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Last Epoch Ladders: New and Improved System in Patch 0.91

Last Epoch, the action RPG developed by EHG, is introducing an exciting new feature in its upcoming patch, 0.91 - Ladders. Ladders offer players a sense of progression, competition, and accomplishment by tracking and comparing their progress in the game's endless arena. In this guide, we will explore the details of the revised ladder system, its categories, filtering options, and future potential, as well as provide insights and thoughts on the current state of ladders in Last Epoch.


Last Epoch Ladders: New and Improved System in Patch 0.91


Revised Ladder System

With the launch of patch 0.9 and the introduction of multiplayer, EHG realized the need to revise the ladder system to accommodate the changes in data and support new features. In patch 0.91, the first version of the revised ladder system will be introduced, focusing on tracking and sharing progress through the arena.


Categories and Filtering Options

The new ladder system in Last Epoch will feature several categories to track progress against other players and groups in the endless arena. The ladder will be split between softcore and hardcore modes, as well as account-bound and group-size divisions. This ensures that when comparing progress, players will always be on equal footing with others in the same category.


Additionally, players will have the option to filter the ladders by class, allowing them to see how they stack up against others playing the same class and observe the skills they are utilizing. However, to maintain competition, full builds will not be revealed, preserving the competitive nature of the ladder and keeping players' strategic choices a secret.


Redesigned User Interface (UI)

To enhance the ladder experience, Last Epoch is introducing a redesigned ladder UI that is easier to navigate. The new UI will provide clear information about ladder rankings, displaying the wave level, player names, classes, and skills being used. This streamlined presentation allows players to quickly assess their progress and compare it to others in their chosen ladder category.


Future Developments

While the ladder system in patch 0.91 will focus on tracking arena wave progress, EHG has plans to expand its capabilities in future updates. The team aims to incorporate features such as tracking monolith progression, experience, corruption events, and more. This continuous development will provide players with new opportunities to engage with the ladder system and further their competitive experiences in Last Epoch.


Considerations and Thoughts

While ladders are an exciting addition to Last Epoch, it's important to note that the game's balance and potential bugs may impact the ladder experience. Currently, some players might achieve high rankings using overpowered or bugged builds, creating an uneven playing field. Until these issues are addressed, it's advisable to approach ladders with a sense of fun rather than intense competition. As the game evolves and balance improves, the ladder system will become a more reliable indicator of skill and progression.



Ladders are making their return to Last Epoch in patch 0.91, allowing players to track and compare their progress in the endless arena. The revised ladder system offers different categories, filtering options, and a redesigned UI, enabling players to engage in healthy competition. While acknowledging potential balance issues, Last Epoch's developers remain committed to refining and expanding the ladder system in the future, making it an integral part of the game's competitive experience.

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