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ESO Best Performing Solo Class in PvE and PvP Ranking | Update 2023

Welcome to our updated ESO Solo Class Ranking & Tier List for both PVE and PVP content in 2023. This guide evaluates each class based on hybridization, self-sufficiency, and performance in solo scenarios. From the A-Tier versatility of Magicka Nightblade to the S-Tier dominance of Magicka Templar and Sorcerer.



ESO Best Performing Solo Class in PvE and PvP Ranking | Update 2023


Note: This tier list is tailored specifically for solo players and does not include considerations for group content like trials that require coordinated team efforts. We'll also highlight the potential drawbacks or challenges you might face with each class, so you can make an informed choice.


Tier Definitions

  • S Tier: Top-tier classes for solo play, excelling in various aspects.
  • A Tier: Strong classes with notable strengths for solo content.
  • B Tier: Good options for solo play, but with certain limitations or complexities.
  • C Tier: Average or middle-of-the-road classes for solo content.
  • D Tier: Classes with limitations or challenges that may hinder solo play.


Criteria for Ranking

Our rankings are based on several key factors:

  • Hybridization Potential: The ability to effectively combine Magicka and Stamina abilities.
  • Class-Specific Advantages: Executes, speed buffs, and unique class features.
  • Self-Sufficiency: How well a class can operate without reliance on buffs from others.
  • Solo Content Suitability: How classes perform in solo scenarios, excluding group-coordinated trials.


Tier List Breakdown

Class Spec Tier Description
Arcanist Magicka Arcanist A The Magicka Arcanist shines with its versatile skill trees and plug-and-play nature. However, it falls short due to the tediousness of aiming with the Fate card Harvester and potential upcoming nerfs.
Stamina Arcanist S The Stamina Arcanist addresses the shortcomings of its Magicka counterpart, excelling in solo content with high damage output and ease of play.
Nightblade Magicka Nightblade A Magicka Nightblades offer versatility and high damage, but their complex rotations and skill mastery place them in the A-Tier.
Stamina Nightblade A While easier to master than the Magicka variant, Stamina Nightblades still require intricate play, making them suitable for players seeking high single-target damage.
Necromancer Magicka Necromancer C Great AOE and sustain are overshadowed by the class's complexity and hybridization tendencies, landing it in the C-Tier.
Stamina Necromancer B The Stamina Necromancer improves upon its Magicka sibling with better damage output, but its reliance on proximity to enemies and complex rotations keeps it in the B-Tier.
Wardens Magicka Warden B The Magicka Warden's balance of AOE and single-target damage is commendable, but its lack of specialization in any one area keeps it in the B-Tier.
Stamina Warden B Stamina Wardens boast mobility and a simpler rotation, but their pet reliance and lower damage output compared to the Magicka variant keep them at the same tier.
Dragonknight Magicka Dragonknight C Tailored for DOTs and lacking in executes and mobility, Magicka Dragonknights are best suited for group content, placing them in the C-Tier for solo play.
Stamina Dragonknight B The Stamina Dragonknight performs better in short solo encounters, offering decent DOTs and ultimate-building capabilities.
Templar Magicka Templar S The ease of use, versatility, and strong PVP performance make Magicka Templars an S-Tier choice for solo players.
Stamina Templar S Comparable to their Magicka counterparts, Stamina Templars excel in solo play due to their straightforward playstyle and effectiveness in close combat.
Sorcerer Magicka Sorcerer S With high mobility, damage, and pet builds, Magicka Sorcerers are the epitome of a solo class, earning them the top spot in the S-Tier.
Stamina Sorcerer A While still powerful, Stamina Sorcerers are more complex and require expensive buff foods, placing them in the A-Tier.



Choosing the right class for solo play in ESO depends on your preferences and the type of content you intend to tackle. This tier list provides a comprehensive overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each class for solo PVE and PVP content in 2023. Consider your playstyle, experience, and what aspect of ESO you enjoy the most to make the best choice for your adventures in Tamriel.


Remember that ESO's dynamic nature means that class balance can change over time due to updates and patches. Stay informed about the latest changes and updates to make the most of your chosen class. 

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