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PoE 3.23 Mapping Guide: Basic Concepts & Advanced Approaches | True Potential

Today we will embark on a journey to uncover the mysteries of how maps are used in PoE 3.23. From basic concepts to advanced techniques such as sextants, compasses and map device juicing. This is a complete guide on how to realize the full potential of your maps be it for amassing poe currency, elusive items or just for the adventure.


PoE 3.23 Mapping Guide: Basic Concepts & Advanced Approaches | True Potential


Stash Tab & Atlas Credit

  • Map Stash Tab: This will make organizing your maps easier; you can get it from the microtransaction store.
  • Atlas Completion: Maps need to be completed at certain rarities to count towards your Atlas. White (Tiers 1-5) must be at least Magic, Yellow (6-10) at least Rare, and Red (11-16) need to be Rare and Corrupted.


Kirac Has Free Maps

  • Free Maps from Kirac: Instead of looking for free maps all over the game world you will come across him who provides them for free on a daily basis which he refreshes and also more with Scouting Reports hence ensuring that you do not miss out on anything; remember what counts for credit on your atlas with regard for rarity.
  • Purchasing Maps: A character named Kirac has maps available in his inventory that can be purchased using something other than Chaos Orbs; this is an excellent deal for those who are new to the game world.


Sell Maps For Upgrades

  • Map Upgrading Trick: Sell three maps of the same tier to a vendor for one map of a higher tier. Try different combinations to get different results.
  • Perandus Coin Trick: Use Perandus coins when you are stuck in rerolling maps that belong to the same tier.


PoE 3.23 Atlas


Trade to Finish Atlas

Trading for Specific Maps: If there are any missing ones, use in order to buy maps you need; remember that the rarity of the map and what mods are required for it to count towards Atlas credit. The seller usually initiates trade, and everyone should be mindful of trade etiquette.


Progress Through Map Tiers

  • Steady Progression: Do not rush through lower-tier maps as they act as a strong basis and help you gain Atlas points in a step-by-step manner.
  • Importance of Atlas Points: Every time a map is completed, it adds more passive points to your build relating to Atlas progression.


Map Crafting Basics: Scour, Chisel, Alchemy & Vaal

  • Basic Steps: Complete maps first by alchemizing your map starting with an Orb. Press ALT key on your keyboard while hovering over the items that have dropped from the mobs within the area and if positive, use a Vaal Orb for atlas credits.
  • Intermediate Strategy: For red maps (T11+), begin with white T1s that have been chiselled four times before using an Alchemy Orb on them. Be careful when checking mods before running a map.
  • Advanced Juicing: Start by scouring followed by chisel upgrades once you become rich then finally use vaal orb directly for getting high value 8-mod maps.


Filtering Through Maps, Use Regex

  • Easy Mod Identification: Visit for regex (regular expressions) to filter through maps effectively. Make codes to indicate useful and unwanted mod combinations on a map.
  • Awakened PoE Trade Integration: To quickly sort out your maps using this method requires you to insert these codes into Awakened PoE Trade – saves time!


PoE 3.23 Mapmaking Basics


Juicing Your Atlas & Maps

  • Initial Steps: The first thing you need to do is play all kinds of different maps in order to gain more atlas points herein increasing your potential income while opening up more choices available.
  • Advanced Juicing: Include Seance, Delirium orbs, and other juicifying items to have more value for each map run.


Voidstones & Favorite Maps

  • Acquiring Voidstones: To get Voidstones, you need to defeat major bosses like Uber Elder, Maven, Eater of Worlds and Searing Exarch. With these, your maps will be leveled up as well as Seance being opened.
  • Choosing Favorite Maps: As one favorite map is mixed with a connected one in order to make a drop pool more balanced when farming; this is possible using the favorite map system.


Sextants & Compasses

  • Seant Application: Make your Void Stones even more powerful using seants, which can add bonuses like additional encounters.
  • Compasses for Profit: Others focus on crafting and selling compasses that contain desired seants, a good source of income.
  • Your Build's Best Friend: This usually involves which seants are optimal for your build. My go-to's are Strongbox Modifiers and Legion.


Map Device Juicing: Scarabs & Fragments

  • Scarabs Simplified: If you want an extra bonus, put scarabs in the map device. All the types of scarabs have something different to offer to your map.
  • Choosing the Right Scarab: Some scarabs work better than others. For this reason we would rather choose polished over winged when it comes to Legion as there are no generals in the latter case.
  • Pro Tip: The choice of scarab should depend on map layout and strategy. For instance, Open maps like Cemetery are great for Legion encounters.


Additional Map Modifiers & Altars

  • Map Device Modifiers: Maps may be modified by paying a little bit extra in order to incorporate other features such as more strong boxes.
  • Altar Choices: Choose global player debuffs at altars during mapping for increased loot quantity and rarity.
  • Boss Rushing: Your decision on whether or not to kill the boss at the start of a map could change what altars will appear; thus, causing more beneficial global modifiers.


PoE 3.23 Map Modifiers


What Maps Should You Run?

  • It Depends!: Your enjoyment and strategy should dictate your map choice. This is due to their layouts and valuable divination cards making Burial Chambers, Cemetery, and Jungle Valley popular choices among players.
  • Atlas Strategy Alignment: Align maps with an appropriate Atlas strategy for best results; since different strategies favor different maps.


In short, do not shy away from spending on seants, scarabs or map device modifiers as soon as you have passed a certain point. This will definitely be a big money maker for your currency generation. Also, remember that the right map choice plus effective juicing can take your in-game wealth to new heights.


And so there you have it! A thorough beginner's guide on how to maximize your mapping potential in Path of Exile 3.23. Remember, strategy is everything.

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