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PoE 3.23 Crit Venom Gyre Berserker Build: Strength Hacker

Ready to get into Path of Exile with a powerful and exciting build? Then look no further than the PoE 3.23 Crit Venom Gyre Berserker Build! In this guide, we will cover all aspects of this build, its strength, weaknesses, level strategies and endgame mapping tips. Let's come together for this thrilling journey.


PoE 3.23 Crit Venom Gyre Berserker Build: Strength Hacker


Future Leagues than Affliction

This guide is designed for Affliction league but be guaranteed that the principles and strategies covered here are timeless. With time whenever you want to explore other leagues as well as dive into the world of affliction then it is a must read guide as it equips you with knowledge and expertise that will help you become a pro in Path of exile.


PoB Note Section

Before we begin discussing the intricacies of the build, it is important to emphasize on the significance of PoB (Path of Building) Note Section. The whole wealth that you can find in this section involves crafting guides for all necessary items that are required for this development. Furthermore, there are item crafting guide videos separately made for visual learners too. This complete resource will show you how to master this build.


Starting Budget & PoB Gear

First things first – let's talk about financial considerations regarding PoE 3.23 Berserker Build. Bear in mind, however, that when it comes to content at end game, you might need quite some investment here since it may not be cheap indeed. Budget-friendly gear options exist but aspiring players should think over an investment starting from 150-200 chaos orbs at least especially on Affliction league.


Leveling & Starting This Build

You can consider level requirements which lead to optimal performance. It is important to have a good amount of passive skill points for this build to work properly and a minimum of level 90 is suggested so that you can get a rewarding playing experience. Nonetheless, levels 95-97 give an opportunity to access important nodes and optimizations that make it smoother.


General Passive Tree

This is essentially the most powerful and versatile tree that acts as the backbone for this build. It is also strategic in node placement, while emphasizing on strength stacking. This split personalities gems are significant on specific nodes in order to come up with a strong well-rounded skill tree.


PoE 3.23 Crit Venom Gyre Berserker Build Passive Tree


Mapping Tree

The mapping tree focuses on better clearing speeds as well as mobility during fast-paced mapping scenarios. Players can optimize their builds for Legion encounters and expedited mapping runs by carefully selecting passive skills. This build has split shot and long shot, which gives it unmatched coverage and projectile speed.



Berserker is the only choice when it comes to Ascendancy for this Build. This Ascendancy complements its playstyle synergistically. Aspect of Carnage offers huge damage without compromising tankiness of the character. War Bringer guarantees that you have enough Rage all the time resulting in high uptime on Berserk.

PoE 3.23 Crit Venom Gyre Berserker Build Ascendancy

Flawless Savagery adds flat accuracy plus increased critical strike chance. Finally, Blitz Charges come with great attack speed boost though they reduce critical strike chance significantly thus improving overall feeling of this build's damage output.


Skills & Interactions

The stuff that the rest of the build is based around is Venom Gyre. Flat damage focused Venom Gyre works well with a build that aims to stack strength. In terms of single target and clearing speed, this skill has an interaction with fork, additional projectiles and shotgunning which makes it a top option too. There are several support gems such as Fork, Volatility, Awakened Fork and Nightblade one can use to maximize the potential of the skill by barraging enemies with immense projectiles.


Namelocking & Maven Example

Bosses are best dealt with by maximizing Venom Gyre effectiveness through namelocking them. Whirling Blades can be namelocked and moved into position to allow for it to shotgun its projectiles on Venom Gyre's target that deals huge amounts of damage. For instance, when fighting against Maven and Nucleus in the end-game stages, this method greatly helps phase them very quickly by constantly bombarding them with bullets.


Vaal Venom Gyre & Maven Example

To further increase the maximum number of blades as well as turning out more projectiles at once, Vaal Venom Gyre supports damage output. With Vaal Venom Gyre activated, you can prioritize more on Whirling Blades and have them release a constant flow of projectiles that will destroy any opposition. Thus, if combined with the usage of Maven, Vaal Venom Gyre becomes perfect for dealing with even the most dangerous opponents.


How Does Venom Gyre Work?

In order to truly appreciate this build or excel in it, one must understand how venom gyre works. It is through this where one is able to unlock its full potential which includes things like returning blades plus its interactions with namelocking. You can create an unending hailstorm of projectiles that will wipe out any enemy by using Whirling Blades strategically for maximum projectile creation via fork,and so many others.


You Do not Need to Namelock

For mapping purposes, it isn't necessary to namelock or use your Whirling Blades accurately for maximum damage against end-game bosses. This means one can kill regular enemies and rares very fast with this build as it gives a very high clear speed which makes namelocking saved for the most critical moments when you need the highest damage output.


