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PoE 3.23 The Flawed Refuge: How to get the most out of this new unique shield?

Hi there! Today, let's look into the enigma surrounding The Flawed Refuge, which is a unique shield in the 3.23 Affliction League and unlock its potential. Discover how it uses its unique properties for damage mitigation and elemental penetration. Good for players who like niche builds and strategies.


PoE 3.23 The Flawed Refuge: How to get the most out of this new unique shield?


Basic Examples

  • Understand Shield: The Flawed Refuge has a mix of armor, evasion rating and additional chance to block attacks. However – wait for this - it causes 100% of blocked hits elemental damage and 40% of hit Elemental damage to convert into physical damage.
  • Calculating Damage: It is possible to take 3,000 lightning damage as a case study. This would normally lead to 750 damage after you have accounted for your 75% resistance. In this case some of it is Physical reducing the full impact due to Armor Mitigation aside from other reasons.


75% Elemental Resistance, 20000 ArmourTaking a hit of 3000 Lightning Damage

Without Flawed Refuge With Flawed Refuge
3000* 0.25= 750 10000 * 0.25 = 2500

1800* 0.25= 450

1200 *0.23= 276

6000 *0.25=1500

4000 *0.5 =2000

Total taken: 750 Total taken: 2500 Total taken: 726 Total taken:3500


Non-Damaging Ailments

Cold and Shocking Ailments are influenced by type and magnitude of the incoming damage experienced by a character, thus using The Flawed Refuge may result in weaker non-damaging ailments like chills or shocks because fewer elemental damage is taken.


Elemental Penetration

Dodging The Bullet: It can be argued that the shield it might mean the difference between life and death when facing elements. By converting some of the elemental damage to physical, it circumvents the elemental penetration, potentially lowering the total damage taken.


Penetration Examples

Shaper's Ball Ability: Think about Shaper's cold damage with penetration. Without the shield, you take full brunt of the cold penetration. With the shield, some becomes physical that could be more effectively stopped especially by armor and endurance charges.


80% Elemental Resistance, 25000 Armour, 3 Endurance ChargesTaking a hit of 13000 Cold Damage with 25% Cold Penetration

Without Flawed Refuge With Flawed Refuge
13000*0.45=5850 13500* 0.6=8100


5200* 0.39=2028

8100* 0.6=4860

5400* 0.4=2160

Total taken:5850 Total taken:8100 Total taken:5538 Total taken:7020



Watch Out: One must be cautious when confronted by "overwhelm" abilities that make physical damage bypass some mitigation measures since such cases would render The Flawed Refuge ineffective.



Divine Flesh and More: Combining The Flawed Refuge with Divine Flesh, Doppelgangas Gu or The Formless Inferno can create combinations that are strong for mitigating damage. This shield could also synergize well with Juggernauts because they have natural physical damage reduction.

PoE 3.23 Divine Fleesh Screenshot


Damaging Ailments

No Impact on Bleed, Poison, Ignite: Also the damage type conversion of The Flawed Refuge has no effect on the nature or impact of damaging ailments like bleeding, poison or ignite.


Damage from Blocked Hits

Caution with Glancing Blows: The shield makes you take full elemental damage from blocked hits. Besides increasing damage taken by those blocks it is also possible to pair it with Glancing Blows that cause more damage than normal block would not have.


In summary, one can say, The Flawed Refuge is not the everyday shield that we are used to. It necessitates a tactful method since its power rests in clever builds and knowledge of damage system. Whether it is absorbing greater elemental hits or dealing with elemental penetration, this shield provides several build paths.

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