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[PoE 3.23] Corpse Explode Poison Pathfinder Build: Explosive and Unique

Greetings, fellow fugitives! So, are you ready to shake things up in the land of Wraeclast? If that's the case, we have something insanely fun for you. Get to know Path of Exile's dynamic universe with our detailed guide on Corpse Explode Poison Pathfinder Build for version 3.23. Here you will find hints, strategies and tips to master this explosive build which is definitely unique.


[PoE 3.23] Corpse Explode Poison Pathfinder Build: Explosive and Unique


Why This Build Rocks?

  • Self-Harm Magic: Combining Scold's Bridle and Eternal Apple for auto war cries. It feels like a firework within a firework!
  • Find out how Corpses Explode: Dead bodies go boom, enemies disappear. Simple and fulfilling.
  • Poison Proliferation: Share love…or maybe lethal poisons in this case.


Key Components

  • Uniques: Eternal Apple, Scold's Bridle, Immutable Force, Blood Notch.
  • Charm Your Way: You better have charms that detonate corpses. Yes it's pretty much as cool as it sounds like.
  • Skill Gems: Cast when Stunned, Desecrate, Enduring Cry – think of these as the spices in your explosive recipe.


Strengths and Weaknesses

  • Pros: Fun to play, works well and makes you feel like a lunatic scientist.
  • Cons: A little squishy; not an ideal go-to build for boss face-offs.


PoE 3.23 Unearth Pathfinder Build Passive Tree and Gear


Gameplay Style

  • AFK Friendly: Truly speaking you can almost play this with one hand. Just walk into mobs and watch the mayhem unfold.
  • Map Clearing: Like butter cutting through hot knife. T16 maps? More like easy mode.
  • Bossing: Okay not its strong suit but add some V Breach and you're ready to go.


Building Your Character

  • Defenses: Invest in life regen and armor. This is the personal anti-apocalypse bunker you always wanted for yourself.
  • Offense: Prioritize increasing corpse life to get that sweet juicy damage output.
  • Utility: Magic find gear for looting glory.


The Secret Sauce

  • Eternal Apple & Scold's Bridle Combo: This dynamic duo is what makes the build tick. Literally.
  • Corpse Generation: Cast when Stunned with Desecrate and Enduring Cry. Corpses everywhere!
  • Poison Proliferation: Because why kill one enemy when you can kill them all?


Final Tips

  • Be Prepared for Investment: The build may not be pocket-friendly. However, good things do come at a price.
  • Adjust as Needed: Tailor it to your playstyle. More AFK? More active? It's up to you!
  • Have Fun!: You're going to love this build (pun intended). Just have fun with it – you create chaos.


PoB Link:


So there it is – a guide on how to make an Apocalypse walking in Path of Exile. It's a little crazy, lots of fun, and totally effective. Try it out and let those explosions begin! Also remember that whenever in doubt just blow off more corpses. Good game-play and see you in Wraeclast! 

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