:


Pros & Cons: 

  • Excellent clear speed and decent tankiness.
  • Boss damage may plateau without substantial gear investment.


Core Mechanics:

  • Main Skill: Corrupting Fever and Spectral Throw with bleed effect.
  • Unique Feature: Hemophilia gloves for explosive damage.
  • Target Audience: Map blasters and efficient farmers.


Why Champion?

  • Adrenaline Boost: First to Strike, Last to Fall for adrenaline.
  • Strengths: Damage reduction and stun immunity from Unstoppable Hero and Fortitude.
  • Uber Lab Perk: Inspirational boosts aura effects.


Leveling Strategy:

  • Early Game: Begin with Splitting Steel and Helix, then switch to Spectral Throw.
  • Act 2 & 3: Use Herald of Ash/Purity, Blood Rage, and War Banner.
  • First Ascendancy: Choose First to Strike, Last to Fall.


Gearing Up:

  • Initial Gear: Basic flasks and gear focusing on life and resistance.
  • Mid-Game Gear: Hemophilia gloves, Honorhome helmet, and Mark of Submission.
  • Endgame Weapons: Upgrade to Cold Iron Points.


Skill Gems Setup:

  • Primary Skills: Corrupting Fever with Spectral Throw.
  • Against Tough Enemies: Use Reap and Vaal Reap for bosses.
  • Auras: Employ Pride, War Banner, Malevolence, and Herald of Purity.


Passive Tree Focus:

  • Early Game: Emphasize physical damage and attack speed.
  • Mid-Game: Respec for better damage and survival.
  • Endgame: Optimize with cluster jewels for maximum damage.


Mapping & Gameplay:

  • Mapping Strategy: Utilize Spectral Throw for widespread damage.
  • Boss Fights: Apply Vaal Reap for burst damage and maintain Reap for continuous damage.


Upgrade Path:

  • Early Uniques: Focus on Hemophilia, Honorhome, and Mark of Submission.
  • Mid-Game Strategy: Improve flasks and gear.
  • Endgame Goal: Get Cold Iron Points and refine cluster jewels.


Expert Tips:

  • Mobility: Use Whirling Blades for agility.
  • Damage Focus: Prioritize physical DOT and bleed.
  • Adaptability: Continuously adjust the build for optimization.


Guide Highlights:

  • Ideal for players who enjoy efficient map clearing.
  • Combines high damage output with solid defense.
  • Offers a unique and enhanced version of a familiar build.


Top 7. Hexblast Mine Saboteur

Unleash a barrage of purple chaos with this high-damage, high-coverage build.


PoE 3.23 Hexblast Mine Saboteur Skill Tree and Equipment


PoB Link:


Pros & Cons:

  • Excellent damage with minimal gear, great for sanctum runs.
  • Not the tankiest, and the mine playstyle isn't for everyone.


Core Mechanics:

  • Hexblast Mine Saboteur: Discover the essentials and master the nuances of this explosive build.
  • Endgame Upgrades: Upgrade your build significantly with strategic investments, including exploring the Rafpith Globe variant.


Playstyle and Approach:

  • Unique Mining Experience: Ideal for bossing, with a strategic mine-laying approach. Mapping becomes smoother with practice.
  • Challenge and Fun: A great departure from the norm, offering a refreshing and engaging playstyle.


Gearing Strategy:

  • Early Game: Spell damage and mine throwing speed are key in your wand.
  • Mid-Game: Incorporate Sandstorm Visage for critical enhancements; balance energy shield and mana.
  • Endgame: Focus on wands with better crit chance and mine throwing speed.


Skill Gems and Setup:

  • Primary Skills: Hexblast with Minefield, High Impact Mine, and Charged Mines.
  • Mobility: Shield Charge with Faster Attacks.
  • Offensive and Defensive Skills: Zealotry for damage and Grace for evasion.


Passive Tree Focus:

  • Initial Build: Concentrate on physical damage and mine enhancements.
  • Mid-Game Adjustments: Transition towards more damage and survivability.
  • Endgame Optimization: Fine-tune with cluster jewels for maximum damage.


Mapping and Bossing:

  • Efficient Mapping: Use strategic mine placement for effective map clearing.
  • Bossing Strategy: Lay mines strategically and time your detonations for high damage bursts.


Upgrade Path:

  • Early Uniques: Focus on acquiring Sandstorm Visage.
  • Mid-Game: Improve gear and flasks, balance defenses.
  • Endgame: Optimize for critical strikes and refine cluster jewels.


Expert Tips:

  • Mobility: Utilize Shield Charge for quick movement.
  • Maximizing Damage: Focus on effective curse application and crit enhancements.
  • Adaptation: Be flexible and ready to adjust your build as needed.


Bossing and Ascendancy:

  • Preparation: Lay mines before engaging bosses.
  • Ascendancy Choices: Saboteur for synergy with mines, Trickster for defense, or Pathfinder for flasks.


Key Items:

  • Sandstorm Visage Helmet: Essential for crit capability.
  • Profane Proxy Ring: Streamlines curse application.
  • Taste of Hate Flask: Adds physical damage mitigation and cold damage boost.


Unique Playstyle Elements:

  • Mine Mechanics: Master strategic mine placement and detonation.
  • Dynamic Combat: Adapt your approach for various scenarios.
  • Skill Rotation: Learn and apply the best skill rotation for different fights.


Resource Management:

  • Mana and Energy Shield: Balance these resources for continuous mine casting and defense.
  • Flask Usage: Optimize flask use, especially crucial for Saboteur and Pathfinder.


Wildcards: The Unpredictables

  • Caustic Arrow Pathfinder Ballista: Newly revamped, showing promise!
  • Righteous Fire Variants: Check out Pox's resources for insights.
  • Splitting Steel Champion: Freshly buffed and ready for action.


Plus, keep an eye out for new transfigured gems like Cleave of Rage and Blade Blast of Unloading. We'll be updating you with guides as these developments unfold! Whether you're a sharpshooter, a magic maestro, or a melee maven, there's a starter build here to make your 3.23 journey a blast. 

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