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PoE 3.23 Make Currency Ultimate Guide Without Magic Find (MF) Grind

Hey fans! Tired of the usual Magic Find (MF) grind? Great news! PoE 3.23 is ripe with opportunities to stack up currency without it. This guide will delve into our exciting guide on how to get rich in Path of Exile 3.23 without relying on Magic Find (MF). These include lucrative techniques like Blighted Maps, Sextant Rolling, Sanctum, Heist and more that are explained in a simple, fun and effective way.


PoE 3.23 Make Currency Ultimate Guide Without Magic Find (MF) Grind


Blighted Maps

They're so simple and very profitable. You can get things like tainted oil, gold, silver, and opalescent oils by running them especially the corrupted ones.No special build required- just dive in! Visit PoE 3.23 Blight Farming Guide for Maximum Profit & Run Efficiently.

PoE 3.23 Blighted Maps Screenshot


Sextant Rolling

This technique is a gem and doesn't need any specific build. Just pick up your four watch stones add the Enduring Influence to your atlas tree then roll it. Avoid them that you don’t like because they are not worth your time while focusing on those which you think are going to earn you good money. Download Awakened PoE Trade for assistance.

PoE 3.23 Sextant Rolling Screenshot

  • Best Sextants: Beyond sextants are hot and have been sold for a stunning amount of 300 chaos! Other profitable sextants include Enraged Strong Box, Deli mirror, and Harvest Life Force.
  • Odds: The game of chance! For instance, Beyond sextants come after about one hundred eighty-two rolls or so but the earnings are enormous if you keep at it.
  • Expected Results: Investing in sextants can yield returns like 6.5 divines for Beyond sextants respectively all these profits can add up to a hefty sum not including the smaller finds you'll accumulate.
  • How to Sell Sextant Compasses (PoEStack)? Selling your sextants is easy with Poe Stack. Link your accounts, use the TFT bulk tool, set your prices, and bam – you're in business. Get ready for a busy inbox!



Doing Sanctum runs is very rewarding. You should keep an eye for divine orbs and also watch out for sextants not forgetting the major thing- Original Sin. If you are serious about Sanctum, try Shockwave Totems build. 

PoE 3.23 Sanctum Screenshot


Starting with Relics:

  • Affordable Choices: Start with inexpensive relics that provide inspiration when taking an affliction, add resolve after killing a boss or give treasures.
  • A safe setup: Go for a full Relic altar using these picks to tank damage while learning sanctum mechanics safely. The cost of each relic ranges from 20 to 50 chaos.


Navigating Sanctums:

  • First Steps: Start by always running the first room. Your initial decision comes after this.
  • Objectives: For instance, focus on killing guards and rare mobs; grab gold mainly from end chests.
  • First two floors: Gold farming for Merchant Boons and avoiding bad Afflictions are top priorityenemies who spawn this far drop Divines.


Relic Setup for Long-Term Decisions:

18 Reveal Strategy: This is ideal if you want to make better choices but it can be quite expensive.On a budget-friendly note, go for one room reveal relics with some inspiration at start.


Key Sanctum Mechanics:

Packs and Rewards: Packs give you an option between profit and danger; none of which can be accessed without selecting one pack.Floor's 3 or 4 packs contain Divines or even Mirrors.Merchant Interaction: Merchants have Boons which are improvements. Maximize gold usage by investing in items that will enhance your run like damage boosters or resolve protectors.


Floor-Specific Strategies:

  • Floor 1-2: Collect gold since this is where you will be setting up for the next floors as well as avoid any bad Afflictions.
  • Floor 3-4: This is where all fun is! Look for Divines and Mirrors. Make smart choices based on the rewards shown.


Boss Fights:

  • Handling Bosses: This means that if you learn the attack patterns of a boss, you will be able to predict his/her next attack and dodge it. Most bosses require you to keep moving and avoid some of their attacks.
  • Final Boss: This is the last boss, and it is also much harder. Ensure that you have enough damage output and understand his mechanics.


