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New World Season 2 Update Reignites the MMO: Discover the Thrilling Blood of the Sands

New World, an MMO game developed by Amazon Games, has seen a resurgence in player numbers due to the recent release of Season 2: Blood of the Sands. In this guide, we will discuss the current state of New World, the major updates in Season 2, and what players can expect in the future. Whether you are a new player or a returning one, we will explore whether now is the right time to jump back into the game.


New World Season 2 Update Reignites the MMO: Discover the Thrilling Blood of the Sands


What are Seasons in New World?

Before diving into Season 2, it's important to understand what seasons mean in New World. Unlike other games where seasons signify character level resets, in New World, each season represents a major update that introduces new content to the game. Season 2 is the latest big update, bringing various exciting features and changes.


Raids and Raid Groups

With Season 2, the game introduces raid groups that allow up to 20 players to join forces. Previously limited to five players, this expansion opens up new possibilities for cooperative gameplay. The highlight of raid groups is the epic encounter with the SandWorm, which promises to be a challenging and thrilling fight. While the rewards for defeating the Sand Worm might not be as impressive as expected, it remains a major content update.


Additionally, Season 2 brings the Hatchery, a 10-person encounter that offers a more casual experience compared to the Sand Worm fight. Although the rewards for the Hatchery are decent but not exceptional, it still provides valuable end-game content to enjoy with raid groups.


Moreover, the Siege of Sulfur event supports raid groups and offers a unique twist on open-world content. This event allows up to 10 players to defend against angry earth mobs, providing an opportunity for large-scale cooperation. The rewards for this event are also worthwhile.


Siege of Sulfur Event

The Siege of Sulfur event adds a unique twist to open-world content. It involves 10 players interacting with a Mage, triggering the spawning of angry Earth mobs. The objective is to defend the eggs from the enemy mobs. This event is not limited to a fixed group size, allowing flexibility in the number of players participating. The rewards for this event are also noteworthy.


New PvP Features

Season 2 introduces several changes for PvP players. The most significant addition is the cross-server Outpost Rush, which enables players to play this PvP mode with others from different servers within the same region. This feature enhances matchmaking and offers a more diverse pool of opponents. Additionally, a new 3v3 Arena map is introduced, and improvements are made to the PvP reward track, providing better gear rewards.


Season Pass and Skins

With Season 2 comes the Season Pass, which functions similarly to a battle pass system. It offers both free and premium versions, with the premium version costing around $20. While some players raise concerns about the season pass being pay-to-win, the rewards mainly consist of cosmetic items and tokens for transmogrification (transmog). Transmog allows players to change the appearance of their equipment without altering its stats. Transmog tokens are available halfway through Season 2.


Other Seasonal Events and New Zone

Season 2 also brings back the Summer Medleyfaire event, which caters to players interested in fishing, musical instruments, and a more relaxed atmosphere . The event offers enjoyable activities and unique rewards. Additionally, the removal of the first light zone is announced, making way for a new zone in Season 3. Although the new zone is not accessible until Season 3, it generates excitement for future content.


Game Improvements

Apart from the new content, New World has made significant improvements since its release. Levelling has become faster and more enjoyable, quest variety has increased, and end-game progression is now more accessible. The introduction of the gypsum system allows players to target specific items and increase expertise, improving the end-game experience. Quality of life enhancements, such as the dungeon finder, reduced fast travel costs, gear sets, connected storage sheds, and the ability to open the inventory on the move, have made the game more player-friendly.


Areas of Improvement

Despite the positive changes, some areas still require attention. Crafting in New World can be tedious and requires extensive setup, including New World specific gear, trophies, and buffs. The crafting process often involves significant RNG, which may frustrate players. Additionally, the end game can feel gate-kept due to various gear requirements for mutated Expeditions and Wars. Progression in both PvE and PvP can be hindered by the reliance on RNG drops and the lack of straightforward paths to obtain desired items.


The Future: Season 3 Expansion

Looking ahead, Season 3 is anticipated to be a major expansion for New World. Amazon Games is labelling it as an expansion, though it is unclear whether there will be an additional fee to access this content. Season 3 will introduce a soft gear reset, raising the gear score ceiling and requiring players to acquire new gear. It may also see the removal of Ward and Bane mechanics, streamlining gameplay. Season 3 is expected to bring significant changes to the game, making it an exciting time for players.



New World is currently in a much-improved state compared to its initial release. Season 2 offers a range of new content, improved quality-of-life features, and exciting PvP enhancements. While there are areas that still need attention, such as crafting and end-game progression, the overall experience has become more enjoyable. With Season 3 on the horizon, which promises to be an expansion with further improvements and new features, now is a great time to jump back into New World. Consider exploring the game's current content, acquiring valuable resources, and familiarizing yourself with the game mechanics before the expansion arrives.

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