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PoE 3.23 League Start Best Atlas Guide: How To Maximize Potential?

Hey, what's up, guys? Today we're diving into the world of Atlas trees in Path of Exile 3.23. This guide is all about the top league start strategies for mapping enthusiasts and those looking to maximize their early league potential. Not every mechanic makes the cut here; it's about the best of the best. It's going to be the hub for all our league adventures!


PoE 3.23 League Start Best Atlas Guide: How To Maximize Potential?


Blight Essence/Heist

  • The Basics: Start with the Wanding Path Tree for rapid Atlas completion. It's straightforward: boost your chances of adjacent map drops, double it with Wandering Path, and then, our friends, you’re racing through your Atlas.
  • A Word of Caution: This pace is brisk, so confidence in your build is key. Know how to upgrade on a budget and tackle increasing map tiers.
  • Making Money: Pair Blight with speed-focused mechanics. Heist is a stellar choice, especially with recent updates. It's lucrative and a great way to gather contracts for sale.
  • Labyrinth Trials: Look out for improved offerings to the goddess for lucrative lab runs.


Wandering Path Red Altar

  • Speed is King: This strategy is all about red altars. Run them fast, gather those delirium orbs, and maybe throw in some Beyond for extra tainted currency.
  • What to Expect: Chaos orbs, GCPs, and other valuables are ripe for the picking. Remember, it's a speedrun through maps, focusing on red altar monsters.



Classic and Profitable: Ideal for builds like lightning Arrow. Add the Gloom Shrine Compass for extra speed and efficiency. Legion is always a money-printer with raw currency drops and various loot.


Essence & Heist

  • For Speed Demons: If you prefer blitzing through maps, this is your jam. Focus on quick mechanics like Essences and Heists without adding time to your runs.
  • Decision Time: Choose between Essence or Heist on the map device based on current market trends.


White Map Bestiary

  • Beginner-Friendly: Perfect if you're starting with white maps. Combine delirium and Harbinger for added efficiency. Speed is crucial, so avoid time-consuming mechanics.
  • Beast Farming: Focus on Essences and beasts for maximum profit. Tailor your nodes based on market prices.


Boss Rushing (Shaper Guardians)

  • Advanced Strategy: This requires a robust build for single-target damage. Run Guardian Maps quickly, focusing on formed invitations for substantial profits.
  • Sustain and Profit: Use the map device strategically for sustainability and trade formed invitations for a tidy profit.


Low Trading / Investment Mapping

  • Easy and Laidback: Combine Harvest with other low-investment mechanics like trials and red altars. Ideal for players who prefer less trading and straightforward gameplay.
  • Bulk Trading: Focus on selling items in bulk for ease, like vivid, primal, and wild lifeforce from Harvest.


And there you have it! A bunch of Atlas tree strategies for an epic league start in POE 3.23. Whether you're a mapping enthusiast or just looking for some solid league start tactics, these tips should have you covered.

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