Gear Crafting Guide

PoE 3.23 Crit Venom Gyre Berserker Build Gear


Claw: For this build, we are looking for an attack speed fractured claw. To optimize its effectiveness, we want some specific prefixes and suffixes rolled on it. We will be going for spell damage increases through essences because they scale better on this build. Also, consider flat chaos damage as well as a veiled 15% penetration mod. Crafting of this claw needs one to pay attention to each modifier fitting into the build's demands.


Shield: This build has a perfect shield in form of red blade Banner. Moreover, apart from boosting general strength of the character, it also reduces B’s cry’s cooldowns and provides infinite power. Additionally, look out for a plus one maximum chance to block attack damage roll as a further enhancement to your defenses.


Cheap & Expensive Helmet: During crafting of this helmet, there is need to have increased accuracy rating, an Essence strength roll and an 8% physical damage taken from hits is fire craft. Even though it might seem difficult to make, its defensive advantages completely justify the process.


Chest Plate:  Ideal chest plate for this build is The Iron Fortress. It's a game changer for your character's capabilities as it has unique attributes that synergize well with strength stacking. Do not miss out on chances to make it even better through corruptions.


Gloves & Spell Suppression Cap:  The gloves play an important role in achieving spell suppression cap. These gloves need to be crafted with special attention to get the desired spell suppression level. With great attention to detail and strategic crafting, these gloves will boost your character's resilience immensely.


Boots: Replica Alberon's War Path is the best option if you are looking for boots in this build. It provides scaling for your character and adds considerably to your overall DPS.


Amulet: Perfect amulet crafting involves synthesized percent increased strength plus specific modifiers to maximize strength, crit multi, chaos resistance, life, and non-channeling skills. While this might turn out to be costly, the rewards are priceless.


Rings: Rings are a vital part of this build and there is something for every budget. From fractured chaos resistance rings to synthesized rings with increased strength base, there are various crafting options depending on personal preferences or financial status.


Original Sin: Original Sin ring is one of those items that many players crave as it takes their performance to another level entirely and while most people would say this is an end game upgrade; its impact on the builds DPS and overall effectiveness cannot be overemphasized.


Mageblood & Flasks

Mageblood is the most important part of this build; without it, everything falls apart. The challenge here is that you need specific suffixes on every gear like crit multi , accuracy rating , strength , chaos resistance which really only leaves room for resistances everywhere else making Mageblood necessary for effectively res capping . Ruby/Topaz/Sapphire flasks should be used to increase resistances and reduce elemental damage taken. These flasks not only cap resistances but also provide significant damage reduction.


For optimal flask setup, prioritize increased effect as a prefix on all flasks. While the Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire flasks are mandatory, the fourth flask can either be a Jade flask for increased evasion or a Quicksilver flask for enhanced mobility. The suffixes should aim at evasion rating, movement speed and during effect increased Critical Strike in order to promote defensive abilities and damage output maximization.


Wildwood Ascendancy & Charms

The Wildwood Ascendancy and Charms give a huge boost to Build's effectiveness. These mods focus on getting percent strength and 3% maximum chance to block attack damage rolls for the charms. That is why those mods are needed to support the build's defence.


While the best ones may be too expensive, go for lower percent strength rolls in case of budget setup. Also, look at charms with increased strength plus chance to block attack damage after recent attacks when total strength is low due to gear limitations. As your budget increases and gear improves, aim to transition to charms with 3% maximum chance to block attack damage rolls.


Split Personality & Alternatives

The gems are the lifeblood of this Build that actually determines its strength. If you are going for a Split Personality, then prioritize obtaining a Split Personality with Strength and Dexterity for the longest path to go in the skill tree. This is essential to maximize scaling potential thus it is crucial to invest in it. Moreover, there is need for a Strength/Intelligence Split Personality for satisfying the intelligence requirements of gem setups.


Meanwhile, alternatively, avoid strength/intelligence splitting personalities as they tend to be more expensive because of Mana requirement due to this consider other options like intelligence/evasion rating or intelligence/life up until you can afford an ideal Split Personalities.


Other Jewels

Inertia Jewel in a specific socket transforms notable nodes into strength nodes thereby boosting overall strength on this setup. Emperor's Mastery would be another skill that may increase global defences and attributes.

PoE 3.23 Crit Venom Gyre Berserker Build Jewels

When it comes to Watcher's Eye choose mods that enhance evasion or ones which make purity of elements grant chaos resistances. Additionally, think about adding "The Third which was taken" Jewel providing banner skills without reservation and chance to inflict wither as added utility.


Timeless Jewel & How to Find One

This build is completely different when using Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel which offers increased strength on every node within the circle. Try to find combinations that give optimal gains in strength and use "Find Timeless Jewel" functionality so as to select appropriate choices based on budget limitations.


Outro & Final Thoughts

To master PoE 3.23 Crit Venom Gyre Berserker Build requires attention to details and strategic approach when selecting gear, jewels and flasks. Reveal all nuances of Mageblood, Wildwood Ascendancy, Split Personalities and others while building up your character''s potential in order to unleash full potential of this formidable build.

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