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Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide: Valuable Items, Strategies and Tips in Season 1

Welcome to the definitive guide on currency farming in Last Epoch, where we'll explore the intricacies of making last epoch gold in the game's inaugural season. Whether you're a seasoned ARPG veteran or new to the realm of Eterra, this guide will provide you with actionable insights to bolster your in-game wallet.


Last Epoch Gold Farming Guide: Valuable Items, Strategies and Tips in Season 1


Last Epoch Economy

The economy in Last Epoch is dynamic and heavily influenced by player trends and build popularity. Items can skyrocket in value overnight or plummet just as quickly. As such, a smart farmer must stay informed about current meta builds and anticipate shifts in demand.


What Will Be Worth Gold?

Starting with the basics, knowing what to farm is crucial. In Last Epoch, you'll want to keep an eye out for exalted items with high-tier rolls or attributes. Rings boasting exalted dexterity or intelligence can fetch a handsome price. Additionally, items with high forging potential are akin to gold mines – an exalted intelligence ring with 60 forging potential is a treasure trove compared to one with only 20.


Exalted Items

The crux of wealth in Last Epoch lies in exalted items—those with tier six or seven rolls or dual exalted affixes. Identifying which items to farm requires a keen sense of the current meta. High-value stats include:

  • Exalted life rolls
  • Exalted attributes (e.g., dexterity, intelligence)
  • Exalted armor shred
  • Exalted melee damage on weapons

Initially, it's all about trial and error. List potential winners on the auction house, see what sells, and develop your personal database of valuable items.


Forging Potential and Impact

An item's forging potential can significantly influence its market value. For example, an exalted intelligence ring with high forging potential will fetch a higher price than its lower potential counterpart. Keep an eye out for these gems.


Monolith Farming

Monoliths are treasure troves for unique boss drops. Each area's boss has specific loot that can be incredibly rare and valuable. The key to monolith farming is targeting areas with both desirable boss drops and unique base type items.


Farming Blood, Frost & Death

At the onset of Season 1, Blood Frost, Frost and Death is projected to be a gold mine. The boss drops three coveted items:

  • - Frostwhite Talons: Essential for Rune Master builds
  • - Elglos' Gorn: A powerful off-hand for cold Archmage builds
  • - Last Steps of the Living: A chest plate necessary for low-life builds

These items, especially if well-rolled with high LP (Legendary Potential), can sell for a fortune.


Farming Stolen Lance

Another lucrative area is Stolen Lance, where every boss drop holds significant value. Key items include:

  • Shattered Lance Set: A must-have for health regen stackers
  • Throne of Ambition: Used in numerous fire and cold builds
  • Wings of Argentus: A rare chest plate providing haste and damage reduction

Unique wands, catalysts, staffs, and scepters also drop here, with Wrong Warp and Omnipotence being particularly prized.


Farming Rain of Dragons

Rain of Dragons offers some of the most potent blessings in the game. While farming for blessings, players can also obtain:

  • Twisted Heart: A defensive thing with a low drop rate but high demand
  • Clever Solution: An axe that makes your intelligence stat equal to your strength


Farming at its Peak

For the more experienced player who seeks the challenge, Temporal Sanctum is where you'll find it. Farming Julia on higher difficulties can give you a Vessel of Strife — an item that only has a 7% drop rate. If you're good at boss fights and can handle Tier 4 Julia, this could be what you need.


Last Thoughts:

As we move into Season 1 of Last Epoch it's important to remember that the economy is fluid, what works today may not tomorrow. Stay agile, keep informed and be ready to pivot your farming strategy as the meta evolves.

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