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How Unique Items Are Tiered in PoE 3.23?

Are you someone who knows how the latest version Path of Exile 3.23, tiers unique items? In case you are, this is the right place for you. Let us unravel the hidden secrets of rareness behind their uniqueness.


How Unique Items Are Tiered in PoE 3.23?


PoE 3.23 Unique Item Tiers

The tiering system for unique items in PoE 3.23 has been decoded to a significant extent by players. This revelation has demystified hitherto cryptic mechanics related to rare item generation and afforded player some reasonable knowledge on it.


Six Unique Rarity Tiers

It has now come to light that contrary to previous assumptions, there are six tiers of unique rarity in Path of Exile. These levels determine the rarities and availabilities of these uniques thereby giving a better insight into how they have been distributed.



Tier 1 Infrequently found exceptional items with tribute costs not less than 7950 tribute points.
Tier 2 Unbelievably scarce items having tribute costs ranging between 3960 and 7900 tribute points.
Tier 3 Rare tributes priced at around 1960-3950 tribute points.
Tier 4 Infrequent tributes selling for about 1050-1950 tribute points.
Tier 5 Frequent tributes available for approximately from anywhere between 560 – 1040 tribute points.
Tier 6 Common with lower rarity and often contains badly rolled rares.


  • Common (Tiers 4 and 5 ) – These are your average drops; each map will have them but it might not be the one you wanted exactly.
  • Less Common (Tier 3) – Still relatively common; occur often enough so that you start noticing them.
  • Rare (1 and 2) – Fewer number; hard to get without RNG or farming.
  • Super Rare (0) – The best of the best uniques, and most players will never see one drop in their entire league.


The Ritual Mechanic Breakthrough

Information on item tiering has been immensely provided through rituals, most potent in patch 3.14. The community discovered that there are six pricing tiers for rituals mirroring the tiers for unique items. This led to the realization that the cost of an item in a ritual (a multiple of a given number usually) indicates its tier. This has been a game-changing revelation towards understanding item rarity.


Tier Correlation

By looking at what it takes to get rewards from rituals (in tribute costs), players have formed correlations with this and the rarity tiers of unique items. Therefore, more accurate placement of particular uniques within the six-tier rarity structure comes about through this correlation.


Case Study: Dark Scorn

For instance, by observing tribute cost associated with Darkscorn inside a ritual window, players were able to see that it is a tier two that can drop anywhere uniques come from. Many unique items have been treated this way and as such people now know which rarities they belong to.


Challenges and Discoveries

Though the tiering system provides insights into rareness of some unique items, it is also problematic. Some rituals and atlas keystones can affect an accurate determination of unique item tiers thus requiring meticulous observation and analysis.

  • Tier 1 Rewards: Tier one rewards are very rare and often contain highly coveted items such as tier zero drop anywhere uniques, rare divination cards, expensive poe currency stacks
  • Tier 2 Rewards:  In a nutshell, these are the definitions of tier 2 rewards and hence their importance in the game. Tier 2 reward items have some value to them although they are not as rare as tier one and include a mix of tier two drop anywhere uniques, divination cards, currency stacks and other valuable items. They offer a chance for players to get what they have been seeking by dint of some kind of ritual.


The Future of Unique Item Tiering

Thanks to the ongoing efforts of Path of Exile community to refine and verify unique item tiers, players can expect to have a well-rounded understanding about how rarity works in terms of items in this game. This allows players keep pace with any changes introduced to unique item distribution and rarity through this evolving system.



Thus, comprehending how unique item tiering is done in PoE 3.23 is an ongoing process that demands careful observation, analysis and interaction among members of the community. By unlocking the mysteries behind unique item rarity, players receive informational tools which improve their gaming experience and readiness for alterations.

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