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How to Create Path of Exile Magic Find Solo Self-Found League Build?

We will explore how to create a Magic Find (MF) character in a Solo Self-Found (SSF) league in Path of Exile. We have chosen the Dead Eye ascendancy with Lightning Arrow as our hero, as it offers a potent combination, especially for SSF play. The Lightning Arrow skill can be used from level 12, allowing us to progress without changing our skills and gear after completing the campaign. We will also utilize the Artillery Ballista skill to enhance our single target damage. 

How to Create Path of Exile Magic Find Solo Self-Found League Build?


Step 1: Acquiring Unique Items with Increased Quantity and Rarity

In an SSF league, obtaining unique items and Poe Currency with increased item quantity and rarity can be challenging. In our articles, we discuss a strategy to overcome this obstacle. We start by creating a plan for our Atlas progression, which is crucial for determining map drops and encounters.

  • Focusing on Kurgal missions: Completing Kurgal missions will speed up our overall progress.
  • Prioritizing Heist and Ritual mechanics: Heist offers the opportunity to find unique items through contracts, especially with Engineering and Brute Force modifiers. Ritual is a versatile mechanic that can yield valuable rewards.
  • Influencing the Atlas: We strategically block certain mechanics and use the Stream of Consciousness passive to ensure that Heist and Ritual encounters appear frequently in our maps.


Atlas Tree


Step 2: Crafting and Upgrading Gear

While progressing through the game, we aim to find at least one or two items with increased item quantity and rarity. These initial items will form the foundation of our build and expedite acquiring the necessary gear.

Here's an overview of our gear progression:

  • Five-linking our gear: We prioritize obtaining a five-linked bow from Ritual encounters, allowing us to deal more damage.
  • Optimizing the build: We can increase our overall damage output by converting our Wristbreaker with the Precise Technique modifier into a Critical Strike variant.
  • Utilizing rare and unique items: We stumble upon unique items like Redblade Banner and Greed's Embrace, which contribute to our MF character's effectiveness.
  • Incorporating a specialized amulet: We find an amulet that significantly increases item quantity and rarity, further enhancing our magic find capabilities.


PoB Link


Step 3: Engaging in Heist Mechanics and Map Grinding

With a solid foundation of gear and increased magic find stats, we continue our journey by delving into the Heist mechanic and grinding maps to obtain valuable loot.

  • Heist contracts: We accumulate and complete contracts, particularly those with Engineering and Brute Force modifiers, as they have a higher chance of containing unique item chests.
  • Deception contracts: We prioritize quick and easy Deception contracts to maintain a steady progression.
  • Map progression and customization: We adapt our Atlas strategy, replacing Heist with Blight, as we no longer need the former. We invest skill points in Strong Boxes and Essences to obtain valuable scarabs and crafting materials.


Step 4: Continual Improvement and Finding Loot

As we progress, we focus on refining our character and obtaining more valuable loot.

  • Additional Divine Orbs: While Divine Orbs might not be essential for our current needs, they can prove valuable in the future.
  • Six-link gear: We acquire a powerful six-linked armor through a Geomancer's Incubator, which helps us obtain our first Void Stones.
  • Building a strong character: We aim to optimize our character for Tier 11 Towers, allowing us to handle challenging content and increase our chances of obtaining the desired Headhunter unique item.
  • Divination Distillate Flask: We find a useful flask that enhances our magic find capabilities.
  • Further unique item acquisitions: We continue to find unique items like Inspired Learning, which enrich our character's power.



Building a Magic Find character in a Solo Self-Found league requires a strategic approach and perseverance. By following our guide, you can create a character that excels in finding valuable loot. Remember, luck plays a role, but focusing on mechanics that offer unique item rewards significantly improves your chances of success. We hope you found this guide helpful and wish you the best of luck in your Path of Exile adventures!

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