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PoE Trade Drama: Asmongold Insights and Potential Solutions

Trading in Path of Exile has been a topic of controversy recently. Asmongold unveils the trade drama that is happening in PoE and presents an unusual point of view regarding the problems at hand. This guide seeks to decipher this matter, scrutinize community&" height="540" width="100%">39;s reactions, and provide proposals on how to improve the trading system in PoE.


PoE Trade Drama: Asmongold Insights and Potential Solutions


The Heart of the Matter

At the heart of this contention is The Forbidden Trove (TFT), a private Discord server that boasts over half a million members. It is a place where you can buy & sell things for Path of Exile or simply chat about the game with your friends or strangers from all over the globe. According to Asmongold TFT was initially just another brokering platform but later turned into something like monopoly that could affect the economy of PōEs.


Community Reactions

However, the controversy went up a notch when some prominent community members were banned from TFT on rather questionable grounds. These incidences have sparked heated debates within POE's trading community concerning power dynamics as well as objectivity it might hold. He described it as being opaque while likening it to similar issues faced by other online games.


Proposed Solutions

In order to reduce reliance on third-party platforms such as TFT, Asmongold suggests specific suggestions that could be made by Grinding Gear Games (GGG), POE developers:

  • Introduce currency auction house in order to make path of exile currency trading easier.
  • Allowing some in-game items like essences and divination cards to be stackable or searchable in bulk on official trade site for ease of transaction.
  • Change the way certain services are offered so that they can now be swapped directly through gameplay menu without going through any other means.



The controversies surrounding trade within Path of Exile need intervention by its creators for them to have an enjoyable and fair system. Asmongold' s response brings attention to the issue and promotes constructive discussion among members. It is now up to GGG to address these concerns and work towards a more robust and user-friendly trading system.


On one hand, this trade dispute has created some anxiety amongst players, but on another hand, it gives GGG the chance to streamline Poes economy. Therefore, by listening to the feedback from its players and adjusting where necessary, GGG can build a better in-game market that truly reflects their vision for player interaction and economic intricacy.

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