Managing Resolve and Inspiration:

  • Using Inspiration as a Shield: If your resolve is buffered by inspiration, then manage it and ensure that you finish Sanctum. They can be gone again soon due to inability to buy enough allies.
  • Balancing Risk and Reward: However, sometimes it could be worth taking a risk for higher rewards. However, one must always consider whether they have enough resolve or inspiration before making any such moves.


Leveraging Merchant Boons and Afflictions:

  • Choosing the Right Boons: Always go for Boons like Ornate Dagger or Sanguine Wild. They increase your damage by huge margins, thereby making them must-have items in your shopping list during the game.
  • Navigating Afflictions: Get out of false dilemmas like Deceptive Mirror that may confuse things. Learn which ones to avoid as well as which ones you can handle.


Advanced Strategies:

  • The Merchant Strategy: So, buy relics like Clover or Hourglass that enhance merchant offers' number while reducing their prices for those who have more money than others do. This strategy focuses on buying every Boon and targeting Divines for duplication.
  • Unique Relics Approach: A good example of such unique relics is Gilded Chalis; this relic replicates multiple offerings when used in Heist League gameplay mode with higher reward chances in Divines or Mirrors thus forming a high risk but high reward approach in the game world.


Final Tips:

  • Be Prepared for the Unexpected: Expecting anything less from Sanctums is a mistake. Always be ready to change your strategy according to the relics, rewards, and Afflictions you face.
  • Keep Practicing: The more you run Sanctums, the quicker and better decisions you can make.
  • Engage with the Community: Don't feel shy about asking questions from online forums or checking out other experienced players' runs as well as getting additional advice.



Heist at level 3.23 contains valuable items such as Simplex amulets and Helic rings.

PoE 3.23 Heist Screenshot


Starting Heists:

  • Early Heists: For example, start doing heists from Act six to level up your Rogues so that you unlock green Quest contracts for later benefits.
  • Unique Contracts: Green contracts must be completed in order to unlock special ones like The Twin.


Unlocking Rogues:

Prioritize Rogues like Giana for blueprint reveals while Karst, Huck, Niles and Vinderi for unlocking.


Rogue Gear:

What gear is best varies depending on your strategy. For instance, optimize gear like 'Arrowhead' towards roles like lockpicking or projectile damage.


Heist Strategies:

  • Giana Reveal Strategy: Blueprint reveals are cheaper when done by Giana.
  • Chest Focus: Target large chests for valuable drops then secure the artifact.
  • Open Everything: We prefer this way of heisting. Try to open everything possible within the constraints of the alert level.


Rogue Teams:

Teams will depend on how you approach Heists. Use Vinderi, Karst, Tulina for duplication and Tibbs, Karst, Isla maximize lockdown time.


Atlas Passives for Heist:

More markers and better rewards come from heist-related nodes focus points are what should be here.


Optimal Builds:

Do not play ZDPS builds unless experienced. Toxic Rain works well in Heist. Jug RF is not recommended by the recent changes.


Boss Rush

Simple yet effective: rush bosses, reap rewards. You can combine it with Harbinger for even more currency.

PoE 3.23 Boss Rush Screenshot


Understanding Boss Rushing:

  • Where the Money Comes From: Here we divert their attention from maps. This is because they give 1.2 divine each to be exact. One does not even have to kill a boss; summoning the first pack of monsters will suffice.
  • Map Choice: We kept alternating between Beach and Strand maps as these had good returns on investment.


Key Strategies:

  • Lab Trials: Surprisingly, Lab Trials are a significant part of this strategy. Look out for upgraded trials like Gift to the Goddess, which can be highly profitable.
  • Sustain maps: A well-set Atlas Passive Tree is important. Look for nodes that represent laboratory trials, boost the chance of map drops, and increase overall map sustain.
  • Running Efficient Maps: The key is to be quick, look out for trials, kill mobs as you go but don't be distracted by other map content. Speed is the name of the game when it comes to returns maximization.


