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PoE 3.23 Best Affixes Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Hey there, Exiles! Ready to dive deep into the ocean of PoE 3.23's Affliction expansion? We've combed through the charms and curated a list of absolute game-changers. This guide is your golden ticket to understanding, ranking, and unlocking the full potential of these charms. Get ready for mind-blowing synergies, killer affixes, and game-altering combos. Let's jump in!


PoE 3.23 Best Affixes Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Of the Juggernaut


Affix : 3% armor applies to fire, cold, and lightning hits.

  • Stack three for a whopping 9% damage reduction.
  • Juggernauts, get ready for tankiness overload!


Of the Chieftain

Elemental Resistance Mastery

Affix : Stackable up to 6% max fire resistance.

  • Fire-based builds, this is your resistance jackpot.
  • Perfect for dancing in the flames with builds like Righteous Fire.


Of the Champions

Banner Boost

Affix : Banner skills cost nada.

  • A wallet-friendly option at 45, fortify with banners.
  • Combine with Dread Banner for wider AOE and beefed-up defenses.


Adrenaline Rush

Affix : Sacrifice life for adrenaline when low.

  • Fuel unique builds with life consumption mechanics.
  • Spice it up with skills like Corrupting Fever.


Impale Mastery 

Affix : Inflict one extra hit with impales.

  • Perfect for steel skills and impale enthusiasts.
  • Amplify with Master of Metal and Watcher's Eye for insane single-target damage.


Of the Gladiator

Bleeding Explosions

Affix : Kill bleeding enemies, watch 'em explode.

  • Hemophilia's cousin, with explosive conditions.
  • Bleed builds, your offense-defense combo is served.


Unyielding Defense

Affix : 3% Max Block Attack Damage Chance.

  • Stack up to 9%, break that block cap.
  • For the tanky and unique, a must-have.


Of the Slayer

Critical Strike Calling

Affix : Call enemies at 10% HP for 10% more damage.

  • Pump up single-target damage for epic finishing blows.
  • Slayers, get ready to max out that damage output!


Of the Inquisitor

Elemental Penetration Mastery

Affix : 6% increased penetration per charm, stack up to three.

  • Elemental builds, boost penetration for serious damage.
  • Works wonders across various Elemental builds.


Of the Hierophant

Aura Efficiency

Affix : 12% mana reservation efficiency per charm.

  • Stack auras efficiently for powerful combinations.
  • Auras-heavy builds, this one's your game-changer.


Of the Elementalist

Ignition Prowess

Affix : All damage can ignite.

  • Ignite builds, embrace non-attack possibilities.
  • Diversify your elemental damage game.


Of the Occultist

Power Charge Amplification

Affix : 4% increased AoE per power charge.

  • Power charge stacks, meet your boon.
  • Pair with other power charge synergies for AoE madness.


Of the Assassin

Critical Strike Multiplier Surge

Affix : 5% Crit Strike Multiplier per power charge per charm.

  • Critical strike builds, brace for the multiplier surge.
  • Combine for a lethal critical cocktail.


Of the Assassins

Base Critical Strike Chance

Affix : 1% Crit Strike chance per charm at max power charges.

  • Base crit chance, perfect for high crit ambitions.
  • The key to reaching those critical highs.


Of the Saboteur

Cooldown Recovery Mastery

Affix : 12% cooldown recovery rate per charm.

  • Stack up to 36%, unleash skills faster.
  • Ideal for cooldown-heavy builds.


Of the Saboteur

Explosive Precision

Affix : 25% Crit Strike Multiplier vs. burning enemies.

  • Amplify damage against burning foes.
  • Ignite-focused builds, this one's a blast!


Of the Deadeye

Projectile Precision

Affix : 20% chance to chain on terrain collision.

  • Projectiles, meet consistent damage in tight spots.
  • Tornado Shot users, rejoice!


Of the Ranger

Marked Domination

Affix : Boost marks for substantial damage.

  • Ideal for mark-centric builds.
  • Supercharge the impact of your marks.


Of the Raider

Onslaught Overdrive

Affix : 40% effect of onslaught, stack up to 120%.

  • Speed boost for Onslaught addicts.
  • A speedy source for various builds.


Of the Guardian

Suppression Mastery

Affix : Up to 15% suppression per charm.

  • Fill itemization gaps, get that suppression boost.
  • Left-side-tree builders, reach those suppression caps with ease.


Of the Inquisitor

Onslaught Surge

Affix : Chance for Onslaught.

  • QoL boost for limited Onslaught sources.
  • Up your speed and agility in combat.


Of the Pathfinder

Flask Sustenance

Affix : 5% flask effect per charm.

  • 100% flask uptime, no Pathfinder Keystone needed.
  • Flask-reliant builds, cheers to sustained effects.


Of the Occultist

Withered Dominance

Affix : Increased withered effect.

  • Chaos and poison builds, max out that withered debuff.
  • Essential for debuff potency.


Unique Item: That Which Was Taken - Charmed Mastery

  • Up to four random charm modifiers.
  • Mid-max your build like never before.
  • Brace for high demand and potential game-breaking combos.


There you have it, Exiles! A no-nonsense guide to PoE 3.23's best charms. Whether you're after defense boosts, explosive damage, or unique interactions, these charms have your back. Dive into Affliction, experiment with these affixes, and let your builds shine. May your journey in Wraeclast be charmed and triumphant!

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