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PoE 3.23 First 100 Divines Farming Guide: Full Atlas Strategy

Hey folks, Let's dive into how we racked up our first 100 divines in Affliction League. This league is a wild ride, with new mechanics shaking up the game. But hey, let's focus on something attainable and profitable - combining Expedition and Legion, along with a dash of Searing Exarch alters. 



PoE 3.23 First 100 Divines Farming Guide: Full Atlas Strategy


The Strategy Overview

This method revolves around three key components: Expedition, Legion, and Searing Exarch Alters. Here's how we approached each:


1. Expedition

  • Keystone: Extreme Archaeology - Place one bomb, and everything explodes. It's a game-changer.
  • Ancient Decay Node: Monsters spawn with 30% less HP. It's like having Slayer cull against Expedition mobs.
  • Profit from Logbooks: Stack decks are the main loot, alongside Burly Medallions and Astrologers.


2. Legion

  • Full Clear is Key: The ability to clear a full Legion is crucial.
  • Notable Nodes: Focus on nodes that increase Legion monsters’ damage taken and increase Legion rewards.
  • Invest in Rusted Legion Scarabs: They offer the best ROI.
  • Incubators Are Goldmines: Diviner, Ornate, and Curian incubators are especially lucrative.


3. Eldritch Altars

  • Jungle Valley Map: This map's boss spawns later, letting us spam minion rewards without worrying about boss buffs.
  • Wrath of the Cosmos: Risky but worth it for the global damage increase.
  • Minion Rewards: Focus on these for consistent profit.


Map Choice & Sustain

  • Jungle Valley as the Core: Make this your primary map with a few slots for connected maps.
  • Singular Focus Atlas Node: Ensures only maps on your favorite list drop.
  • Map Sustain Tips: Use chisels and roll for mods that suit your build.


Preparing Your Maps

  • Chisels Are Mandatory: Always use them for the quantity boost.
  • Map Device Mods: Use the Legion mod, and pair with Rusted or Polished Expedition Scarabs.


Map Showcase

  • Expedition: Focus on the big boom approach with Extreme Archaeology.
  • Legion: Be thorough but swift. Use Mirage Archer or Ballistas for cleanup.
  • League Mechanic: It's brutal early on. Skip it unless your build is fully geared.


PoE 3.23 Expedition/Legion Tree


Should You Do League Mechanic?

Skip Until Geared: It's rewarding but brutal for ungeared characters. Wait until your build can handle the challenge.


Legion Alternatives

  • Expedition as a Starter: It's reliable and profitable from the get-go.
  • Other Options: Consider Harvest, Smuggler's Caches, and Essence if Legion is too tough.


This strat netted our first 100 PoE divines. It's all about balancing risk, reward, and what your build can handle. Hope this helps you gear up for whatever your next big POE challenge is! And remember, while this worked for us, your mileage may vary. 

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