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PoE 3.23 Essence Farming Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Hello, PoE Enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into Affliction League Essence farming. Essences are like the golden eggs of PoE – always in demand and surprisingly easy to collect. This guide will turn you into an Essence farming pro. So, let's break down the nitty-gritty of Essence farming in a way that even your grandma could understand!


PoE 3.23 Essence Farming Guide: Everything You Need To Know


Essential Mechanics

  • The Basics: These are grouped by tiers and types, crucial for mastering the use of Remnants of Corruption.
  • Monsters: Start in stasis, click thrice, unleash the beast!
  • Tier-1 Map Efficiency: Perfect for newbies or low-budget builds.
  • Essence Corruption: These can lead to different outcomes, but the best ones are upgrading the essence tier or group. Pro tip: Focus on corrupting Group E Essences (like Scorn, Misery, and Dread), which can upgrade to the sought-after Group F Essences like Insanity and Horror.


Strategic Corruption

  • When to Use Remnants: They're pricey, so use them judiciously. Your target? Those valuable Group E Essences.
  • Corrupt Wisely: If you find a monster with a mix of Screaming and Shrieking Essences, corrupt it for a chance to duplicate high-tier Essences.


Atlas Passives

  • Setting Up: Your strategy involves allocating all the Essence-related passive notables.
  • Small Passives Dilemma: It's a matter of strategy whether to allocate small passives for a chance of Remnants. The key is maximizing the Essence yield.
  • Prolific Essence: More monsters, more Essences.
  • Crystal Resonance: Duplicate those shrieking Essences.
  • Amplified Energies: Upgrade those Essences to higher tiers.
  • Crystal Lattice: Chance for triple Essences equals triple the fun and profit.


Map Strategy & Master Missions

  • Choose the Right Maps: Look for linear layouts like Strand, Atoll, or Jungle Valley 
  • Master Mission Synergy: Einhar and Niko missions complement Essence farming well. Niko's missions, in particular, can enhance your damage and speed, making your farming runs smoother.
  • Spot and Corrupt: Find those Essence monsters and corrupt wisely.
  • Combine with Other Mechanics: Mix Essences with Beasts or Harbingers for an extra profit boost.



Sextant Use: Awakened and Elevated sextants can be beneficial, but they have a catch – they can ruin your Essences by preventing further corruption. The community seems to prefer not using sextants for Essence farming.


Farming Results

  • Testing Various Methods: We ran different configurations of sextant use and small passive allocations. Surprisingly, Elevated sextants combined with the right passive choices yielded higher profits.
  • Avoid Common Mistakes: Not all Essence upgrades are profitable. Check the market prices before upgrading or selling.


Special Mention

Memory Strategy: This involves fighting Rogue Exiles trapped in Essences. It's a profitable and fun mechanic, especially as it mimics the Atlas passive effects.


Selling Essences


Tips & Tricks

  • Early League Focus: Great for early league currency boost.
  • Late League Stability: Essences remain valuable even late in the league.
  • Stay Informed: Prices change, so keep up-to-date for the best profits.


Concluding Insights

  • Elevated Sextants Are Key: They significantly boost your profits.
  • Allocate Remnant Chance Passives: They're worth the investment.
  • Smart Use of Remnants: Focus on high-value Essences.
  • Shrieking vs. Deafening Essences: Sometimes, it's more profitable to sell lower-tier Essences.
  • Harvest Swapping: A great way to turn low-value Essences into gold.


Essence farming is your golden ticket to consistent early-game currency. It's a strategy that stays strong throughout PoE 3.23 league, thanks to the unending demand for Essences by crafters. Thanks for hanging in there till the end! If you enjoyed this guide, don't forget to subscribe for more epic PoE content. 

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