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Last Epoch Review: A New Competitor In the ARPG Scene

Are you an ardent fan of action-RPGs (ARPG) and looking for your next addiction? Try Last Epoch which has emerged from a five-year Early Access cocoon. This review will look at what the game offers from its gameplay and mechanics to its endgame content and overall experience.


Last Epoch Review: A New Competitor In the ARPG Scene



Last Epoch begins with an around 20 hours campaign that initially seems like it is on course to be different but ends up following clichés. Being unafraid to acknowledge these influences, such as Chrono Trigger among others, it struggled in setting any emotional investment toward its narrative. Nonetheless, this journey through the title's campaign is only a means to an end; it is a ticket into something far more scintillating – the Endgame.


Character Customization

One of the game's most applauded aspects is its skill system which strikes a fine balance between being novices' friendly while offering customization paradise for veterans. The very fact that there are 5 classes base classes that then divide into 3 subclasses makes picking one class dizzying enough.


Different characters feel unique and make players come back for multiple playthroughs whether you are raising an army of undead creatures as Necromancer or raining arrows down your enemies as Marksman.


Crafting System

The crafting system in Last Epoch can only be described as amazing. It allows players to improve their gear by using glyphs or scrolls or even changing them entirely. This mechanic not only adds depth to your collection of loot but also encourages you to adapt your character's build so that they may work together better with some interesting findings.


Endgame Content

Monoliths of Fate are the central focus of Last Epoch's endgame. These procedurally generated challenges have a roguelike twist, as each trip through the monoliths is accompanied by different modifiers that increase its difficulty and reward players with unique loots. The system works to keep gameplay fresh and interesting, ensuring that even extremely strong builds will be tested.


Technical Performance

Although Last Epoch offers a solid ARPG experience, it does have some technical issues. Occasionally, there may be clunky portal systems or even random bugs affecting online multiplayer. Whenever this happens during the game play flow it disrupts and you might find yourself preferring to play offline so as to avoid such things altogether.



It is also important to note that Last Epoch includes microtransactions for cosmetic purposes. However, these are optional and do not alter the gameplay in any way. Full experience can be had without needing more money put into it.



Last Epoch is an ambitious title which links the simplicity of Diablo I with complexity of Path of Exile. It has extensive customization options and an engaging endgame content standing on its own merit. Although it has drawbacks like poorly executed storytelling and technical problems, if you love ABRPG, Last Epoch is worth trying out.

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