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PoE 3.23 Currency Farming Methods and Strategies

Hey there, Path of Exile enthusiasts! It's Logan, your go-to guide for league start strategies in PoE 3.23. In this guide, We'll break down the top methods for farming currency, plus the pros, cons, and the best builds for each strategy. Remember, fun's the name of the game here. Choose what you enjoy, and the Poe currency will follow. 



PoE 3.23 Currency Farming Methods and Strategies


Altars Alc n Go

  • What's Up: Accessible at T14 maps with Eldritch Alters.
  • Upside: Fast, easy, no investment.
  • Downside: Lower profitability, clear speed-dependent.
  • Best Builds: Fast-paced builds like Lightning Arrow or poison League starters.
  • Pro Tips: Prioritize red Alters early on for guaranteed currency like Chaos orbs and Gemcutter's Prisms. Focus on quantity over quality in map rolling.
  • Transition Plan: Start here, then blend in other strategies as your build strengthens.



  • Why It's Awesome: Extremely profitable and versatile for all builds.
  • Upside: Not speed reliant, towers do most work.
  • Downside: Requires high Atlas passive points, falls off as more players do Blight.
  • Best Builds: AoE heavy builds like poison proliferation, ignite proliferation, explode builds.
  • Key Strategies: Use strong towers (T3 seismic, T3 ice), avoid singular Focus, and prefer narrow maps like Toxic Sewer for condensed lanes.
  • Selling Tip: Stock up Blighted maps, sell in bulk.


Bulk Selling

  • Go-To Platform: TFT (Discord server) for easy bulk selling.
  • Tool to Use: PoeStack for analyzing stash and preparing bulk sales.
  • Strategy: Bulk selling is key for better profits.


Heist Essence

  • Playstyle: Fast, zoomy.
  • Upside: Essences are highly liquid early on.
  • Downside: Higher-tier essences can be tough, requires bulk selling.
  • Best Builds: Fast and range builds.
  • Tips: Corrupt high-tier Essences (Envy, Misery, Dread, Scorn) and use remnants on valuable essence clusters.



  • What's Special: Ideal for crafting enthusiasts.
  • Upside: Rog and Tujen offer crafting and gumball currency.
  • Downside: Can be intense and time-consuming.
  • Best Builds: AoE heavy builds like poison proli, ignite priff, explode builds.
  • Tips: Focus on immunities, use calling strike for tough mobs, and consider Rog logbooks for crafting.



  • Focus: Alc n Go Harvest, combined with other mechanics.
  • Upside: Harvest juice is easy to sell.
  • Downside: Can be difficult and time-consuming.
  • Best Builds: Range and ignite builds.
  • Strategy: Swap to high-investment Harvest strategies like Wandering path as soon as possible.


Delirium Mirror

  • What It Offers: Drops clusters and Delirium orbs.
  • Upside: Valuable for groups, clusters sell early.
  • Downside: Hard to price clusters, requires clear speed.
  • Best Builds: Fast builds, favor linear layouts.
  • Selling Tip: Bulk sell Delirium orbs for better prices.



  • Why It's Great: Highly profitable and sustainable.
  • Downside: Requires full Atlas, build reliant, management intensive.
  • Best Builds: Builds with excellent clear speed like Lightning Arrow, Tornado Shot.
  • Pro Tip: Use a filter to highlight valuable incubators.


Shaper Guardian Boss Rush

  • When to Do: Once Shaper maps are abundant.
  • Upside: Very profitable, easy to sell loot.
  • Downside: Requires strong hybrid builds, Sextant reliant.
  • Best Builds: Well-rounded builds with good single target and tankiness.


Resource Guides

  • Check Out: Max roll and loltank for detailed strategy guides and Atlas passive trees.
  • Pro Tip: Use these guides for in-depth understanding and strategy optimization.


There you have it, folks! Your comprehensive guide to currency farming in PoE 3.23. Dive into these strategies, pick what suits you best, and watch your in-game wealth soar. Remember, check the description for links to all resources mentioned. Happy farming and may the loot gods be ever in your favor!

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