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PoE 3.23 Methods of Making Currency: Labyrinth Tactics, Mapping Strategies and Magic Finding

Hello there, Exile! Are you feeling lost in the money-making world of Path of Exile? This guide will help you to explore some effective ways of making poe currency in the 3.23 update. From the Labyrinth tactics to mapping strategies and magic finding, our guide is packed with expert tips like; leveling gems and flipping them, crafting valuable items, smart item identification, using prophecies well and mastering item and currency flipping.



PoE 3.23 Methods of Making Currency: Labyrinth Tactics, Mapping Strategies and Magic Finding


General Tips & Resources

Before we go into details here are a few general tips to keep in mind;

  • Plan Your Approach: Start by having a clear strategy for making currency. Choose characters and league strategies that align with your goals.
  • Optimize Your Character: Decide whether you want a versatile character or one that's highly specialized depending on your strategies.
  • Utilize Item Filters: Time is money! Use the item filters to avoid unnecessary stops but focus on valuable loot.
  • Pricing Strategy: Pricing items can be tricky but volume sales often beat waiting for that one big sale.
  • Leverage Tools: Use PoE trade tools like PoE Trade, PoE Ninja, Mercury Trade among others to stay ahead in the trading game.


Labyrinth Farming

  • The Labyrinth: Goldmine or Maze of Despair? Here's how to make it a lucrative venture:
  • Treasure Chests: These are your jackpots at the end of labyrinth. Collect as many as possible treasure keys from several sources such as Azzaro and Argus these chests locked with treasures which can be opened. Some of the things to look for in the chests include quality gems, divination cards and pure currency.
  • Enchantments: This is where endgame Labyrinth presents an opportunity for enchanting. Concentrate on desirable unique boots and helmets since appropriate enchants can greatly increase their value.


PoE 3.23 Labyrinth


Mapping & Magic Find

Mapping is where the heart of PoE's endgame beats. Here's how to maximize your returns:

  • Choose Your Maps Wisely: Not all maps are created equal – some efficient layouts and good monster density.
  • Optimal Map Rolling: Maps with mods that grant high pack size modifiers are more likely to yield better loot.
  • Effective Use of Sextants: Sextant strategically to improve count and map rewards.
  • Additional Modifiers: To add an extra league modifier i.e., Breach or Beyond for increased loot chances,
  • Efficiency in Mapping: Have a quick sorting and launching system for maps in your hideout. Time saved is currency earned.
  • Magic Find Gearing: Boost your build by integrating Magic Find gear into it thereby promoting loot drops. Little things like Bisco's Collar make a big difference too.
  • Running Unique Maps: Use unique maps if you want to maximize profits. Don’t forget to sell the spare map bases for extra income though!


Leveling & Flipping Gems

Are you able to earn currency passively within PoE? Yes, through leveling gems! Here's where/how:

  • Choose the Right Gems: Spell skills or multipliers like support gems are among the popular ones. These will get you the most out of higher levels.
  • Leveling Process: Take these gems up to level 20 on your offhand weapons then use the GCP (Gemcutter’s Prism) recipe on them which takes them straight up at 20% quality.
  • To Corrupt or Not: At level 20, decide either sell as is or gamble with vaal orb for a potential level 21 gem which is worth more.


Crafting Item

Crafting in POE can be intricate; however, here are some hints to get you started:

  • Opt for High-Level Bases: Look for the item level 84+ opal and steel rings or high-tier gloves with implicit damage.
  • Use Essences Effectively: Screaming and shrieking essences provide a good combination of cost and potential high-tier affixes for crafting.


Item Identification

Finding the right items can be a gold mine:

  • Concentrate on Jewelry and Belts: These items are universal across all builds, so they always have a market.
  • Pricing Strategy: Bogus finds go into a 2-chaos buyout tab, but always price check potential high-value items.



Prophesies are often overshadowed by other forms of farming but can be very profitable:

  • Maintain Full Lists: Either play prophecies passively or actively cycle them to complete them more quickly.
  • Seal and Sell: Seal prophecies that are too hard or not worth completing then sell them on the market.


PoE 3.23 Prophecies


Item Flipping

Item flipping can be profitable for those who are market savvy:

  • Choose Your Items Wisely: Concentrate on popular uniques, particularly those with wide roll ranges or off-colors.
  • PoE Trade and Ninja: Keep an eye on market trends and snatch underpriced items to resell.


Currency Flipping

A more active approach to earning:

  • Research the Market: Know the exchange rates and discover profitable margins.
  • Buy Low, Sell High: Use PoE Trade for setting up buy and sell orders thus making profits on margin.


Boss Farming

Boss farming in Poe does not only mean excitement; it is also a way to make money! Here's how you do it properly:

  • Early League Advantage: Atziri bosses like these earlier in the league period tend to be very lucrative. Their rare drops can earn you a fortune.
  • Target Key Bosses: Focus on bosses like Uber Atziri and Shaper for high-value drops such as Atziri's Disfavor or Starforge. Remember, these encounters are challenging but rewarding.
  • Elder: The Elder is one of the most formidable enemies in the game with potentially lucrative drops.
  • Guardians: Killing Guardians can yield shaper fragments and high tier map drops.


PoE 3.23 Boss Farminng


Carries & Services

If you've got the skills, why not monetize them?

  • Eternal Labyrinth Carries: Offer to lead groups through the Labyrinth, charging a fee and claiming treasure chests.
  • Hall of Grandmasters: A unique challenge requiring specific builds. Offering carries here can be profitable, especially for those who struggle with PvP-style encounters.
  • Advertise Your Services: Use platforms like trade chat, public parties, and community sites to offer your services.


Beginning of the League

Starting a league can be hard but approach it right and you'll come out on top:

  1. Select a Versatile Build: Choose a build that works well in both Labyrinths and maps such as Juggernaut or Cyclone Slayer.
  2. Efficiency is Key: Rush through early stages of the league to access higher level content faster that can be farmed.
  3. Sell Smart: Unload crap rares initially while doing chaos recipe but then transition into more lucrative activities as you progress further. 
  4. Farm Valuable Divination Cards: Concentrate on cards such as Humility (for Tabula) or general six-link cards for steady income. 
  5. Maximize Early Opportunities: You could earn a fortune by being first to market with high-level loot.


In the course of Affliction League of Exile Path game, money making is not just a matter of grinding; rather it's about playing smart. With these tips and your own thoughts you will soon be on your way to being an affluent exile in Wraeclast's ever changing world. That's what we call an epic! Utilizing them will enable you become rich in Wraeclast. It is important to note that the market is always volatile thus be watchful and adjust your strategies as necessary.

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