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Fallout 76 Snow Master EndGame Build

Welcome to the Snow Master build guide for Fallout 76! This build is designed to be an end game build, and is perfect for those looking for a high DPS, low health build. Not only is this build great for end game content, but it is also incredibly versatile, allowing you to switch up your perks and gear depending on your playstyle. In this guide, LOLTANK will go over the legendary and regular perks, gear, mutations and more that make this build a great choice for anyone looking for a high damage, low health build. 



Fallout 76 Snow Master EndGame Build


Legendary Perks: 

For this build, the legendary perks are all about boosting your damage and staying alive. We recommend Luck, Endurance, Intelligence, and Agility. This particular set of legendary perks will give you a great balance of damage and survivability. 


Regular Perks: 

For regular perks, we recommend Lock and Load, Heavy Gunner, Demolition Expert, and Revenant. This will give you a great mix of damage, tankiness and special effects. We also suggest taking some Carry Weight, Stabilized, Concentrated Fire and Grenadier in order to make the most of your build. 



For this build, the main weapon is a Cryolator. We recommend a two-shot variant, with Crystallizing Barrel, Compensating Stock, and Glow Sights modifications. For armor, any set of Power Armor will do, although we recommend using a Mind Paint design to give yourself additional cryo resistance. We also recommend having some Scout Banners on hand, as well as Toxic Goo and Freezer Grenades to self-revive. 



For mutations, we recommend Adrenal Reaction, Bad Bones, Eagle Eyes, Herbivore, Inherited Mentality, Speed Demon, and Nerd Rage. This combination of mutations will give you a great mix of damage, crit damage, and reload speed. 



This build excels in both PvE and PvP, allowing you to use your Cryolator to freeze and cripple your enemies. The build is incredibly tanky, allowing you to stay alive in the toughest of fights. The build also works great for events, allowing you to quickly tag enemies. Finally, the build is also great for taking down Legendary Scorch Beasts and Super Mutants, allowing you to quickly and easily dispatch them. 

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