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PoE 3.23 Original Sin Farming: Tips, Strategies and Insights

Hey Exiles! You have gone through so many maps and killed hard bosses now this is the ultimate challenge in POE 3.23 which is Original sin farming. Sanctum might have lost its past glory but for those in the know, it is still a treasure chamber waiting to be looted.Brace yourselves as we explore how to farm efficiently for the original scripture (and by extension original sin itself).


PoE 3.23 Original Sin Farming: Tips, Strategies and Insights


The Original Scripture

The Original Scripture is a Papyrus Relic that drops from Lycia at the end of a Sanctum run. It enables one to acquire Original Sin which is an item that people want so much that they can trade it for even two pretty mirrors! This relic is worth at least 1.4 Mirror of Kalandra; no wonder people are making money out of farming it.


The Farming Strategy

To start your hunt for the original scripture you require:

  • Forbidden Tomes (iLvl 83)
  • A build capable of easily clearing sanctum
  • Specific relics with a focus on increased quantity of relics dropped by monsters


Go for relics providing +25% increased quantity; stack these up to reach them at 100%. This gives you an opportunity of getting up to three unique relics per run if you are lucky enough or lucky enough to find a boon for increased relic effect.


Floor-by-Floor Breakdown

  • Floor 1: Focus on collecting coins while avoiding any modifiers that reduce the effect of your non-unique relics.
  • Floor 2: Treasure rooms are going to be your main focus here along with accumulating coins towards potential merchant boons.
  • Floor 3: Begin paying attention to potential divines and other valuable drops. Mirrors are usually saved for Floor 4.
  • Floor 4: This is where things heat up. The meatballs room (fireballs) should be looked out for and any shortcuts used. You must reach Lycia with your relics' effects maximized.


The Lycia Encounter

The climax of your Sanctum run is confronting Lycia, the gatekeeper of your cherished reward. Remember that she tends to attack in the direction you are facing; therefore, be ready to dodge whenever it’s necessary. With a good plan and a little bit of luck you will defeat her and hopefully get an original scripture.



Sanctum runs take about 10 minutes each and while they may not guarantee an Original Scripture every time, they offer consistent rewards that accumulate over time. By following this strategy, you can optimize your chances of obtaining that elusive relic.


Remember Exiles, fortune favors the brave…and those who come fully prepared. May all our loots be legendary and make our mirrors copies many!

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