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POE 3.23 Boss Rushing Guide: How to Maximize Your Currency Farming?

Boss Rushing is the best way to make money in PoE. In 3.23 Affliction League, we will be disclosing some of these boss-rushing secrets, which can guarantee you at least fifteen divines per hour. This guide offers strategies for increasing your Boss Rush revenue by managing time and optimizing resources.


POE 3.23 Boss Rushing Guide: How to Maximize Your Currency Farming?


Revenue Sources

Boss rushing does not just mean playing destructively; it is about smart influence management. For instance, when you enter a Beach map and immediately spawn the first pack of monsters, you can earn PoE currency through map completion and invitations.



  • Entering a Beach map: 11 chaos orbs from just map completion.
  • Red invitations currently sell for about 1.2 divines.


Strategy Breakdown

  • Map Selection: Choose maps like Beach and Strand; no need for elaborate juicing, keep it simple
  • Invitation Farming: Every completed map contributes to invitations saved, which are a major source of revenue.
  • Map Sustain: Use atlas passives such as 'Remnants of the Past' or 'Conquerors' to secure more maps drops and extra content.
  • Lab Trials: Integrate Lab Trials into your Boss Rush routine; 'Gift to the Goddess' can be really profitable here.


Sustaining Maps

  • Make use of atlas passives that improve the odds of similar map drops.
  • Have all four Void Stones in place to increase chances of better tier drops for maps.
  • It is important to favorite maps like 10 Beaches and 2 Strands, if you want sustainability.


High-Return Mechanics

  • Focus on mechanics that offer high returns for the time invested…
  • Skip slow mechanics like Breach, Legion, and Blight…
  • Lab Trials and Synthesized Maps are worth the effort…


Build Considerations

  • Speed is key; hourly earnings can be greatly boosted by fast builds, e.g., Lightning Warp or Tornado Shot.
  • Avoid builds that require time consuming skills rotations.


Loot Filter Importance

  • Have a strict loot filter. To avoid distraction, hide away items below a certain value of chaos.
  • Pick up only high value items.


Pros and Cons

  • + Simple and straight to the point strategy.
  • + High currency returns for the time invested in it.
  • + No complicated trading required to sell drops unlike in other games.
  • - It is possible that repetitive gameplay is not appealing for everyone.
  • - Loading times can affect efficiency of the process.
  • - Requires a build that is fast and efficient for best results.


Boss rushing in PoE 3.23 is a fast way to farm currency especially when done with a fast build and strict loot filter. All you need to do is focus on high return mechanics and map completions like Lab Trials while avoiding time-consuming activities and you are good to go!

So here you have it, Exiles – a guide on how to become wealthy through Boss Rushing in Wraeclast. Keep playing smartly and who knows, maybe your next run will give you that jackpot drop! Be safe as you farm!

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