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Path of Exile Guide: Crafting and Upgrading Gear for Magic Find Build

Greetings, Exiles! In this guide, we'll focus on crafting and upgrading gear for a Magic Find (MF) build in Path of Exile. MF characters are essential in Solo Self-Found (SSF) leagues, allowing you to accumulate Poe currency and find valuable items more easily. Join me on this journey as we delve into crafting techniques, optimizing gear, and mapping strategies to maximize your chances of finding precious loot. Let's get started!

Path of Exile Guide: Crafting and Upgrading Gear for Magic Find Build


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Crafting a Bow

To begin, we need a new bow for our MF build. Start by finding a base with desirable stats, such as increased attack speed. Utilize Essence crafts to improve the bow's stats. Once you have a satisfactory base, use the crafting bench to add prefixes that can't be changed. Proceed to The Syndicate, block the highway modifier, and hope for a favorable outcome. Double damage is a solid choice. Finally, benchcraft increased attack speed to enhance the bow's effectiveness.


Amulet and Belt Upgrade

Replace your previous amulet with a Shaper-influenced one to gain increased quantity of items found. Utilize Essence crafts to enhance its stats. Look for amulets with higher fire resistance to address any shortcomings. Additionally, acquire Bisco's Leash as a belt choice, which provides quantity of items found, cold resistance, strength, and the useful Rampage modifier.


Crafting a Helmet

Find a fractured base for your helmet crafting. Begin with alteration spam to obtain a suffix with increased Rarity of items found, preferably T2 or higher. Use a Regal Orb to add a random modifier. Block unwanted modifiers through benchcrafting, and then utilize an Eldritch Chaos Orb to reroll prefixes. Finally, perform an Exalted Slam for an extra modifier, and benchcraft if needed.


Gloves Selection

Consider Greed or Speed when choosing gloves for your build. Must-have Gloves like "I Must Touch" provide quantity of items found, while alternatives like "Km's Spirit" can offer different benefits. Evaluate your build's needs and select the gloves that best suit your playstyle.


Ring and Elegant Hubris

Unfortunately, due to attribute constraints, you may not be able to use certain rings like the one you found. However, Elegant Hubris with Supreme Ostentation can be a useful option. Consider rerolling it using Divine Orbs, although the chances of obtaining the desired modifiers are slim. Persistence is key in your search for increased Rarity of items found nodes.


Obtaining Inspired Learning

To acquire the essential unique Jewel, Inspired Learning, you'll need a specific divination card and plenty of yellow juice. Keep farming until you gather enough resources and complete the requirements.


Mapping Strategies

Atlas Tree:

Now that you've upgraded your gear, it's time to focus on mapping strategies. The Atlas setup for an MF build typically includes wandering path, mechanics that increase monster count (breach, Legion, and Abyss), harvest points for juice, and some Syndicate encounters for Wing scarabs. Utilize orb of alchemy and go when resources are limited, but aim for chisels, alchemy orbs, and chaos orbs to achieve at least 80% item quantity. Combine reliquary, divination, Legion, breach, Abyss, or Harbinger scarabs to maximize your chances of finding valuable loot. Abyss on the map device and Sextants can also provide extra monster spawns.



Congratulations! You have crafted and upgraded your gear for an MF build and optimized your mapping strategies. Remember that MF characters in SSF leagues are valuable for accumulating currency and finding the necessary items for your main build. While the journey might not always grant you the elusive Headhunter, the experience and rewards along the way are worthwhile. Keep refining your gear, exploring new builds, and embarking on exciting journeys in Path of Exile. 

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