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PoE Voidstones Ultimate Guide: Basic, Using and Getting

Path of Exile 2024 has sent you forth to tame the Atlas, and its secrets include whispers about the mysterious voidstone. These little treasures stand between you and a more empowered endgame experience; forget about grinding levels, this is it! However, how can you obtain these elusive things in the first place? Never fear; this guide will show you the way to obtaining your desired voidstones.


PoE Voidstones Ultimate Guide: Basic, Using and Getting


What Are Voidstones in Path of Exile?

VoidStones are Quest items that raise map tiers (and thus unlock higher lvl challenges/loot) on your atlas. They add that extra flavor to your late game meals like an ingredient with secret sauce. This is a breakdown:

  • First Voidstone: Increases all maps on your atlas by 3 tiers.
  • The Rest of Them: Each next stone adds 4 additional levels (+4).


Do remember, however, that there is a limit in place! No matter how many VoidStones you insert into your map device - or otherwise use to 'socket' – they won't make any difference beyond Tier 16 ! It's like having a governor fitted onto one's automobile; no matter how much gas pushed through the carburetor opens up the throttle plate, one can only go so fast with such an engine.


How to Get Your Hands on Voidstones in Path of Exile?

The bosses drop some tough rewards including voidstones. Let us go through the bosses themselves and then trace their trails:


1. Searing Exarch & Eater of Worlds:

  • Upon entering any tier 6+ map, upgrade your map device.
  • Summon the Maven to watch you fight the boss.
  • Reach Atlas tiers (8-16) by following envoys' quests.
  • After the 11th tier, meet such mini-bosses as Infinite Hunger and Black Star.
  • Complete tier 16 in order to face Searing Exarch or Eater of Worlds for Voidstones they possess.


2. Maven:

  • Defeat level 83 Maven's Crucible encounters or complete certain arena fights to earn Maven's Crescent Splinters.
  • To engage with Maven, you'll need ten splinters.
  •  Mind that failing at the battle will require collecting shards anew.


3. Uber Elder:

  • Shaper's and Elder's bosses have fragments which provide access to their lairs when combined together during end game content.
  • You will require two sets of each fragment (four in total) in order to access Uber Elder encounter
  • On one side horizon orbs can be manipulated on maps in order to obtain shapers fragments but not elder ones.


Tips and Tricks for Aspiring Voidstone Holders

  • Quest Progression: Always follow envoy's quests pave. This does not mean skipping steps makes it faster than it is normally done this way.
  • Failing Bosses: If you are unsuccessful against a major or minor boss, just go back again into that specific required map for another shot at some point later on,
  • Destructive Play Keystone: This Atlas Keystone offers players easy access to both Uber Elder and Maven Encounters
  • Trading: When luck is just not on your side, trading with other players might help you get those much-needed items.


Beyond Voidstones: Other Endgame Enhancements

Although voidstones are good game changer there are other notable upgrades;

  • Sextants – Roll them onto voidstones for extra mods on the maps.
  • Five-Way Atlas Device – This is unlocked by completing domain of timeless conflict using 4 different timeless emblems.
  • Favorite Maps - Defeat Voidstone bosses and complete specific endgame encounters to earn slots for these.


Final Thoughts

Voidstones are not just an ultimate door to a higher level of the game; they're a confirmation of your expertise in Path of Exile's complex endgame. This guide is for both experienced players and new ones, and it will be of great help to you when you decide to step into the game.

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