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Path of Exile Survival Guide 2024: Essential Tips & Tricks

Explore Path of Exile's endgame like a pro with our extensive guide! Vital tips, keeping yourself alive, dealing damage effectively, surviving the Endgame Progression, Trading, Build Comparing Trade Tools... and so much more. So let us drop down to the essentials and transform your struggles into successes.


Path of Exile Survival Guide 2024: Essential Tips & Tricks


PoE Rookies'Essential Info

Before you start to mow through countless enemies in this game, you must first take these three fundamental steps: 

  • Follow a build guide: Not only will your enjoyment be enhanced by it instead of being spoiled but pick any character archetype that sparks up your excitement, type PoE beginner build after its name during your online search and you’re all set. Websites such as Max R.G. are treasure chests full of these guides.
  • Download Path of Building: This tool is indispensable for planning out your passive skill tree as well as comprehending the potential of your selected character. Even if you’re not one for guides, you should at least use this tool to map out your passive skills.
  • Grab a loot filter: Visit and create a personalized loot filter that matches up with how you play the game perfectly. Utilizing this particular filter will clear up all unnecessary items on your screen when dropped by enemies allowing you to focus on valuable loot.


General Tips for Navigating PoE

Tweak around with some settings early on during gameplay so things can go smoothly:

  • Skill Placement: Once you finish off those zombies in front of you immediately assign specific skills to their corresponding color sockets then move ‘move only'button over to left-click.
  • UI Tweaks: Make sure options like ‘always show sockets'and ‘always highlight flasks'are activated under the interface section within settings.
  • Flask Management: Keep using those flasks – they recharge whenever an enemy is defeated.
  • Skill Focus: Select one main skill then maximize its power through support gems and gear.
  • Crafting Bench: You can find this bench within your hideout, so use it to add essential stats such as resistances to your gear when needed.
  • Movement Skills: Skills like Frost Blink are perfect for swiftly moving around the game map. Make sure you keep them at a reasonable level and not over or under upgrade them.
  • Currency Conservation: Valuable currencies such as Chaos Orbs should be saved for later use instead of spending them all at once early on in-game.


How to Die Less in PoE?

Dying is completely normal but let's try to reduce it:

  • Resistances Cap: Fire, cold, lightning resistances must always be at 75%. Utilize jewelry slots to strengthen these stats as much as possible.
  • Health Points are Important: Do everything you can do maintain a healthy life pool. By the end of the campaign aim for around 3,000 lives within your health gauge.
  • Armor and Evasion: Invest in either armor or evasion depending on where your build is located on the passive tree, or even both if necessary.
  • Leech Life and Mana: Include leech in your build so that whenever damage dealt recovers both health and mana back for you.
  • Bleed Immunity: A life flask that removes bleed or an appropriate Pantheon power selected will grant immunity from bleeding effects.
  • Adjust Contents Depending On Your Struggles: If after doing all these tips mentioned prior you’re still finding it difficult to continue scaling up content difficulty then you may need to take a step back and lower things down a bit.


How to Deal More Damage in PoE?

If enemies are feeling too tough:

  • Efficient Support Gems: Link primary skills with support gems that complement its damage type.
  • Damage Nodes: Start selecting efficient damage-increasing nodes on the passive tree.
  • Upgrade Weapons Regularly: Do not leave behind your weapons as you progress through the game. They still significantly contribute to your damage output.
  • Four Links Minimum: As soon as you hit Act 3, try to have your primary skill within a four-link setup at least.
  • Damage Auras: If boosting damage output is what you’re after then go ahead and use auras like Hatred or Wrath even if that means some mana reservation will be lost..
  • Path of Building Consultation: Utilize this helpful tool to ferret out which nodes will give you the most bang for your buck!


What to do after beating the story?

You've already killed all gods and monsters in your path, so what comes next? The endgame waits, promising character upgrades for those that seek them. If you're not a fan of optimizing characters, then PoE might not be your game. But if you are like us, here's what you need to know:

  • Step 1: Import your character.
  • Step 2: Settings tweaks under the "configuration" tab.
  • Step 3: Combat skills and DPS categories exploration. Not sure? Randomize and research using PoE Wiki or your build guide.

Pay attention to two important stats: Combined DPS (damage per second) for Offense and Effective hit pool for defense. Keep in mind these aren't gospel, but they'll give you a good start.


How to trade?

Trading is vital for expensive gear acquisition — visit and get ready to hunt!

PoE Trading

  • Weapons: Pick weapon type and set physical DPS minimum. Set chaos orb limits so you don't break the bank.
  • Armor: Movement speed on boots is important; balance it with life and resistances. For body armor, six links are best ‚— filter base types with colors you need.

Pro tip: Use "~" key for smart searches and sort by highest value for good deals.


Build Comparisons Using POE.NINJA


Want to compare builds? Here's how:

  • Choose class (or main skill).
  • Sort by DPS (take with grain of salt), but look at SSF league builds for more realistic goals.
  • Copy other builds into PoE import function in-game; compare common trends against yours.


Awakened PoE Trade Tool

Awakened tool alone has saved many exiles countless hours of search time thanks to its Ctrl + D item valuation shortcut — though it's not always accurate, it's still a great tool to have in your endgame toolkit.


Maps Overview

Maps are the key to starting PoE's endgame:

  • Start at tier 1 (monster level 68) and climb to tier 16 (level 83).
  • Maps come in three difficulties: white, yellow and red.
  • Completing map objectives earns points for Atlas passive tree — yes, theres another skill tree!


Remember, Exiles, Path of Exile is not only complex but intricate with endless possibilities. With these tips you should be ready to challenge Wraeclast head on. Good luck, exiles! Equip yourself wisely, strategize your build and let the thrill of conquest be your guide. 

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