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Path of Exile 3.22 Double-Corrupting Unique and Rare Items Guides

In Path of Exile's patch 3.22, there are several unique and rare items that you may want to consider double corrupting, especially if you're playing in a trade league. Double corrupting items can yield powerful modifiers, but it comes with risks. This guide will discuss how the double corruption chamber works, exceptions to the rules, and which items are worth double corrupting.


Path of Exile 3.22 Double-Corrupting Unique and Rare Items Guides


Understanding the Double Corruption Chamber

The double corruption chamber is an area in the game where you can take items to perform a special corruption process. It costs 25 Vaal Reliquary Keys (obtained from Alva's corruption chamber) to attempt a double corruption.


The outcomes of double corruption are as follows:

  • Removes two implicits at random and adds two vile implicits.
  • Turns all sockets on the item white (except on Skin of the Loyal).
  • Has a one in four chance to destroy the item.
  • Turns the item into a random rare item with influences (Shaper, Elder, or Elder Slayer) and randomizes socket colors and links.

Notably, once an item is corrupted, it cannot be further bench-crafted or have quality added. Therefore, it's essential to consider what you want to achieve with double corruption before using it.


Exceptions to the Rules

There are a few exceptions to the general double corruption rules:

  • Sacrificial Garb: Normal Rarity Sacrificial Garbs, when double corrupted, transform into the unique chest "Shadow Stitch," which has two corruptions by default. This doesn't apply to Magic or Rare Garbs.
  • Glimpse of Chaos: This unique helmet has unique behavior when double corrupted. The goal is to double corrupt it until it has two implicits, then apply Vaal Orbs to it for additional benefits.
  • Hands of the High Templar: These gloves can have up to five implicits, making Vaal Orbs a better value option compared to the double corruption chamber.


Hinakora's Lock

Introduced in patch 3.22, Hinakora's Lock is a rare currency item that protects your item from unfavorable outcomes in the double corruption chamber. It allows you to determine whether the item will be destroyed or receive a favorable outcome before committing to the corruption. Always use a Hinakora's Lock when double corrupting valuable items.


Unique Items Tied to Blight

There are unique items tied to Blight encounters that you may want to double corrupt:

  • Strangle Gasp: Used for creating items with four anointments.
  • Breath Stealer, Stampede, and Replica Stampede: These unique items can have at least one anointment. Double corrupt them for a chance at improved stats.


Item Slots for Corruption

Not all item slots are equal for corruption implicits. Some popular corruption implicits include:

  • Chest slot: Plus gem levels for caster scaling.
  • Glove slot: Curse on hit and rare ring implicits like bleed immunity.
  • Shield slot: Physical damage taken as an element and plus four to aura levels.
  • Jewelry: Good for crystallized omniscience builds due to attribute percentage modifiers.


Recommended Items to Double Corrupt

In patch 3.22, consider double corrupting the following items:

Look for versions with high life rolls.

  • Lightning Coil: A tier 3 unique with valuable implicits.
  • Heat Shiver or Clown Spirit: Both tier 3 uniques with potential for strong corruption implicits.
  • Crystallized Omniscience: Look for increased Aura effect or attribute percentage mods.
  • Dialla's Malefaction: Ideal for glass cannon builds focused on offense.
  • Shavronne's Wrappings: Offers both offense and defense when used with Pain Attunement.
  • Dawnbreaker: Look for physical damage taken as fire, plus four to aura levels, or additional curse.
  • Nemesis: Valuable for builds using both crystallized omniscience and nemesis.

Remember to evaluate the demand and potential value of these items in the trade league market before double corrupting them. Items with rare and powerful corruption implicits tend to be in high demand among wealthy players.


Legacy of Fury: A Coveted Item

Let's discuss the Legacy of Fury. This item has gained widespread popularity, becoming a best-in-slot choice for a popular build. The coveted Leviathan card, which awards a double-corrupted Maven item, adds a trickle of these bows to the league economy. However, the demand far exceeds the supply, especially for well-rolled Legacy of Fury bows with valuable Vaal implicit corruptions, like extra Blizzard. So, if you find one or have the opportunity to double-corrupt it yourself, it's worth considering.


The Fourth Bow and Chevon's Wrappings

The Fourth Bow has gained popularity, especially when compared to Chevon's Wrappings, thanks to its impressive defensive capabilities. Both of these unique items are relatively rare, making double corruptions on them highly desirable. If you use either of these items in your build, pursuing a Vaal double-corruption may significantly enhance their effectiveness.


Unusual Unique Items: Off-Meta and Irreplaceable

Do you have a unique item in your build that's off-meta, irreplaceable, and already well-rolled? Consider double-corrupting it to unlock its full potential. For example, if you're using an item like the Formless Flame and already have a perfectly rolled version, you might want to explore double corruptions to further boost its power. This approach can be particularly rewarding if the unique item is affordable, and you don't plan to replace it.


When to Avoid Double Corruptions on Rares

Before diving into the world of double-corrupting rare items, it's essential to know when to avoid it. If your rare item has exceptionally valuable implicits or synthesis implicits, refrain from double-corrupting it, as these will be lost if you succeed with a Vaal double-corruption.


Double-Corrupting Rare Rings: A Profitable Niche

One of the most profitable areas for double-corrupting rare items is Rings with Rogue's Source. Look for rings on bad bases with desirable mods for Crystalline Omniscience builds. Aim to add percentage strength and dexterity corruptions, which can transform these rings into immensely valuable items. Search for rings where the sum of their strength, dexterity, and intelligence is greater than 100 to maximize their potential.


Crafting with Essences and Fractured Items

For even more powerful rare items, consider crafting with Essences and fractured items. Some fractured Essence mods, like those found on Moonstone rings, can be acquired at a relatively low cost. By combining these with attribute Essences and the right fractured base, you can create exceptional items that outshine typical RNG drops.


Tailwind Elusive Boots and Dialla's Malefaction

Exploring options like Tailwind Elusive Boots or crafting your Dialla's Malefaction are more advanced approaches to double-corrupting. These options can be expensive but offer the potential for incredible power gains, especially if you're willing to invest significant resources.


Magic Items with Ovyana Suffix

Lastly, an unusual but intriguing choice is to "crangle" a magic item. Find a helmet with the Ovyana suffix and craft it accordingly. You can either use the Harvest craft for an extra Rarity implicit or take your chances with the Vaal double-corruption chamber. This approach can be beneficial for magic find characters, helping them offset the power sacrificed for increased item rarity.


Double-Corrupting The Aesthete Amulet

If you're using the Aesthete amulet, consider double-corrupting it to chase the rarity implicit. The potential for a 20-30% rarity boost makes this an attractive option. However, be cautious, as a poorly rolled Aesthete can be costly to upgrade through double corruptions.



In the world of Path of Exile, double-corrupting items is a high-risk, high-reward endeavor. Whether you're enhancing a unique item, optimizing rare rings, or experimenting with advanced crafting techniques, knowing when and how to double-corrupt can lead to substantial power gains for your character. Keep these strategies in mind as you embark on your item-crafting journey, and always be prepared for both triumph and tribulation in the ever-expansive world of Wraeclast.

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