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Top 10 Useful Tips For Beginners in Last Epoch, 2024

Entering the domain of Last Epoch is a thrilling and challenging experience. We have put together a list of ten beginner tips for you as time traveling heroes about to embark on the journey through Eterra which we hope will ease your path. Let's dive right in!


Top 10 Useful Tips For Beginners in Last Epoch, 2024


Tip 1. Be Cautious In Choosing Your Class

The first step that helps you identify with your playstyle is choosing a class. There are many choices available within five main classes branching into three masteries each: Primalist is nature aligned, Rogue is stealthy, and Acolyte employs arcane arts among others. Try out every character – all classes have their pluses in Last Epoch.


Tip 2. Create Your Own Pathway

Do not be swayed by the temptation to use an existing build guide because it has a lot of content written already about it. Instead, Last Epoch's balance allows players room for personal testing without getting stuck in some insurmountable barrier along the way. Be creative and let your character reflect what you want- this makes playing through much more fun.


Tip 3. Respec Freely

It's cheap and easy to respec skills and passives in Last Epoch. Don't hesitate to adjust your build as you go along; experimentation can lead to better gameplay experiences.


Tip 4. Take It Slowly

Many ARPGs encourage rushing through to endgame content, but Last Epoch's story-rich campaign deserves a closer look into its details. Explore at your own pace, complete side quests for additional rewards, embrace yourself within Eterra's world.


Tip 5. Learn How To Use Loot Filter Expertly

As there become mounds of loot, the in-game loot filter becomes more and more invaluable. You can learn to adjust it to show you things that fit your build and playstyle better while hiding away gear that might be less useful.


Tip 6. Use The In-Game Guide

The in-game guide offers an all-rounded understanding of such features as game mechanics or ailments. This helps players identify the intricacies behind this game.


Tip 7. Craft Early And Often

Crafting is central to character development within Last Epoch; hence, it is important to collect shards from fallen enemies on a regular basis for use in enhancing your gear. In no time, you will become a professional at customizing equipment with the intuitive crafting system.


Tip 8. Buy Stash Tabs

The secret to inventory management lies on stash tabs which are payable through in-game gold coins. So, make use of this feature when organizing your loot well.


Tip 9. Embrace The End Game

Upon completing the campaign, players are given access to the Monolith of Fate where they can undertake series of Echoes challenges that test their skills. Gain rewards by finishing Echoes and earn blessings as part of growing your character stronger with each step into this endgame content.


Tip 10. Choose Your Item Faction

At a certain point along the campaign path, you will have to decide between two factions: Merchant Guild and Circle of Fortune. This decision makes clear how you will get items moving forward – through exchange or personal discovery.


Remember though these tips are just starting points; Last Epoch is a very open-ended game rewarding exploration and innovation alike! Post your own strategies below and join fellow adventurers shaping their destinies in Eterra community folder. One final thing: let us always keep safe Keeper Liana – she is the soul of our time travelling expedition.

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