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Last Epoch 1.0 Build: Dive Bomb Explosive Ballista Falconer

Are you prepared to bring down destruction from above with a build that is as explosive as it is thrilling? In Last Epoch 1.0, falcon bomber is your one-way ticket to an amazing exhibition of power, combining explosive ballista and deep dive skills for nothing short of an explosion. While this isn't the most straightforward thing to do, there is something about obliterating enemies that makes it very satisfying. So strap on and let's take a look at some mechanics that will make your Falcon Bomber fly!


Last Epoch 1.0 Build: Dive Bomb Explosive Ballista Falconer


Key Mechanics

Understanding how the Falcon Bomber works is important here. This build revolves around synergy between your explosive ballista and dive bomb skills. Waste enemies everywhere with a timely rotation of traps, dodges, aerial assaults – all dependent on your positioning.


Your specific passives cause your minions' damage to scale with them; thus one should put more emphasis on his dexterity stats .But be warned; when corruption gets high, defense could become a weak point even though using aggression may prove effective in combat at lower corruption tiers.



Begin the journey towards power by choosing appropriate passives .In particular , steady hand and agility are must-haves as these unlock further abilities in the falconer tree .As you progress , keep balancing between offensive ones such as deflect or weave that would keep you alive through your aerial onslaughts .

Last Epoch 1.0 Falcon Bomber Build Passives



Your choice of skills determines how you play this game. Smoke bomb and shift provide evasion while explosive trap and dive bomb bring out true damage dealing potential in you . Those who put points into shadow falcons together with dive bomb see huge gains hence leveling up their ballista will ensure a slight edge in a fight.

Last Epoch 1.0 Falcon Bomber Build Skills



That's where gear comes into the equation . For maximum damage, look for items that increase critical strike chance and dexterity. This build heavily relies on Talons of Valor bow and Morning Frost boots. However, don't forget about your defences; equipment with health and resistance stats will keep you alive longer.

Last Epoch 1.0 Falcon Bomber Build Gear


Idols & Blessings

Idols must include extra life and resistances to complement your gear while blessings like grand emptiness of ash as well as grand survival hailed as a savior could improve your survivability along with crit multi respectively.



Positioning is everything when it comes to gameplay rotation. Keep enemies at the edge of the screen for effective clearing. When targeting only one enemy, start up by throwing smoke bomb then apply explosive trap group shots; dodge when necessary using shift before executing devastating dive bombs causing massive damage. Mind how mana is spent in order to maintain damage rotation at this level.



The combination of speed, raw power, and tactical play in the Falcon Bomber build is absolutely intoxicating. While there are learning curves involved, the outcome is a character who can deal insane amounts of damage and tackle Last Epoch's toughest challenges head-on. If you think you're up for it and want to be king of the skies try playing with Falcon Bomber – they wait their master!

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