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Diablo 4 Season 2 Endgame Bosses Challenges Guides

Are you prepared to face the ultimate challenges in Diablo 4? This guide will provide you with valuable insights and tips for taking on the endgame bosses – Duriel, Varshan, Gregar, Lord Zer, and the Beast in the Ice. We'll discuss the required items, strategies, and key details for each boss to help you emerge victorious.




Duriel is a formidable endgame boss, and it's advisable to take on this challenge with a group of at least two players. 

To defeat Duriel, you'll need Boss Duriel Ticket:

Item Name Quantity
Mucus Slick Egg 2
Shard of Agony 2



To obtain these items, you'll need to fight Varshan and Gregar:


Diablo 4 Season 2 Endgame Bosses Challenges Guides


You can find Duriel in the Gaping Crevasse Layer within the Kisten region. 

Be cautious of Duriel's minions, as they can be quite dangerous. 

It's recommended not to attempt this fight if you're below level 70. 

Ensure you have adequate poison resistance for this encounter.



To confront Varshan, you'll need the Varshan Ticket following items:

Item Name Quantity
Blackened Femur 1
Gurgling Head 1
Trembling Hand 1
Malignant Heart 1



In World Tier 4, you won't need the Malignant Heart. 

These items primarily drop from Tree of Whispers caches, World bosses, and Legion Events

Malignant Heart can be found in World Tier 3, and it mostly drops from Whispers caches.



Once you have all the required items, make your way to the Tree of Whispers area and interact with the Malignant Bar to access the mini-dungeon.

Be sure to equip gear with shadow and physical resistance, as you'll need both to take down Varshan.



Gregar is another endgame boss who requires the following:

5 Living Steel in World Tier 4 (2 in World Tier 3)



Living Steel can be found during the Hell Tides event when opening the 300 Senders Chest, also known as the Tortured Gift of Living Steel. 

You'll need to engage in the HellTides event and collect enough Living Steel to face Gregar.


Head to the Hall of the Penitent in the Dry Steps region to confront Gregar.

Make sure you have lightning resistance to survive this battle.


Lord Zer

Defeating Lord Zer requires:

9 Exquisite Blood, obtainable from Legion Events and World bosses.


Legion events typically drop one Exquisite Blood, while World bosses drop three. 

Once you have the required Exquisite Blood, visit the Darkened Way Portal in the Fractured Paks region to find the Ancient Seat Lair. 

Ensure you have fire resistance when facing Lord Zer.


Beast in the Ice

To challenge the Beast in the Ice, you'll need:


  • Distilled Fear
  • 250 Sigil Powder



Distilled Fear can be obtained by completing Nightmare Dungeons level 30 and above, while Sigil Powder can be acquired by dismantling nightmare sigils you no longer need. 

Craft the Sigil called Glacial Fisher with the occultist and use it to access the Glacial Fisher dungeon. 

Equip your gear accordingly and face the Beast in the Ice to claim your rewards.


Check the loot table in the accompanying screenshots provided by Maxwell for a better understanding of the rewards you can expect from these epic battles. Now, venture forth and conquer the endgame bosses of Diablo 4!

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