Sextant and Atlas Passives:

  • Sextants: Use sextants that duplicate life force and determine plant colors in Harvest. Consider using the Sacred Grove sextant.
  • Atlas Passives: Invest in nodes enhancing item quantity and monster pack size, focusing on Eldritch and trial-related passives.


Loot Filter and Picking Up Loot:

  • Setting Up Your Loot Filter: Your filter should be strict. Hide everything under 1.1.3 chaos to avoid distractions. Speed is everything in Boss Rushing.
  • Avoiding Distractions: Skip minor currency pickups and unnecessary map mechanics to maintain efficiency.


Pros and Cons of Boss Rushing:

  • Pros: Boss Rushing is simple as well as consistently profitable; it's great for fast-paced gameplay.
  • Cons: Loading times might affect efficiency; avoid this tactic if you get long loading screens; also it may not suit people who like more varied mapping experience.


Final Tips:

  • Remember that faster your build, more maps done means higher profits for you.
  • For trials switch your Pantheon to Soul of Ryslatha for better Life Flask recovery rate.
  • Keep focused on high-return mechanics instead of being sidetracked.


Harvest Crop Rotation

This strategy involves farming Life Force which sells at a premium price tag. It's a bit complicated but extremely enjoyable and good business.

PoE 3.23 Harvest Crop Rotation Screenshot


Harvest Mechanics:

  • Life Force Factors: Monster pack size affects life force; so does map item quantity. T1 monsters don't drop any life force, T2 drop a little, T3 are your main earners, and T4 are rare but lucrative.
  • Monster Spawning: Therefore more rare monsters from T3 seeds with more pack size produce higher life force. Map item quantity increases life force stack size.


Atlas Passive Tree for Harvest:

  • Bumper Crop & Bountiful Harvest: These increase the amount of materials you get from your Harvests a lot.
  • Crop Rotation Keystone: It was introduced in 3.22 and it transforms all seeds into T1s that have a chance to change color. We'll cover strategies involving this later on.


Enhancing Item Quantity:

  • Focus on the Eldritch influence for item quantity boosts.
  • Invest in passives like Shadow of Hunger for more altars, plus Modifier Effect and Item Quantity Similarity for further boosts.


Boosting Monster Pack Size:

  • Choose Gilded Scarabs so that pack size can go up to 40%.
  • Allocate passives like Growing Ores for sustaining scarabs.


Sextant Usage:

  • Use sextants that duplicate life force and determine plant colors in Harvest.
  • Consider the Sacred Grove sextant, though it could be replaced by Seventh Gate Keystone.


Map Crafting Strategies:

  • For speed use sextants on 8-mod corrupted maps. Pair with 20% quality for best results.
  • For profit craft maps with 5-6 mods followed by Vaal; run unidentified maps with sextants for increased magic pack size.


Choosing the Right Map:

Crimson Temple is ideal due to its dense monster packs and easy boss access. Also, it drops valuable divination cards.


Crop Rotation Strategy:

  • Use opposite colored sextants to desired life force.
  • Harvest your desired color last for T3 seed upgrades.


Utilizing Einhar's Memory:

These memories contain mixed T2 seeds with chances to upgrade. Remember to roll these maps well.


Farming Results:

  • 8-mod Sextant strategy yielded 2.3 divines/hour.
  • Maps with self-rolls gave a little more profit than others.
  • Crop rotation was amusing though it did not work at all times.
  • Einhar's Memory was quite a profitable unique item, but returned more in Standard.


That's the end of my presentation. The description contains a complete guide for each method. If you have any non-MF strategies of your own, please, post them below. They may be unrelated to MF but fun and profitable as well in PoE 3.23. Good luck and happy farming to you, Exiles!

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