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How to Solve TFT Discord Drama and PoE Trade Troubles?

Path of Exile is a game that has always banked on its intricate economy and the artful trading involving its players. Nevertheless, with the recent drama revolving around The Forbidden Trove (TFT) Discord and continuing trade problems in PoE 3.23, the community has gone haywire. Let's pull apart these strings and consider what can be done to smoothen out the nicks and crannies in PoE's barter quilt.


How to Solve TFT Discord Drama and PoE Trade Troubles?



TFT Discord which boasts of 500k members is a platform where bulk trading mirror services, and other in-game transactions take place. Consider it as the bustling marketplace of POE where compasses change hands with beasts faster than you say Chaos Orb.


The drama started when one player fell out with TFT management. It escalated into bans and public outcry. It became worse when a popular community figure was banned sparking debates about power dynamics within community-run trading platforms.



PoE trade system has long been a wild west, with third-party websites like plugging gaps that game developers left open on their end. But as with any system that relies heavily on community-run services, there are bound to be hiccups.


The following are some primary problems that players face:

  • Official trade site does not have an option for bulk trading some items
  • Difficulties in dealing specific kind of beasts or other niche items
  • Inefficient procedures when handling large quantities of goods



It is obvious that something must change so as to reduce reliance on third-party platforms like TFT. Here are some recommendations for Grinding Gear Games (GGG) to consider for addressing this situation:

  1. Stackable Items: Make certain items like compasses to be stackable, thus simplifying the process of trading in bulk.
  2. Beast Trading on Official Site: Incorporate beast trading into the official website, streamlining the process.
  3. Improved Search Functions: Improve search functions for things such as influenced maps or contracts to facilitate easy bulk purchases.
  4. Itemized Betrayal Services: Make betrayal services itemized so that trade experience can be more transparent.
  5. Community Engagement: Engage with the community to understand their needs and incorporate feedback into official trade platforms


PoE 3.23 Trading Chart



The recent TFT drama and ongoing trade challenges have shone a spotlight on the need for GGG to take a more active role in shaping PoE trading landscape. Addressing these issues head-on will ensure that the game's economy remains strong and accessible for all players.


Looking ahead for future updates and improvements it is important as a community that we continue to contribute constructively and support the evolution of PoE’s trading system. It is only through cooperative efforts that an in-game economy can be attained that is fair, efficient, fun filled to all participants.



Drama may come up in any large community but it is the reaction to these issues which determines how healthy the ecosystem is. With well-thought-out solutions and proactive steps, these hiccups may turn out to be stepping stones towards a better Path of Exile for everyone involved.

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