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Which maps are your best pick for farming currency in PoE 3.23?

Today, we're diving into top picks for the best maps to farm PoE currency in patch 3.23. While these maps might not be everyone's cup of tea, understanding the rationale behind their selection can help you tailor your farming experience to your liking. We're focusing on divination cards, map navigation, and synergy with Affliction League content. Let's jump into these maps and find out why they're worth your time!


Which maps are your best pick for farming currency in PoE 3.23?


#1. Burial Chambers

  • Why It's Great: Boasts two of the top divination card categories (The Doctor & The Fortunate).
  • Layout: Decent with a challenging boss. Ideal for diverse builds.


#2. Crimson Temple

  • Standout Features: Home to the coveted Apothecary card and a secondary option for Mirror Shard cards.
  • Map Layout: Slightly inferior to Burial Chambers but still manageable.


#3. Dunes

  • Why It Rocks: Fantastic layout, especially for Legion encounters. A paradise for Dead Eye builds.
  • Bonus: Open spaces make it a joy to navigate.


#4. Cemetery

  • Unique Selling Points: Good balance of layout and loot (Brother's Gift divination card).
  • Boss Factor: Easy-to-find and kill boss adds to its appeal.


#5. Jungle Valley & Mesa

  • Why Together?: They complement each other perfectly for Boss Rush strategies. Adjacent on the Atlas for easy farming rotation.
  • Loot: Both maps drop The Fortunate, adding consistent value.


#6. Waste Pool

  • Why It's Special: Recently gained The Doctor card.
  • Map Layout: More suitable for non-Dead Eye builds. Tight corridors can be a pro or a con based on your build.


#7. Glacier

  • Affliction Synergy: Shows potential with the Affliction mechanic, but still under observation.
  • Layout: Good for a variety of playstyles.


#8. Vaal Temple

  • Honorable Mention: Unique loot pool, including double-corrupted uniques and rare jewels.
  • Note: More expensive and rarer, but a strong choice for those looking to experiment.


Factors to Consider When Choosing a Map

  • Divination Cards: Look for maps that offer valuable cards like Mageblood, Head Hunter, Divine Orb, or Mirror Shards.
  • Tile Set Navigation: Choose maps that complement your movement skills and projectile behavior.
  • Alter Synergy: Some maps like Jungle Valley offer strategic advantages with Eldritch Alters.
  • League Mechanic Synergy: Consider how the map layout synergizes with league mechanics like Blight or Legion.
  • Character Strengths: Tailor your map choice to your build's strengths for optimal farming.
  • Adjacent Maps on the Atlas: Maps next to each other on the Atlas can make farming rotations smoother.


While Burial Chambers and Crimson Temple might top the list in PoE 3.23, remember that the best map for you depends on your build and playstyle. Whether it's the open fields of Dunes or the labyrinthine corridors of Waste Pool, there's a map for every type of exile out there. 

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