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How to Farming Essence and Beast in PoE 3.23?

Hey everyone, welcome to Patch 3.23 fiction! Today, we're diving deep into the exciting world of Essence and Beast farming in Path of Exile. This strategy is a game-changer, especially at the start of a new league. We'll be focusing on low-tier maps, where Essences and specific beasts reign supreme. 



How to Farming Essence and Beast in PoE 3.23?


3.23 Farming Changes

As we kick things off, let's talk about the changes in Patch 3.23 and how they impact our farming strategy. Notably, the addition of the Seventh Gate plays a crucial role. 


Essences are no longer on the atlas device, but fear not – with all four gateways on the tree, we gain access to the map crafting device, allowing us to sprinkle Essences on every map. This strategic shift requires around 113 points, prompting us to tweak our initial point acquisition strategy. The central path through KCK nodes proves to be the fastest route, ensuring a swift progression to our goal.


How to Get Your Passive Points on Launch?

Getting a head start on passive points is crucial. After conquering Act 10, head to Kak, open the shop, and purchase one copy of every uncompleted map. Run these maps, then initiate a Kak mission for a chance at more uncompleted maps. Rinse and repeat this cycle until you've explored a significant chunk of your Atlas.


Main Farming Tree

Let's dissect the farming tree. It's a straightforward path through all the essential Essence nodes, including Prolific Essence, Addal Essence, Amplified Energies, Crystal Resonance, and Crystalizes.


For beasts, focus on small duplication chance nodes, Big Game for red beasts, and Hunt for Creation/Natural Selection for higher chances of Chimerals. The addition of Ultimatum to the strategy brings exciting possibilities, with specific nodes enhancing rewards and even a chance to encounter the elusive Trial Master.


Why Add Ultimatum?

Now, the burning question – why incorporate Ultimatum into this farming strategy? With Metamorph phased out, Ultimatum steps in, promising valuable rewards, including catalysts. Catalysts are expected to maintain consistent value across map tiers, making Ultimatum a compelling addition to our money-making endeavors.


Important: Seventh Gate

Don't overlook the Seventh Gate! To unleash the power of Essences, ensure you've picked up all six gateways on the tree. Missing even one could leave you without the option to add Essences to your maps.


Important: Why Map Tier Matters?

Understanding map tier is crucial. Stick to low-tier maps (T1-T4) to avoid diluting the pool with undesirable red beasts. Higher-tier maps mean tougher essence monsters, making the strategy less efficient.


What Maps to Actually Run?

As for specific maps to run, the recommendations may vary based on league specifics. Check updated information closer to the league launch for optimal map choices. Efficiently designed maps like Strand, Cemetery, Beach, and others with straightforward layouts are often preferred.


Map Sustain

Map sustain is essential for continuous farming. Higher map tier drop chance nodes scattered across the tree will significantly boost your map pool. Additionally, consider using Rusted Cartography Scarabs to enhance map drops, which can be sold to fellow farmers.


How to Set Up Your Maps?

Setting up your maps is a breeze. Alc your maps for additional quantity and pack size. Add Rusted B-Series Scabs to ensure Einhar missions for red beasts. A Rusted Cartography Scarab further boosts your map pool. Remember, avoid using any Void Stones in your map device to keep maps at their natural tier.


How to Run the Maps Efficiently?

When running maps, focus on efficient exploration. While killing the boss isn't necessary, it can be beneficial for additional map drops. Check every nook and cranny for essences and red beasts, but prioritize speed in your farming runs.


What Essences to Corrupt?

When corrupting essences, target specific ones for maximum profit. Corrupt purple essences (Scorn, Envy, Misery, Dread) and blue/orange essences (Shrieking, Loathing, Greed, Torment). Additionally, corrupt any essence monster with a substantial stack of essences.


Which Beasts You Care About?

Not all beasts are created equal. Focus on two distinct ones – the Fenumal Plagued Arachnid (big spider with cysts) and the Craicic Chimeral (blue frog). Ignore the rest as you're only interested in unleashing these high-value beasts on your maps.


How to Clean Your Menagerie?

Managing your menagerie is essential. Utilize B-Series Orbs to capture valuable beasts. Use a custom filter to identify high-value beasts quickly. Periodically clear your menagerie to prevent valuable beasts from being randomly deleted when you reach the cap.


How to Bulk Sell Essences?

Selling essences in bulk is a streamlined process. Make your essence tab public, use the TFT bulk tool on Poe Stock, and set reasonable prices based on league trends. Upgrade essences to at least shrieking for higher profits.


Important: Essence & Beast Market Prices

A key consideration is market timing. Essences and beasts may not fetch top prices in the first couple of days. Hold onto your valuable essences and beasts until demand picks up, typically around day three or four. Treat these items as investments that appreciate over time.


PoE 3.23 Essence and Beast farming strategy is a dynamic and lucrative approach to kickstart your league journey. With careful planning and execution, you can turn your in-game efforts into substantial profits. So, gear up, dive into those low-tier maps, and let the currency rain!

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