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PoE 3.23 High-End Map Rolling Strategies: Truly Rewarding Map Runs

Welcome to the final word in high-end map rolling for PoE 3.23. If you are looking to juice your maps and gain maximum efficiency and returns, you have come to the right place. This guide takes a closer look at a technique that combines Abyss and Legion mechanics from Affliction league into very rewarding map runs for players.



PoE 3.23 High-End Map Rolling Strategies: Truly Rewarding Map Runs


Acquiring Your Base Maps

First of all, ensure you have enough base maps that you will use. For this strategy, we'll consider Jungle Valley. Usually Tier 16 maps are chosen for their higher base item levels, however tier 14 ones can also be used as they're more challenging due to Affliction League mechanics.


Preparing Your Maps

  • Identify And Sort: Identify All your Maps. Get rid of the mirrored or corrupted maps as they cannot be altered further.
  • Horizon Orbs: Use Horizon Orbs on non-Jungle Valley maps to make them become your desired base map. This can be an alternative if there is no favorable market for your specific base map.
  • Quality Improvement: Increase the quality of your maps to 20% using Cartographer's Chisels. In case you happen to come across such high-quality maps via monster drop, also take them as extra.


Rolling for Rarity and Mods

  • Alchemy and Chaos Spam: Change all normal maps into magic with orbs of alchemy then roll chaos spamming till when you reach some desired mods like these strategy aims at having monsters who can fire two additional projectiles on these maps.
  • Exalt Slamming: Add other mods on those maps which are close to what you desire by using Exalted Orbs sparingly.


Delirium Orbs and Corruption

  • Delirium Orbs: Add one Delirium Orb of any type to each map only. Currency Delirium Orbs are preferred because they balance cost against potential rewards.
  • Corruption: Lastly, corrupt your maps with Vaal Orbs. The following is the possible outcome of this step:
    • Unidentified maps with preserved mods
    • Maps with improved mods or tier upgrades
    • Bricked maps with less desirable outcomes


Final Touches

  • Sorting and Planning: Sort your corrupted maps based on their outcomes. Some may be perfect for running immediately, while others might require additional planning or could be sold for profit.
  • Running Your Maps: You finally have your juice map in hand; time to go into the content; remember that depending on league mechanics and personal preferences, strategies may differ.


Tips and Reminders

  • Efficiency: This process can take a lot of time. Consider breaking it down into manageable sessions.
  • Resource Management: Keep track of what you are spending on orbs and other resources so that you are sure you will get desired profits from them.
  • Market Watch: Keep updated on the prices of Delirium Orbs and Exalted Orbs in the market as these can greatly affect your expenses.
  • League Mechanics: Adapt your strategy according to the current league mechanics for optimal results.


While this guide provides a framework for high-end map rolling, remember that Path of Exile is a game of RNG and flexibility. There can be deviations in performance, which change with its dynamic economy. Whether farming Abyss, targeting Legion generals, or enjoying high-level mapping thrills alone, this guide aims at improving your Path of Exile experience.

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